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We will be having a guest on #ListenUpNG for every friday in September (stakeholders in our educational system)

#ListenUpNG You will agree with me that our educational system need a total overhauling to attain a qualitative level of education

#ListenUpNG In this session of the #BackToSchool Series, today’s special guest @yomitheprof will be tweeting at & about School Owners

#ListenUpNG We want to examine this #RealLifeIssue that is apt at this period as the children are preparing to get #BackToSchool

#ListenUpNG @yomitheprof will be exploring ways to enhance the relationship between school owners and parents/guardians.

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Right now, join me to welcome a man I respect so much, one who is very passionate about our educational system

Good evening all.
I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts with school owners and potential owners #ListenUpNG

It’s a privilege to own a school. You are building lives, impacting the future & shaping destinies. That’s huge.That’s big #ListenUpNG

Thus, having only a profit motive for starting a school is ignorant, belittling and naïve. You are more than that #ListenUpNG

So as the new session start, I was to propose some ideas to think about #ListenUpNG

One, review your purpose. Why did I start a school? Purpose is critical.What was my driver, vision,desire?What made you start?

Are you running the school in line with that purpose? Have you become distracted or keeping up with others? #ListenUpNG

Let the purpose of the 2017/8 session be about the learner& learning. Make students your focus & effective learning your outcome

Let’s talk about learning

Learning: Get the teachers in place, with the expertise, willingness and skill to improve. #ListenUpNG

Teachers are at the core of learning: Empower, protect & support them #ListenUpNG

Leadership is linked to Learning. Strengthen the head teacher #ListenUpNG

Learning: Create an effective leaning environment #ListenUpNG

Create an effective leaning environment
Establish a safe &orderly environment for learning.Order triumphs resources


Lets talk Management: Run your school as a business. Have an effective business model. Manage cost. Increase inflows. #ListenUpNG

The learner: Make your school child friendly. Children must love to come to school. Should should be fun and interesting #ListenUpNG

Assess what you are spending money on.Does it directly support learning? If not, either cut it off, reduce it or outsource it. #ListenUpNG

Between 2010 & 2012, schools spent more on Vehicle associated cost than on security or training per @nigerianstat @sgyemikale

Reduce overheads & running costs e.g. licenses, rents, repairs& maintenance, advertising, fees, trainings , travel allowance #ListenUpNG

Transport spend by schools increased by 290.67% from 2010 to 2011. That’s huge. If you can’t run a staff bus, outsource it! #ListenUpNG

Increase income: Have several funding models. School fees can be payable per term or month or even per week? #ListenUpNG

Increasing income doesn’t mean increasing school fees. It may mean creating other sources of income #ListenUpNG

Most schools have 9 sources of income. You can have more sources. Eg, why can’t other schools use our sports field or library? #ListenUpNG

School fees brings over 66% of income of Naija schools. Diversify. Don’t make school fees become Oyel #ListenUpNG

There is recession& job losses. Parents may not be able to pay school fees. Anticipate it. Mitigate it. #ListenUpNG

Collect your fees but be humane. Show understanding. Allow for flexible payment. Consider trade by barter…service for fees #ListenUpNG

Trade by barter?
I audit your account, you net off my fees.
I paint your buildings, you net off my fees. I pray for you nko? #ListenUpNG

Do you know ABC transport , Thisday newspapers does trade by barter?
You big reach them? Wise up jare! #ListenUpNG

Reducing cost does not mean reducing learning output, or reducing staff salaries. Be creative. Block leakages

Strategically allocate resources towards direct instruction and support for students. Don’t be like we country ooo

Finally create systems. Create systems that’s intentional, evidence based and deliberate. People fail faster than systems #ListenUpNG

Systems: To provide students with tiered, varied, personalized instruction. Learning must have a system that all teacher use

Systems: To improve teachers’ capacity for instruction. If your teachers aren’t learning, your school is dead like dodo

SYSTEMS: To make teachers love learning including starting a community of practice. #ListenUpNG

Systems: Ensure child safety. There must not be any breach this year! Amen! Safety is important, don’t compromise on it #ListenUpNG

Remember, “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next. ” Abe Lincoln.Schools matter #ListenUpNG

A Nigerian politician lied on rats
Check his school
A Nigerian stole money
Check his school
A Nigerian doesn’t think deeply
Check his school

#ListenUpNG In closing…
Go and make the best school possible this session.
Give learners the time of their life.
Let school be safe, fun& engaging

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