Hello everyone! Thank God it’s Friday! I am so excited as we will be rounding off the July Edition of #ListenUpNG today!

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Today on #ListenUpNG my very last and special guest is @praisefowowe a name synonymous to SEXUALITY and FAMILY SYSTEMS ENGINEERING

In our June and July Editions on #ListenUpNG we have been discussing series of topics encompassing men related issues in relationships

Today on #ListenUpNG , @praisefowowe will be rounding off with yet another thought provoking and motivating topic titled ‘MAN UP!’

Join me to make welcome this Master Practitioner of NLP and a Family System Engineer on the last session of #ListenUpNG July Edition

Welcome on board #ListenUpNG Wk31, sir! Your immense contribution to the family and inadvertently our society is much appreciated.

1.I want to appreciate @KemiOdutayo for this great job and want to appreciate everyone that has taught her #listenUpNG

3.I have been asked to speak on the subject of Man Up – emotional and behavioral change is a must #listenUpNG

4.Often times we expect a man to man up without anyone coming out to tell us who a true man #listenUpNG

5.If we randomly select 100 leaders this minute and ask who a man is we will get 100 definitions #listenUpNG

6.Same result is likely going to happen if we randomly select 100 fathers who are mentoring boys #listenUpNG

7.So how well can a society produce real men when there is no clear definition of who a man should be? #listenUpNG

8. How well can we produce proper men when the weight of expectations has crushed the real person at childhood? #listenUpNG

9.I make bold to say that every man messing up is running a way from something and running towards something #listenUpNG

10.It is so easy to judge a drug addict for example without seeking to understand how that drug is where he escapes to #listenUpNG

11. Of course that never solves his problem but some other men have the same pattern or running into other sabotaging activities #listenUpNG

12.Some men run towards sex while others run towards aggression while others become abusive #listenUpNG

13.The good news is no man was born bad but d bad news is an average man will b made bad by his handlers(parents & exposure) #listenUpNG

14.What quality of man will emerge from a man whose father was a chronic womanizer save for an intervention? #listenUpNG

15.What kind of man can emerge from a boy whose mother died at 6 & his step mother never wanted to see him? #listenUpNG

17.Between the year 2013 and 2016 I must have interfaced with over 250000 men across different continents #listenUpNG

18.And I have met less than 100 men that have ever done a study on the words Man, Male, Husband, Father #listenUpNG

19.The bigger issue is man is now loaded with loads of cultural & sometimes religious expectations that messes him up #listenUpNG

20.From childhood he is not expected to cry yet in adulthood he is expected to have emotions and feelings #listenUpNG

21.From childhood he is expected to play around & watch TV but as adults he is supposed to be Mr. Fix it & romantic #listenUpNG

22.As a man he is expected to to marry a woman even when he doesn’t know the difference btw man & husband #listenUpNG

23.So there is a conflict between his identity as a man & his role as a husband that he was never equipped for #listenUpNG

24.Yet he has never leant to open up to anyone because he is most likely to be judged by everyone around him #listenUpNG

25.But he is the reason for a collapsed world because he is not in touch with what it takes to be a man cos no one taught him #listenUpNG

26.So he gets into drugs and sex and becomes violent sometimes. The quest to outdo others gets the better part of his judgment #listenUpNG

27.So he gets married to overcome his sexual urge & be happy yet happiness eludes him & his negative patterns shows up #listenUpNG

28.He runs into religion hoping a magic will take his pain away but soon finds out he has slipped into organized pretense #listenUpNG

29. How does he overcome all his pain because if he doesn’t man up the world would remain in chaos #listenUpNG

31.It actually means the ability to live out God’s inspiration in us to positively affect our world & create a heaver sort of #listenUpNG

32.Now this ability remains dormant in us and in some cases suppressed by the conditioning we were exposed to #listenUpNG

33.Many of us were victims of the handlers in our life & the quality of the environment we found ourselves has messed us up #listenUpNG

34.So take a look at yourself in the mirror this minute & ask if you are WHOLE without any form of skeletons? #listenUpNG

35.Have you become the best you can ever be. Are u actually proud of yourself or there are deep seated issues you struggle wt #listenUpNG

36.Why don’t you kindly pick a sheet of paper & write out your self sabotaging patterns you are not proud of this minute #listenUpNG

37.While I would like to empathize with you for whatever must have been responsible for your pains it’s time toe Man Up #listenUpNG

38.I will like you to know that it is time to take responsibility, dust yourself and allow the child in you live #listenUpNG

39.I wish I could tell you 7 quick steps but as a professional its tough to recommend without accurate diagnosis #listenUpNG

40.But what you can do immediately is to find a therapist or a trained psychologist that can work with you to break d patterns #listenUpNG

41.It is very good to pray & I’d recommend that however you must behave yourself out of the situation you behaved ursef into #listenUpNG

42.Recognize that there are 2 levels available for us all. You can either be at Cause or be at Effect #listenUpNG

43.Effect means you keep blaming the past & circumstances but Cause means you take responsibility for your life & Man up #listenUpNG

44.Trapped in you is a child that wants to do well and live right but the adult you have become sabotages that child #listenUpNG

45.What are you dealing with? Sex, anger or what are your behavioural demons that keeps sabotaging your good intentions? #listenUpNG

46.Have you sat down to examine why you exhibit those behaviors and what must happen for them to happen(triggers)? #listenUpNG

47.When was the first time you experienced it & if you have to go to that past what exactly triggered it? #listenUpNG

48.What meaning did you attach to that behavior the first time it happened? #listenUpNG

49.If you could have done something differently about that first time what would it have been? #listenUpNG

50.If there is any positive spark or something that you can deploy to help others from that experience what would it be? #listenUpNG

51.Now carefully fix your gaze on that positive spark(greater purpose) & magnify it till it becomes a full screen. #listenUpNG

52.Can you make it coloured and introduce some jazz instrumentals mentally as you watch that bright picture of the spark #listenUpNG

54.This should become the new meaning for this pain such that whenever you feel the trigger this new image pops up #listenUpNG

55.Now I want you to project into a future say 2 weeks from now finding yourself in situations that would have broken you #listenUpNG

56.But see the new you having dominion over that situation, feel the sign of victory, see yourself smilling…. #listenUpNG

57.See people congratulating you and see the world applauding you for being the real MAN building a real world #listenUpNG

58.I want you to pat yourself on the back because you have truly done very well & a new you will emerge from today #listenUpNG

59.Who do you need to apologize to & what do you need to cut off? However I want u to remember the following as I wrap this up #listenUpNG

60.The future of this chaotic world is the restoration of Man because without a man husband and father will collapse #listenUpNG

62.The tragedy of life however is when we throw up husbands and fathers who were never men cos the foundation of both is MAN #listenUpNG

64.What would God do to that woman you call your wife? What would He do to every lady around you that is vulnerable? #listenUpNG

65.What can God do through you to the world & what can He make happen through you starting from your immediate enviroment? #listenUpNG

66.If God owns every part of your body today what would He do through you & how would He act? How would He think in you? #listenUpNG

67.What God represent is who you should be as a man & that is the minimum standard in our quest to heal the world #listenUpNG

68.It’s a new day and a new dawn & only a restored you can restore the world & model a new order to mankind #listenUpNG

69.You can’t remain in self pity & wallow in self sabotaging patterns that has not helped the cause of our world #listenUpNG

70. It’s time to take responsibility for your life, identify a professional that can work with you to break these patterns #listenUpNG

71. I believe in prayers but often times behavioral problems require behavioral solutions. Who has God equipped to help you? #listenUpNG

72. The moment man is together his world will come back together & things will fall in place. It’s time to really man up #listenUpNG

73. Thanks so much once again @kemiOdutayo for having me.
I honour you.

Host: Wow! What a grand way to round up the 8weeks of mentoring sessions in the June and July Edition on #ListenUpNG. Indeed CHANGE is a constant in this game of life. And for our lives and situations to CHANGE for better, WE have to CHANGE for better too…both behaviourally and emotionally.

Thank you for being a part of this! I assure you, our special guests and real life issues to be discussed in the August Edition on #ListenUpNG are sure to blow your minds away. This edition will be addressing women related issues in relationships.

My hope and desire is for women all over(and the men that loves them) to have a better understanding of their ‘place’ and ‘responsibilities’ in their various relationships. Stay tuned…and watch this blog!

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