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The 1st session of #ListenUpNG AUGUST EDITION was with Rev. Mrs Funke Felix-Adejumo. It was a great honour to have her grace this platform.

#ListenUpNG My 1st encounter with this woman of grace @FFAdejumo was in the 90’s as an undergraduate ???? Her teachings were REAL & PRACTICAL ????

#ListenUpNG @FFAdejumo is the president of Funke Felix Adejumo Foundation. She’s an accomplished teacher with deep insight into God’s word.

Below is the compilation of her session. #ReadRestRelaxAndReflect

#listenUpNG Thank you @KemiOdutayo for having me here today & for being a blessing to this generation!!!

1. #listenUpNG I have been asked to speak on “Woman, Bridle Your Tongue!”

2. To bridle your Tongue doesn’t mean being quiet when you should speak. It’s about controlling what you say & how you say it. #listenUpNG

3. Prov.18:21 Your Tongue is a Tool for securing your Victory in Life.It contains @ least 3 Powers that I’ll share with you 2day #listenUpNG

4. The 1st is The Power of Praise.
Praise is a potent weapon for winning the battles of Life. You must deploy it wt your Tongue. #listenUpNG

5. Praise brings down God’s Presence and makes Him show His Glory in your life. 2Chro.20:22. Every enemy bows in His presence. #listenUpNG

6. Ps.34:1 says, “…His praise shall continually be in my mouth.” Only proud people don’t express gratitude to God. #listenUpNG

7. If you refuse to praise God, it means you’re proud & want to make Him your enemy. For He Himself resists the Proud. #listenUpNG

8. Your tongue is meant to give glory to God perpetually. When you praise Him He has no choice but to bless you MORE. #listenUpNG

9. The 2nd is The Power of Prophetic Declaration.
Prophetic Declarations must not be scarce in your life. #listenUpNG

10. It’s a scientific fact that Words cannot be destroyed. Every word you speak into your life carries Colossal Power! #listenUpNG

11. Bless everything you can possibly bless. You have the power to bless or curse with the words of your Mouth. Prv 18:21 #listenUpNG

12. Sometimes in life, you are tempted to ask “Where is God?” At such times, Be Conscious of What You Declare! #listenUpNG

13. Stop handing over the driver’s seat of your life to chances and challenges of life. Design your Destiny with your Tongue. #listenUpNG

14. Be careful who invite into your privacy. Be careful who you turn to for help. Control your Tongue. #listenUpNG

15. Stop going to the mockers, or competitors of life. Any relationship that makes you feel small is not of God. #listenUpNG

16. Some people are present but they can’t help. Some can help, but they are not present. God is the Only Present Help. #listenUpNG

17. No matter what you’ve been through, you were born a winner. Don’t limit yourself. Use your mouth to declare what you desire. #listenUpNG

18. Speak into your marriage, business & career. What you declare is what life will make happen for you. #listenUpNG

19. Speak the Word. Memorize & recite Scriptures that deal with things you want to change or overcome. #listenUpNG

20. Say what you want to see, NOT what your feelings, or challenges are telling you to see. #listenUpNG

21. Your joy will increase when what you say agrees with what God has said and His Promises concerning you. #listenUpNG

22. The 3rd is The Power of Wisdom. Use your Tongue well. Don’t accuse. Don’t attack. Don’t insult. And Don’t belittle. #listenUpNG

23. Many relationships are scattered today because of lack of control over the power of the Tongue. #listenUpNG

24. Some cases of Domestic Violence are products of uncontrolled Verbal Abuse. Unbridled Tongue breeds Abusive Hands. #listenUpNG

25. When you attack a deer you also attract their main predator – mountain lions. But a Soft Answer turns away wrath. #listenUpNG

26. Don’t marry a man that beats you during courtship. He will kill you after marriage. Don’t even struggle with him. #listenUpNG

27. When you’re hurt, calmly express your perspective about what happened, and allow the other person to do the same. #listenUpNG

28. Listening is a sign of maturity. Switch off the attack mode, and seek Clarity. Talk about your anger without acting it out. #listenUpNG

29. Validate your husband. Call forth the king on his inside eulogize him #listenUpNG

30. Acknowledge his areas of strength. Remember to appreciate his efforts. #listenUpNG

31. Dont mgnify or concentrate on his weakness. sing for him! speak words of validation. it is what you call him that he will be.#listenUpNG

32. Gen 1…. God said it and He saw it. Say what you want to see in him! #listenUpNG

33. Forgiveness means giving up your right to make others pay for what they did to you. Bridle your tongue and forgive! #listenUpNG

34. Your tongue reveals who you are. Rudeness is a sign of low self esteem. learn to treat people with respect #listenUpNG

35. What you give others is a reflection of what you have in abundance. Your words are reflections of your heart! #listenUpNG

36. If you release trash, it means your life is full of such. If you continually bless others, you’ll surely attract more of it. #listenUpNG

37. Be thankful and say it, dont just think about how much you appreciate someone; Tell them and let them know! #listenUpNG

38. Be an encourager, make efforts to admonish someone everyday. The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life #listenUpNG

39. As a husband, your wife is beautiful beyond measure and desires an affirmation of such from you; make her glow!!! #listenUpNG

40. Woman!!! be careful who you open up to, few people truly care, the rest just want to have something to gossip about. #listenUpNG

41. You dont belong to the crowd. Your tongue is for destiny not for gossip! Select your words and draw the margin. #listenUpNG

42. Small minds talk about people and events, while great minds discuss ideas. What Kind of mind do you posses? #listenUpNG

43. Your tongue is for liberation, stop wasting it on lamentation!!!

44. Stop making yourself the chairman public complaints commission. You are the only one remaining, we’ve moved on. #listenUpNG

45. Always remind yourself that “my lips are for the propagation of the gospel. With my mouth shall i make Him known”. #listenUpNG

46. Stop wasting your saliva on your critics. Brace up and move on. Focus on your next level! #listenUpNG

47. You can never attract what you attack. Learn to celebrate people. Use your tongue for building up and not tearing down #listenUpNG

48. Timidity is not the fruit of the spirit, neither is shyness the gift of the spirit. Learn to speak with wisdom #listenUpNG

49. You need wisdom to maintain good relationships with people. You cannot afford to be blunt, instead seek to be understood. #listenUpNG

50. Wisdom is the ability to be conscious of who you are talking to. Every relationship has a posture #listenUpNG

51. As a mother, declare God’s promises over your seed. Engage your tongue to secure the throne of life for them. #listenUpNG

52. Every spoken word is a seed. declare what you want to harvest and water it daily. #listenUpNG

53. Make a commitment today to change the way you talk. Your life is filled with the fruit of your mouth. You are Blessed!!! #listenUpNG

Thank you again @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNG for hosting me. Your voice will be heard in many Nations!!!

Hmm. Food for thought. Great session I must say. Watch out for yet another inspiring session with Iphie this Friday.


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