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1. Good girls gone bad

Gold-diggers, heart breakers, home wreckers all. Not one is innocent. Where have all the good girls gone?


2. In the words of Ajebutter and Falz, “All the fine girls have joined gang” #ListenUpNG


3. It would seem like this is the prevailing sentiment amongst the so called “good boy’s association.”


4. They say there is a global scarcity of good girls and it seems that Nigeria has been hit particularly hard by this epidemic.


5. You could be excused if you feel this is merely hyperbole or overstating the facts. How would you know now? Wetin consain you

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6. Shebi you have a warm pair of thighs to snuggle up with in your matrimonial bed every night.

#ListenUpNG https://t.co/lm6EJ7W3jL

7. All you married men can exit please. Thanks for visiting. Goodbye. Make we know those wey remain.🙋


8. How many single good boys of Nigeria Association members do we have here? Do like this 🙌 I know my pipo 😒 No famzing


9. Now that we know ourselves, Lets take a look at the question at hand for today “Are there still good girls out there”


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10. I heard a story the other day of a 32 year old guy who came back from the US after a decade of study abroad

#ListenUpNG https://t.co/I3UtZtIcOv

11. He set up a tech based company and employed about 7 people, most of whom were from disadvantaged backgrounds,


12. He paid them a decent enough income for them to literally become the breadwinners of their homes. Paid school fees etc.

#ListenUpNG https://t.co/mtQeWL7jOQ

13. One day he met a lady through a mutual friend. He was struck by her exquisite beauty and stunning good looks.

#ListenUpNG https://t.co/SRsiiAzoUQ

14. She was always impeccably dressed, had an impressive taste in fashion and always looked photoshoot ready.


15. For want of a better term, she is what is colloquially referred to as a slay queen.

#ListenUpNG https://t.co/bJYHS5y9qB

16. But more than just her looks and style, he felt comfortable in her presence, he felt she shared his sense of humor


17. She laughed at his jokes and made him feel at ease with himself. She brought out the best in him and treated him like a king


18. You see, this our guy was what some of you might call a “Bolo”. He was a proper Lekki aje-butter, mummy’s boy confam


19. He was a little overweight, but not fat, he was your typical shy introvert who would rather read a book than go out clubbing


20. Never smoked and only ever drank white wine, Sauvignon Blanc to be precise. Body count complete on one hand. Not stingy.


21. Did I hear someone say “Perfect guy”? Well a lot of people sure did think so

#ListenUpNG https://t.co/3c8XFUEDO6

22. They grew closer and closer and even though they never officially started dating they did spend almost every day together


23. They went out to movies, went to see plays dined at fine restaurants, and let’s not forget her favourite pastime shopping🛍️

#ListenUpNG https://t.co/ssOhHhHJLF

24. Fast forward a few months of quasi-dating, and the guy was already in love. He bought a ring and was going to propose.


25. True members of good boy club already know what happens next for it has surely happened to them many times before.


26. If only our yankee boy had close friends for “igboro”, they would have told him that the love of his life was a runs geh 😔


27. She provided him with the “girlfriend experience” in exchange for his frequent shoping trips to dubai and London


28. The trouble is he wasn’t aware of that arrangement. He was looking for Mrs.Right, she was only looking for Mr. Right Now


29. So our boy is heart broken. Devastated. Cries for weeks. Lost weight. Hits the gym. Focuses on his business. Becomes a hunk

#ListenUpNG https://t.co/RbvP4zKFkf

30. In his next relationship he becomes a “Yoruba Demon”. She practically pays for the sins of his ex. He dumps her in 4 months


31. Funny thing is, the girl he treated badly was actually a good girl. She loved him genuinely and would have made him happy


32. She was so heartbroken she cried for weeks. She decided she’d had enough a of being a good girl. Time to show men pepper.


33. And so the story goes.

Bad boys hurting good girls.

Good girls becoming bad girls.

Bad girls hurting good boys.

Good boys…


34. It’s not a new story. It’s an old one. It tells the tale of how our actions reverberate across time to change us and others

#ListenUpNG https://t.co/eTpMTv0s0L

35. This is the crux of the matter. It’s not really whether there are any good girls left, it’s what happened to the ones we had


36. And before you tell me that not every bad girl was heartbroken, let me tell you this. “No one starts off dysfunctional”


37. We are either born to a dysfunctional environment and learn from of our surroundings or are broken by life and circumstances


38. The legacy of a broken humanity is broken people. Hurt people hurting others.

Like yeast in dough, its spread uncontrollable

#ListenUpNG https://t.co/j6G28vTwVV

39. I’ve had my heart broken more times than I care to remember (and I’ve done my own share of heart breaking too)


40. Ever wondered how different your life could have been if you had never met the people who broke you?


41. But that’s where grace comes in. Going by my track record of broken hearts, I probably deserved to die single and alone


42. And if Karma was truly just, then the girls who broke my heart probably deserved the exact same thing too


43. Aren’t we glad that God is not like that? Isn’t it refreshing to know that no matter how broken we are we can still be loved


44. The first girl to break my heart is happily married to a fantastic man and they have three lovely children


45. I started this series quoting Ajebutter and Falz. So… Have all the good girls really gone bad? I beg to disagree


46. I know for a fact that there are good girls out there. I know this because I found one 😍

#ListenUpNG https://t.co/WtvbPjzhLr

47. I am not the exception. There was nothing special about me. I was just as unworthy. Just as unsure. Just as afraid.


48. But more than that, my story is a parallel of an ever better story. The story of Christ’s redemption and his unfailing grace


49. Our world is a mess because humanity is a mess, and our lives can sometime reflect that chaos and dysfuction


50. But like me, a broken man, who had broken people, but still gets the girl of his dreams, Jesus came and made a way for us


51. The truth is that there is a “good girl” hidden inside the shell of every “bad girl”. She wasn’t born bad. Life made her so

#ListenUpNG https://t.co/Re8i9Ij3Ya

52. Bad girls. Oya come. Has anyone ever told you about Jesus?


53. So brothers, be sure of this one thing. There are MANY good girls out there.

Don’t stop searching. Don’t stop believing


54. And to all the good girls out there waiting on the right guy to come along. Don’t give in, don’t give up. He’s on his way!


55. Thank you all for tuning in!

God bless you.


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