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Today, the tweets for #ListenUpNG Wk29 with @yomitheprof has been compiled for your reading pleasure. The crust of our discussion is what a man can/should do WHEN THINGS FALL APART…

#ListenUpNG Our guest is Abayomi FAWEHINMI who is fondly and popularly called the Prof because of his deep insight into issues; especially issues bothering on relationships and human management #ListenUpNG to!

‘Yomi is an advocate of sound and healthy family life, a Christian, husband, father and teacher. Though, trained as an estate manager, he however practices as a teacher. He is also an amazing conference speaker. He is a facilitator of high demand in family and life trainings.

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Good afternoon all. Its a great day. I am happy to be part of this. kudos to @KemiOdutayo  #ListenUpNG

The topic is “Things fall apart”. This is not about the book written about Chinua Achebe ooo #ListenUpNG 1

Rather it’s about handling failures in life. Its about how to respond when they things you cherish slip out of place #ListenUpNG

Many things can fall apart: Health, marriage,relationships etc.Even a relationship with God can fall apart. #ListenUpNG

People can fall apart. Teams can fall apart. Nations can fall apart. Stategies, plans & ideas can fall apart. #ListenUpNG

Sometimes things fall apart because of your action. Sometimes things fall apart in spite of your best intention and actions. #ListenUpNG

So what do we do when things fall apart? What actions do we take? How do we respond?  #ListenUpNG

Because some things fell apart doesn’t mean you have to scatter too. Maintain! Stand well well. #ListenUpNG

What should a man do when he feels his world is unraveling right before his very eyes? Or his career or relationship is dying? #ListenUpNG

Some people cry, wail or blame others when things fall apart. Okay, you may cry. But round up they crying and take action #ListenUpNG

Jesus friend died. It pained Jesus. He cried. Cleaned his face sharply and acted.Be like Jesus.After they crying do action #ListenUpNG

My proposal is that you LOOK BACK, LOOK IN, LOOK

LOOK BACK to understand what happened
Ask:  who or what caused it?

LOOK IN to understand how you contributed to it
Ask: How did I contribute to this situation?
Check: Your words, mindset,behavior #ListenUpNG

LOOK UP to God
1. To ask for forgiveness
2. To  seek for insight to prevent it happening again  #ListenUpNG
God gives direction

To see if you need to apologize or make peace with anyone
To see if you can get counsel, coaching, mentors  #ListenUpNG

LOOK OUT to develop a plan
Develop a plan to
..gather the things that fell apart.
…ensure they don’t fall apart again. #ListenUpNG

LOOK OUT to develop a plan
The plan will include your own development, behavior modification & change in environment

LOOK AT your progress
Ask: How well am I doing with the plan?
Ask: What further adjustment do I need to make?

As I close, I want to leave you with few thoughts #ListenUpNG

1. Life has challenges. Life tries to make things fall apart. Don’t allow it  #ListenUpNG

2. Its an imperfect world with imperfect people. They will cause wahala . Don’t allow them mess you up #ListenUpNG

3. If things fall apart, don’t fret. See it as a learning process. Take action and re- align the things better #ListenUpNG

4. You need partnerships to make things become better. Partnership with God & people that can help you. Don’t avoid them. #ListenUpNG

It may be shameful when things fall apart.The natural response to shame is to hide from people. DON’ T. That’s when you need people most

Mr. failure made you loose
No wahala
Call Mr. failure back. Make it build you.
Failure brakes then builds #ListenUpNG

Host: ????????????????????Awesome tweets. Loaded with lots of humour but making serious sense! Thank u so much, sir! These are worth it! https://t.co/gno6oty8nY

#ListenUpNG tweeps According to @yomitheprof , FAIL FORWARD! Things can fall apart but you determine how long they remain in that state????

Awesome…super awesone tweets! Next week on #ListenUpNG… we will continue our discussion on #RealLifeIsaue men related issue????

Our special guest on #ListenUpNG Wk30 is Timi Adigun @timi_adigun popularly known as Doctor Love. He will be live on #ListenUpNG


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