#ListenUpNG Ain't Nothing Like Luck! ~ @dinmanwobi  Join us on #ListenUpNG Wk3!
#ListenUpNG Ain’t Nothing Like Luck! ~ @dinmanwobi
Join us on #ListenUpNG Wk3!

1.Hello friends! #TGIF???? Welcome to another session on #ListenUpNG and this is Wk3. Read past sessions here #InCaseYouMissedIt www.kemiodutayo.com

2.Remember, #ListenUpNG is a weekly mentoring event on twitter where I host men and women on faith, experience and expertise in their area of influence

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4.On today’s session of #ListenUpNG, we have as our special guest, also in the January Edition, Chidinma Nwobi @dinmanwobi

5.#ListenUpNG @DinmaNwobi is a Family Enrichment and Relationship Therapist and Coach who believes in #IntentionalLiving

6.#ListenUpNG @dinmanwobi helps couples bond and build fulfilling marriages and families thereby impacting the world one home at a time.

7.#ListenUpNG @dinmanwobi co- founded with her husband the Dinma and Nedum Nwobi Foundation, a Family Centric Foundation that…

8…empowers people with practical wisdom that enables them to build quality relationships and consequently, marriages #ListenUpNG

9.#ListenUpNG @dinmanwobi co-hosts the Annual Singles’ Summit with her husband where they equip singles with applicable knowledge to be Exceptional Singles.

10.@dinmanwobi also host, with her hub and @chinedu the Couples Weekend Getaway, usually a weekend to remember for couples #ListenUpNG

11.@dinmanwobi brings her wealth of knowledge as a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming into her trainings and sessions #ListenUpNG has a lot of testimonials to back it up #ListenUpNG

12.#ListenUpNG @dinmanwobi is an ardent advocate of INTENTIONAL LIVING as she believes nothing happens by chance.

13.#ListenUpNG She teaches that anyone can create the life they desire if they are willing to take deliberate actions daily to enjoy such a life @dinmanwobi

14.Join me as I welcome this inspiring woman as she proceeds to share on why you can’t afford to leave your life to CHANCE in this new year! #ListenUpNG

Thank you @KemiOdutayo for this opportunity to share my thoughts on Intentional Living: A relationship Creed. #ListenUpNG

2. It feels good to be sharing on this platform with @sam_adeyemi @Tadecash in this January edition. #ListenUpNG

2. It feels good to be sharing on this platform with @sam_adeyemi @Tadecash in this January edition. #ListenUpNG

3. Intentional Living as a relationship creed is a very dear topic to me. I like to call myself the #IntentionalLivingAdvocate #ListenUpNG

4. You may be asking, what is Intentional Living and what is its relevance in my relationship? Why should I make it a creed? #ListenUpNG

5. Intentional living is a lifestyle based on an individual’s conscious attempts to live according to his values and beliefs. #ListenUpNG

6. To live intentionally, you have to identify your values and beliefs and create a #FamilyMissionStatement from them. #ListenUpNG

7a. Organisations create their mission statement from their values and display them conspicuously in their offices. #ListenUpNG

7b. This is the 1st step to Intentional Living. The whole team knows what the organisation is set to achieve. #ListenUpNG

7c. Resources are deployed to achieving their goals in sync with their values. That is the 2nd step of Intentional Living. #ListenUpNG

7d. The workforce is trained to intentionally live out this mission statement daily with their customers and other stakeholders. #ListenUpNG

7e. Wondering what this has to do with Intentional Living as a relationship creed? Keep reading #ListenUpNG

8. What are your family values?What do stand for as a family? These are the bedrock for Intentional Living. #ListenUpNG

9a. Like the organisations, have you created your #FamilyMissionStatement? Your family creed? The #ListenUpNG

9b. Is it well known to your family members? What visual reminders of your #FamilyMissionStatement do you have in your homes? #ListenUpNG

10. Your #FamilyMissionStatement is what informs the intentional actions you take daily to enjoy your marriage and family. #ListenUpNG

11. Some folks say, “that couple are so happy, I wish my marriage can be like theirs.” Can you live as intentionally as they do?#ListenUpNG

12. Wishes don’t make happy relationships, Intentional Living does. #ListenUpNG

13a. There is a huge difference between a life of good intentions and an intentional life. #ListenUpNG

13b. Most people have good intentions, only few live intentional lives and that makes the difference. #ListenUpNG

14. Know any blissful marriage? Those are 2 consenting adults who are intentionally taking daily actions to live in bliss. #ListenUpNG

15. Intentional Living is all about breaking down your goals into concrete manageable daily habits and deliberately doing them. #ListenUpNG

16. Living intentionally makes you the boss Of your life. It means that you have an agenda for yourself. #YouAreInCharge #ListenUpNG

17. Your relationship is not dictated by circumstances or other people. You are focused and moving together as a family. #ListenUpNG

18. You can make decisions without stress on how to spend your time, energy and resources with Intentional Living. #ListenUpNG

19. Intentional Living = Purposeful Living + Commitment + Discipline. #ListenUpNG

20a. We are bombarded with good and evil everyday and each one tucks at our heart seeking to become lord. #ListenUpNG

20b. Different options are thrown at our relationships, marriages and families. The world is at war with our values and beliefs. #ListenUpNG

21. With Intentional Living, you can win the war because your eyes are fixed on the ‘big picture.’ #ListenUpNG

22. With Intentional Living, you don’t wish for a happy relationship, you make happy relationships happy. #ListenUpNG

23. Intentional Living is hinged on knowledge and action. #ListennUpNG

24. Identify people accomplishing your purpose and goals, study them and learn from them. #ListenUpNG

25. Get a marriage and family mentor. If need be get a coach. #ListenUpNG

26. Read books, attend relationship seminars and workshops. Invest in your happiness. #ListenUpNG

27. Of what use is having a #FamilyMissionStatement #RelationshipCreed when you don’t know how to live it? #ListenUpNG

28. Surround yourself with purposeful people. Make friends with people living the Intentional Life. #ListenUpNG

29. Don’t keep company with mediocres. They will give you a million reasons why Intentional Living is impossible. #ListenUpNG

30. People criticize what they don’t understand. #ListenUpNG

31. Live the Intentional Life, produce Intentional Results and enjoy your relationship intentionally. #ListenUpNG

32. Save yourself from the signature relationship problems with Intentional Living. #ListenUpNG

33. The 3 common causes of conflict in marriages is COMMUNICATION, SEX AND MONEY.

34. Intentional Living helps you address these issues and resolve them amicably because your eyes are on the ‘big picture.’ #ListenUpNG

36. Intentional Living keeps you focused on your focus. And what you see is what you get. #ListenUpNG

37. Your relationship will produce what your focus on. #ListenUpNG

38. What your focus on is what you will deploy resources to achieve. #ListenUpNG

39. What you deploy resources on, you nurture to grow. #ListenUpNG

40. Intentional Living makes you take deliberate daily actions to maximize your deployed resources to achieve results. #ListenUpNG

41. Intentional Living is a life of daily habits to achieve your goals. #ListenUpNG

42. Sadly, people live intentionally in their careers, businesses, ministries but not in their relationships. #ListenUpNG

43. Some are soaring in their careers, blazing trails as entrepreneurs yet unhappy in their relationship. #ListenUpNG

44. Living in the same patterns and expecting different outcomes. #insanity #ListenUpNG

45. If you want to enjoy your relationship with your spouse, start living intentionally. #ListenUpNG

46. If you want to be a good parent, start living intentionally. #ListenUpNG

47. If you want to be a good fiancé or fiancée, start living intentionally. #ListenUpNG

48. Nothing happens by chance. A good relationship is all about INTENTIONAL LIVING. #ListenUpNG

49. Make #IntentionalLiving your relationship creed and live a blissful life. #ListenUpNG

50. Thank you @kemiodutayo for hosting me on this auspicious platform and God bless your efforts. #ListenUpNG rocks.

#ListenUpNG @dinmanwobi Thank you for honouring our invite. I appreciate you. Loads of ‘food for thought’ to reflect on! Together we will make impact in our generation for good!

Till I come your way next week with yet another INTENTIONAL TOPIC *wink* Live Intentionally with your eye on the big picture! #ListenUpNG

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