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Today on #ListenUpNG Wk30, our special guest is Timi Adigun popularly known and fondly called Dr.Love

#ListenUpNG Timi’s twitter handle is @timi_adigun He is married to Titilope and they are blessed with three children.

#ListenUpNG @timi_ coordinates the fastest growing independent teenage/youth ministry in Nigeria, MINE Teenage Ministry.

#ListenUpNG @timi pastors at The Ark. He is a profilic speaker and author of books. ‘Timi loves people and is a strong advocate of sexual purity.

#ListenUpNG @timi is loved and respected by many within and outside the shores of Nigeria. His ministry has been and still is a blessing to many

#ReadRestRelaxAndReflect on his tweets on the fact that being called ‘Dad’ is MORE than a mere endearment. Happy reading!

Hello! Thank you for being here with me on #ListenUpNg as we discuss ‘Dad’ is not just a title. I’m delighted we made it.

Special thanks to you ma’am @KemiOdutayo for this special opportunity given me. I’m grateful. #ListenUpNg https://t.co/NzLsU9uzpE

Kudos and salutations to all the amazing men Who have handled weeks before me, especially in July series. God bless you sirs. #ListenUpNg

1. Now to our discuss today, ” ‘Dad’ is not just a title.” This topic is a very serious one and I need you to follow through. #ListenUpNg

2. The literal definition of “dad” is “a male parent” or “someone’s father”. So, by inference, it’s often taken as a title. #ListenUpNg

3. An average man on the street impregnates a girl and tells her to abort. The girl refuses and still bears the child. #ListenUpNg

4. When the girl gives birth to the baby, the man shows up either immediately or in the near future and says I’m his/her dad! #ListenUpNg

5. Does that sound like what the word dad should represent? The title a man gets for releasing sperm during a woman’s ovulation? #ListenUpNg

6. The Word “dad” IS NOT a title. It is TWO things and those two things are the points I’d discuss briefly on this platform. #ListenUpNg

7. “Dad” is a RESPONSIBILITY.I know men who have fathered babies but don’t have the slightest clue what ‘responsibility’ is. #ListenUpNg

8. I have three biological children ???? and I see the adoration in their eyes when they call me ‘dad’. I am their HERO. #ListenUpNg

9. Dads are responisible for setting the pace of leadership. Our role is to set a vision for the home not watch television. #ListenUpNg

10. As a dad, do your children know what you stand for? Do you have principles? Do you have any vision for your child(ren)? #ListenUpNg

11. There are SEVERAL responsibilities dad’s have. Sadly some focus on some and neglect others. Your child needs a BALANCED DAD. #ListenUpNg

12. You are responsible to provide their needs. Stop pushing them to their mother. Rise to the challenge. #ListenUpNg

13. Many men just stop at providing and neglect the others I’m about to mention. Please note the following sirs. #ListenUpNg

14. You have a responsibility to INSTRUCT your children. Instruction is not for the mums only. Let me tell you something…#ListenUpNg

15. There are MANY instructions that your children will only respond to if they come from you as dad. You r an AUTHORITY figure. #ListenUpNg

16. The absence of instruction from dads leads many young boys to listening to older males that derail them. They WANT to be instructed by u

17. You also need to PLAY with them!!! Yes, play! I see some raised brows now. Your boy, your girl, needs you to have fun with. #ListenUpNg

18. When last did you laugh with your children, or tickle them, or play a sport together, or watch a movie together? When last? #ListenUpNg

19. Please note that I’m talking about responsibilities. These things are not optional. Your being dad DEMANDS these from you. #ListenUpNg

20. Please do a flash back. Wouldn’t you have been glad, and possibly a happier adult today, if your dad had played with you? #ListenUpNg

21. I dare you to defy the odds. Do it differently from how your dad did it and make your children proud of their dad. #ListenUpNg

22. I could go on and on but let me mention one more responsibility before I go to my second point. #ListenUpNg and this one is KEY

23. You have a responsibility to BEFRIEND your children. Befriending them is different from playing with them. #ListenUpNG

24. You can have an acquaintance that you play with but isn’t a friend but you cannot have a friend that you don’t play with. #ListenUpNG

25. Your child needs a best friend in you, dad! Don’t let her find it in her boyfriend, or his girlfriend, or counsellor. #ListenUpNg

26. When last did you come home early, leave the TV off, drop your phone and call your child for a heart to heart talk? #ListenUpNg

27. Have you ever taken your teenage son or daughter on a date? Just you and him/her. Little things make a difference, dad. #ListenUpNg

28. You would be shocked to your bones if you were to know some of the things your children have done or are doing. #ListenUpNg

29. I’m not just talking about your teenage children, even your babies in primary school. I’m a counsellor and they talk to me. #ListenUpNG

30. A girl comes to my office and tells me of how her dad’s brother sexually abused her while she was five years old. Dad, where are you???

31. You’re busy pursuing a career or growing your ministry while your precious child (ren) is wasting away UNDER YOUR OWN ROOF! #ListenUpNg

32. That takes me to the second thing being dad is. It’s not just a title, or a responsibility, IT IS A CALLING. #ListenUpNg

33. The bible tells us the children are the heritage of the Lord; they are His reward. He is the giver of children and He is not wasteful.

34. He entrusted His ‘children’ to your care. You owe Him an account of your stewardship over them. Dad, God is watching you! #ListenUpNg

35. You have a spiritual role in the life of your children. Do you point them to Christ? Can they see the life of God in you? #ListenUpNg

36. Dad, is God your own Dad? You cannot give what you don’t have. People who have enjoyed the love of God know how to love their children.

37. When you find God’s love and He becomes your Father, loving your children would become easier by the day. #ListenUpNg

38. Have you failed as a Dad? it’s not over yet. Allow God become your Dad and let Him teach you how to do it. You’d be amazed. #ListenUpNg

39. When you’ve settled with God, consciously and lovingly prod your children to God too, because when you’re not there for them, He will be!

40. Final counsel I would give all dads. Please make it a duty to HUG and PRAY for your children DAILY. #ListenUpNg

41. Yes sir! HUG…it’s time to express some of those hidden emotions you have. LET YOUR CHILDREN KNOW YOU LOVE THEM. Hug them. #ListenUpNg

42. And PRAY FOR THEM. Every day, especially in the morning, maybe after your family devotion, please pray for your children. #ListenUpNg

43. I personally suggest you ask them to KNEEL and you LAY YOUR HANDS on their heads and BLESS THEM FROM YOUR HEART. #ListenUpNg

44. Dad, you are PRICELESS in the lives of your children and they NEED you. Please take up your RESPONSIBILITY and CALLING. #ListenUpNg

45. Together, we will raise balanced, happy, loving and godly children. #ListenUpNg

Thank you so much for your time. And thanks for this opportunity again ma’am @KemiOdutayo God bless us all

#ListenUpNG @timi_adigun Kindly post your response. Que: What happens in home where the Dad is no more? What advice do you have 4 the Mum?

@timi_adigun ‘No more’ can also mean that both parents are separated/divorced or that he never accepted responsibility in the 1st place #ListenUpNG

@KemiOdutayo Hmmm. In a home where dad has passed, firstly I empathize with mummy. So sorry about your loss. Then, I recommend the following

1. Mum,get close to God because He is the Father to the Fatherless. Allow Him step in and help.

2. Please allow godly male figures into the home, not necessarily as family friends but let your children find godly men that can mentor them. Everybody needs it #ListenUpNg

Many single mothers or widows try to be both daddy and mummy, And kudos because they try but A MAN is still needed. #ListenUpNg

This doesn’t have to make you marry, mum, but your children need to have a strong and positive male influence in their lives. #ListenUpNg

Host: @timi_adigun Hmmm. Great tips I must say for single mums. Thanks once again for another inspiring time on #ListenUpNG https://t.co/KF39DiEzTP

Host: @timi_adigun some men believe they made a mistake by having extramarital affairs. What do you advice them to do about the ‘kid’? #ListenUpNG

And so we come to the end of this week session on #ListenUpNG with @timi_adigun It’s been awesome on the June and July Edition.

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