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Today on #ListenUpNG, I will be hosting Oyinkansola Alabi popularly known as the Emotions Doctor and a Merchant Of Romance to the hoot!

#ListenUpNG @OyinkansolaMOR is a Certified Life Coach and A Six Seconds Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner who is passionate about impacting knowledge

#ListenUpNG The #RealLifeIssue we will be focusing on today is : JUST BECAUSE SHE’S NOT YET MARRIED?

#ListenUpNG What are the societal pressure and prejudices heaped on ladies of marriageable age but who are not yet married

#ListenUpNG Why so much pressure? Why the prejudices? How can we and the society at large be of help?

#ListenUpNG Our special guest @OyinkansolaMOR is one lady worth listening to! She sure knows her stuff!

#ListenUpNG If you are a single lady or guy, this is a must! Do join the conversation!

In other words, this session is dedicated to all Singles and to all those who love and wish them a blissful marital life #ListenUpNG

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1. Hello awesome souls and welcome to today’s tweet chat titled ‘Just because she isn’t married’ #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

2. My name is Oyinkansola Alabi, the Founder of @merchantofromance, and @theyouthmax. #ListenUpNG, ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

3. I am happy to be here and sure believe our date will be worthwhile. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

4. Many thanks to Mrs Kemi Odutayo, the purposeful visioneer for hosting me. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

5. Now, Let’s talk about why THAT LADY YOU KNOW isn’t yet married. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

6. A friend asked me yesterday, Emotions Doctor, when are you getting married? And my response was, ‘On my wedding day’ #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

7. That singular scenario depicts how intrusive and controlling our society is.#ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

8. A society that dehumanises you just because you haven’t met an emotional standard.#ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

9. A society that habitually disrespect two sets of people. The young, and the unmarried woman. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

10. A society that has motivated some single women to destruction. #ListenUpNG ~

11. A society that has consistently peddled a negative narrative that it is better to be married than to be single. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

12. A society has installed a negative programming into every fibre of our existence #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

13. The cancer is there at work, at home, in church and on the streets. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

14. The subconscious message this plague is dispensing is ‘Do all you can to be married’ #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

15. Just before you permit this intrusion, let me remind you that all of us were not born on the same day, or in the same year. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

16. Neither will we all relocate to Heaven at the same time. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

17. In fact, some of your classmates in high school and College are not at the same level with you now #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

18. Some are ahead while some are still in the process. The difference in timing is to emphasise our difference in purpose. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

19. The fact that you have achieved more does not mean you are a wiser. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

20. It simply means you have been helped by God, others will be helped too. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

21. Stop calling your friends lazy because God has helped you. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

22. A lady who isn’t married yet will get married someday. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

23. So why make her feel like an inferior creature? #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

24. While it sounds true that it is better to be married than be single, it is not the TRUTH. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

25. It’s only better to be married when you are sure you will be happily married. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

26. And statistics have proven that it is really not about getting married, it’s about staying happily married. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

27. Marriage in itself is a part of life, not life itself. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

28. Let’s stop making it look like the sole purpose of a woman #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

29. There is more to being a woman than being married. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

30. It’s time to LIVE and Let’s live. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

31. Nowadays, shoes are getting married, perfumes are getting married, cars are getting married not people. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

32. Many people standing are at the altar are showing up masked. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

33. It’s their alter ego that’s getting married not them. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

34. Marriage is good and honourable but please don’t be sentenced into it. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

35. Embrace it when you are truly ready. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

36. And while you wait, keep being a better version of you. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

37. Invest your singlehood. The process of ‘waiting’ is the content. Improve yourself. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

38. Develop your mental, financial, emotional, psychological capacity.#ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

39. Learn how to seamlessly occupy the office of a Lover, Mother, Friend, Intercessor etc #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

40. Life is sexier when you are adding value to a relationship.
#ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

41. To every single lady out there, remember that there is a God who rules in the affairs of men.
#ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

42. Don’t settle, just be aligned and be an improved version of yourself daily. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

43. And to all the individuals who respect married women more than the single lady, your tool of respect is faulty. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

44. Every human being deserves to be respected #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

45. Not respected because they have ticked your ideological expectations. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

46. Till I come your way again, remember marriage is a part of life not life itself. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

47. Keep fulfilling purpose till your KING shows up, I love you. #ListenUpNG ~ @oyinkansolaMOR

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