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1) Good evening everyone! Welcome to another inspiring session on #ListenUpNG. Last week with @NikeAdeyemi was awesome!

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2)Today on #ListenUpNG, we are going to be debunking some myths Singles believe. If you are single or you know someone who is, this is for you!

3)After today’s session, kindly tweet at me with the #ListenUpNG, other myths you think Singles believe & I will gladly retweet.

4)Myths…according to one of the definitions of the Free Encycopedia, myths are stories which may or may not be true. #ListenUpNG

5)#ListenUpNG Myths are also belief systems and common ‘sayings’ that had become entrenched in peoples psyche.

6)Interestingly, today on #ListenUpNG, i am both the host and the guest. Lol! It’s a rare honour and i count it a privilege.

7)For the purpose of this session, i will be referring to the male-female relationships.The following are not arranged in any particular order. #ListenUpNG

8)#ListenUpNG Myth 1: “The Wedding date is fixed and can’t be shifted so…I have to go on with the plans no matter what!”

9)#ListenUpNG I will be referring to the single guy as #DearBooNG and the single lady as #DearBaeNG. So…do you know the wedding day is just that? A day?

10)#ListenUpNG Marriage is the real deal! If the Lord tarries, its suppose to last a lifetime! In the event of a critical issue that needs to be resolved…

11)#ListenUpNG #DearBooNG #DearBaeNG…pls put off the wedding for the time being. I was listening to a call-in pgm on radio the other day

12)#ListenUpNG A guy called in asking for advice. He met and got engaged to his heartthrob years back and both were virgins

13)#ListenUpNG They promised to wait till their wedding night but alas in the course of their separation cos of school and work…

14)#ListenUpNG…#DearBaeNG got sexually involved with two other guys but later confessed and #DearBooNG forgave

15)#ListenUpNG Fast forward to this year April after her NYSC, they got formally engaged and fixed the wedding date

16)#ListenUpNG #DearBooNG noticed his sweetheart was withdrawn and not quite herself. He dug deeper and she confessed again

17)#ListenUpNG #DearBaeNG had been having sexual affairs with 3 other men and felt awful about the affairs

18)#ListenUpNG #DearBooNG was in a dilemma. He loved her but wondered if he should forgive again and move on with their wedding plans

19)#ListenUpNG Such is the power of love! The advice he was given? Your guess is as good as mine. Obviously #DearBaeNG has a problem!

20)#ListenUpNG #DearBooNG loves her and wondered if it’s possible to call off the wedding. He is an honorable man and doesn’t want to disgrace her

21)#ListenUpNG What would be his reason for putting off the wedding? What would he tell their families, friends and associates?

22)#ListenUpNG Truly, this is a dilemma and I sympathize with #DearBooNG but he has to make the tough decision

23)#ListenUpNG #DearBooNG #DearBaeNG Having fixed the wedding date is not enough reason to go ahead when…

24)#ListenUpNG …you noticed a very RED FLAG that needs to be addressed. Forget the temporary embarrassment and safeguard your future!

25)#ListenUpNG #DearBooNG #DearBaeNG A broken engagement is by far better than a broken marriage. Receive grace to make the right decision!

26)#ListenUpNG It doesn’t necessarily mean the wedding will never hold but…you need to resolve those issues!

27)#ListenUpNG Myth 2: Mr and Mrs Better half ~ this implies that if you, #DearBooNG #DearBaeNG are still single you are not yet complete!

28)#ListenUpNG That U are ‘deficient’! That U can’t go far in life! That U can’t achieve your dreams&aspirations until U locate your ‘BetterHalf’ or vice versa

28)No wonder! The frantic search for partners by some Singles is pathetic! #ListenUpNG folks, in God’s scheme of things, YOU ARE COMPLETE IN HIM(GOD).

29)#ListenUpNG In God’s mathematical equation as regards marriage, one plus one equals one (1+1=1). Not half plus half!

30)#ListenUpNG #DearBooNG #DearBaeNG Singleness is a phase! Utilize it! Strive to be all you can be! Learn to be comfortable in your own skin.

31)#ListenUpNG Go on a journey of SELF DISCOVERY & understand YOUR PURPOSE. Let the #DearBaeNG or #DearBooNG meet you ‘on the job’!

32)#ListenUpNG This will go a long way in helping you discover on time if the two of you are going in the same direction in life

33)#ListenUpNG #DearBooNG #DearBaeNG So, don’t wait for Mr or Mrs Betterhalf, your ‘Significant Other’ will locate you ‘on the job’!

34)#ListenUpNG Myth 3: Love is blind! Hmmm. Thank God most of us are now beginning to understand that LOVE IS NOT BLIND! Lol!


36)#ListenUpNG  If you truly believe love is blind then you have to know that marriage is a ‘miracle worker’ – it opens blind eyes.

37)#ListenUpNG Don’t ever ignore the red flags(sources of concern) you notice in your relationship. Thank God for that guy in myth 1, he decided to seek counsel

38)#ListenUpNG Myth 4: Soul mates are born!  Haha! This myth has truncated the marital destiny of many singles.

39)#ListenUpNG They go around looking&searching for their soulmates, someone who understands them perfectly!

40)Someone who knows them ‘in and out’! #ListenUpNG folks! This is a myth!

41)#ListenUpNG There is a saying that, ‘they went to Sokoto(state) looking for what is under their ‘sokoto'(pants).

42)Some ladies even go as far as turning down proposals from serious prospects because they are waiting for their soulmates! #ListenUpNG

43)While some guys keep looking for that ‘perfect’ lady just meant for them! #DearBooNG #DearBaeNG wake up!

44)#ListenUpNG Soulmates are not born but made! Stop looking for what is not missing! Be what/who you want to attract!

45)#ListenUpNG You become soulmates by the application of the knowledge you have of each other.

45b)ListenUpNG No wonder the bible advised husbands not singles, to deal with their wives with knowledge.

46) #ListenUpNG Myth 5: If your courtship is long enough, you can know all there is to know about your intended.

47)#ListenUpNG Some people are are real chameleons. So, the G-factor can’t be overemphasized in relationships.#DearBooNG #DearBaeNG

48)#ListenUpNG As much I will encourage you to be sensitive so you won’t be conned in your relationship…

49)#ListenUpNG Pls learn to build your relationship with God. He is all knowing…and will lead you into all truth!

50)#ListenUpNG God is ready to reveal many things about your partner to you, that’s if you know how He speaks to you.

51)#ListenUpNG Don’t wait till you want to choose your ‘significant other’ before learning how to hear from God.

52)#ListenUpNG I will post the concluding part(Myth 6-12) of this tweetcast on my website later in the week.

53)#DearBooNG #DearBaeNG I hope you were able to glean a thing or two from this tweetcast. #ListenUpNG

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