GIVE ME A CHILD OR ELSE... OR ELSE WHAT? Sometimes life throws us a curve we are not adequately equipped to handle! In cases of INFERTILITY, some spouses go as far as giving an ultimatum to the ones they deem responsible for the predicament. GIVE ME A CHILD OR ELSE... This week on #ListenUpNG, @solafajana will be tweeting on this #RealLifeIssue  Make it a date! Let's learn why and what to do! Your relationship need not suffer a shipwreck because of this!
Sometimes life throws us a curve we are not adequately equipped to handle! In cases of INFERTILITY, some spouses go as far as giving an ultimatum to the ones they deem responsible for the predicament. GIVE ME A CHILD OR ELSE… This week on #ListenUpNG, @solafajana will be tweeting on this #RealLifeIssue
Make it a date! Let’s learn why and what to do! Your relationship need not suffer a shipwreck because of this!

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Today on #ListenUpNG, i will be hosting @solafajana as he tweets on INFERTILITY: CAUSES AND SOLUTIONS 3/

#ListenUpNG Often times, delay in conception changes the dynamics in an otherwise happy home. @solafajana will enlighten us today 4/

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#ListenUpNG Our special guest today is @solafajana, a medical doctor and a wellness strategist. He is popularly known as the Social Doc. 6/

#ListenUpNG @solafajana does regular tweetcasts via his twitter handle ~ #DoItYourself where…7/

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1. Good evening friends and followers. #ListenUpNG

2. Today I shall be sharing on the topic titled GIVE ME A CHILD OR ELSE…. #ListenUpNG

3. This tweet session will be centered on Infertility: Causes and Possible Solutions. #ListenUpNG

4. Before I go ahead, I want to say a very big THANK YOU to my Sister and friend, the host of #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

5. A big appreciation to the speaker who started the month last week. @iamtoyinadesola gave a very inspiring story of herself. #ListenUpNG

6. I also look forward to other speakers @ChrisHeadstone @DrOlufunmilayo . I CAN’T WAIT! #ListenUpNG

7. I’ll be telling 2 Stories of my experience but before then let me take a quick run on some general concepts of Infertility. #ListenUpNG

8. Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive within 12months despite adequate, regular unprotected sexual intercourse. #ListenUpNG

9. For every 100 couples trying to conceive, 84 will conceive within 1yr, 92 will within 2 yrs and 93 will within 3 yrs.*NHS UK #ListenUpNG

10a. There are vast array of causes but it should be noted that it can affect one or both partners. #ListenUpNG

10b. This means that there are males and females infertility. #ListenUpNG

11. Male infertility is caused by Low or abnormal sperm production, Difficulty with delivery of sperm (Premature ejaculation)… #ListenUpNG

11b. …or damage to the testis, the organ that produces sperm. #ListenUpNG

12. Female infertility is also caused by ovulation disorders, this prevents production of eggs. #ListenUpNG

13. Problems of the uterus and cervix which may prevent or interfere with fertilization. #ListenUpNG

14a. Blockage of fallopian tube, endometriosis (tissue of the womb growing outside the womb), early menopause… #ListenUpNG

14b. …Pelvic adhesions following surgery are other causes of infertility. #ListenUpNG

15. Other causes may be cancers, thyroid problems, delayed puberty, absence of menses, and drugs. #ListenUpNG

16. When there is a problem, the next and right thing to do is to seek solutions and that is why…. #ListenUpNG

16b. …I am here today but before I go ahead with it, let me share my experience in a story. #ListenUpNG

17. Story 1: There was this young couple crazily in love with each other. #ListenUpNG

17b. ….You know that joy you experience when you are legally married to your friend and lover. #ListenUpNG

18a. They both stayed expectant after 2years of marriage, burden from families and friends was at its peak. #ListenUpNG

18b. The man was living in Abuja and the woman in Lagos as they both could not leave their beautiful jobs. #ListenUpNG

19. The ma comes home once in a month. They did that throughout the 2years of their marriage and they could not conceive. #ListenUpNG

20. After a while they need to seek help and they were both told it was because they weren’t having adequate unprotected sex. #ListenUpNG

21. The woman’s fertile period was explained to the couple and after 3 months they conceived and today they are proud parents. #ListenUpNG

22a. The lesson is that; you might be doing the sexual intimacy in marriage wrongly. #ListenUpNG

22b. Just learning about your fertile period alone can be a revelation. #ListenUpNG

23a. Story 2: This couple had been dating 8 years before marriage and in the process of the relationship the… #ListenUpNG

23b. …guy got the lady pregnant and they both agreed to get rid of the pregnancy. #ListenUpNG

24. They did using a quack and the uterus was ruptured, she got infected and eventually had to get her uterus removed. #ListenUpNG

25. She is now a mother. She used a surrogate mother to have her baby. #ListenUpNG

25b. ….Surrogacy was done using her egg, her husband’s sperm and another woman’s womb. #ListenUpNG

26. I will also be discussing quickly other possible options of solving the problem of infertility. Let’s GO! #ListenUpNG

27a. Depending on the cause of the infertility, things can be done by removing the cause. #ListenUpNG

27b. To know the cause a vast of tests/investigations will be done. #ListenUpNG

28. Ranging from Radiologic to Haematological, semen analysis and all others. #ListenUpNG

29. Drugs can be used in the treatment of infertility majorly if the infertility is caused by hormonal derangement. #ListenUpNG

30. Examples are Clomid (Clomiphene) and Gonadotropins which regulate reproductive hormones and helps boost ovulation. #ListenUpNG

31. In a situation where by there is a structural problem, surgery can be of help. #ListenUpNG

32a. This will help to fix any structural defect or pathology such as opening of blocked tubes,.. #ListenUpNG

32b. …removal of fibroids, removal of the endometriotic tissue. #ListenUpNG

33a. Other options are Intrauterine Insemination (IUI): This is a process of depositing a concentration of…. #ListenUpNG

33b. …. washed sperm directly into your uterus, using a catheter. #ListenUpNG

34. Gamete Intra-fallopian Transfer (GIFT): Eggs(ovum) are mixed with sperm in the lab and then injected to the fallopian tube. #ListenUpNG

35a. Zygote Intra-fallopian Transfer (ZIFT): It is also the same as GIFT but after mixing the egg…. #ListenUpNG

35b. …with sperm it is allowed to form the cell called zygote before transfer. #ListenUpNG

36. In Vitro fertilization (IVF): It is the current trend of having a child. #ListenUpNG

37. Eggs are removed from the ovaries of a donor and then combined in a laboratory with sperm from your partner. #ListenUpNG

37b. If fertilization went successful the embryo is transferred into your uterus. #ListenUpNG

38. I am opportune to be working in a center that has a facility for IVF and I see a lot of success stories coming from it. #ListenUpNG

39. When people talk of IVF they think you need the whole world to get it done. They buy a 1.5M Salon Car but IVF cost way less. #ListenUpNG

40. Some people will make all the efforts to get a child but it won’t still work out. God understands. #ListenUpNG

41. He knows that you have a need of it and that is why he puts that poor child in the Orphanage. #ListenUpNG

42. The child was abandoned because of you. The mother of the child does not appreciate the child, so go pick him/her up. #ListenUpNG

43. Adoption is another good way to be parents, so embrace it! #ListenUpNG

44. All said, there may still be specific people I haven’t addressed their issues. Always feel free to ask me questions. #ListenUpNG

45. I will end with the words in the great book “be fruitful and multiply;
bring forth abundantly in the earth&multiply in it.” #ListenUpNG

46. Today “I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.” #ListenUpNG

47. THANK YOU for following, I am Dr. Sola FAJANA and I am a Wellness Strategist, I host #DoitYourself every Saturday. #ListenUpNG

48. Thank you once again my Sister and Friend @KemiOdutayo for hosting me on #ListenUpNG

@solafajana #ListenUpNG Thank you so so much for these tweets. They were so expository! God bless you!

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Thank you once again @solafajana for honouring our invitation! Thank you! #ListenUpNG

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