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This week, we will be discussing yet another #RealLifeIssue: WHY SOME GUYS DON’T MARRY EARLY!

It’s now fast becoming a norm to hear a guy say, “MARRIAGE ISN’T THE NEXT THING ON MY LIST!” Why is this so? What list are they referring to?

#ListenUpNG Today, our guest @OlatunjiLegend will be tweeting about ‘the list’ and encouraging the male folks to be more proactive in relationships

#ListenUpNG Gabriel @OlatunjiLegend is the Lead Trainer at the High Value Partner’s Academy, an online marriage & Life Skills Empowerment Centre.

He @OlatunjiLegend is also a Speaker and an Aurhor. Two of his fast selling books are ‘The High Value Partner’ and ‘The Happy Love Life’

#ListenUpNG Join me to make welcome this dynamic young man @OlatunjiLegend that has dedicated his life to helping people have a happy love life

@OlatunjiLegend Welcome on board to the August Edition of #ListenUpNG dedicated to the Singles. Over to you!

1. My name is Gabriel Olatunji-Legend. I help singles & intending couples become eligible for a Happy and Long-lasting marriage. #ListenUpNG

2. Thank you Mrs @KemiOdutayo for having me on this platform. I will be teaching on “Marriage Isn’t the Next Thing On My Mind”. #ListenUpNG

3. When you say marriage isn’t the next thing on your mind, you are likely saying that you haven’t made enough money yet. Right? #ListenUpNG

4. How come money is the first thing you think of when the thought of marriage comes to your mind? Does money make marriage? #ListenUpNG

5. You want to marry but you are pushing the thought aside because you are afraid. What are you really afraid of? #ListenUpNG

6. Marriage should be the next thing on your mind! What you put your heart to, succeed. Do you know what it takes? #ListenUpNG

7. Money does not make marriage successful. You can be wealthy and still fail woefully in marriage. #ListenUpNG

8. The fear of marriage is the the beginning of mistakes. Embrace it and all it takes to make it a success. #ListenUpNG

9. By all means, make money but it is paramount that you cultivate wisdom for marriage. Money will fail where wisdom is needed. #ListenUpNG

10. You’ve suffered many heartbreaks and thereby, stopped thinking of marriage. You need to start again but more intelligently #ListenUpNG

11. Men push marriage plans aside mainly because of societal expectations and not necessarily because they have counted the cost #ListenUpNG

12. Have you truly sat down to count the cost of getting married? It may not be as expensive as you have imagined. #ListenUpNG

13. Forget about how society expects your marriage or wedding to look like. Start small and grow big. It’s YOUR marriage! #ListenUPNG

14. What you should be worried about is not how much money you need to have but what kind of person you need to become! #ListenUpNG

15. Your eligibility for marriage is more important than your pocket for marriage. #ListenUpNG

16 Marriage can be likened to a BIG project, there’s always a small place to start. Don’t be a chicken, start with what you have #ListenUpNG

17. Everything is about planning. You need the ability to earn money! She needs the ability to earn money. Start there. #ListenUpNG

18. You have been her for so long and yet no marriage talks. She doesn’t need a man who has it all but a man who is busy! #ListenUpNG

19. If you have the capacity to feed yourself and one other mouth, you are financially ready for marriage. #ListenUpNG

20. Combine your ability to feed a mouth with her ability as well. That’s 4 mouth you both can feed. So, why the money excuse? #ListenUpNG

21. See, if you have everything before you marry, what else do you want to have after you marry? #ListenUpNG

22. If you have everything before marriage, what conquest or story will you tell the coming generation about? #ListenUpNG

23. Those who wait to have it all before they start are those who will be too proud to ask for and receive help in marriage. #ListenUpNG

24. Put marriage on your mind. Ask questions on how to marry WELL on a budget. It’s not poverty, It’s wisdom. Budgeting is bae. #ListenUpNG

25. There are just four conditions for you to satisfy before marriage and none of it put emphasis on money. (See next tweet) #ListenUpNG

26. Emotion Mastery | Break Negative Patterns | Harness Your Assets | Become teachable – These are what you need to marry. #ListenUpNG

27. What I have described in the last tweet is what you need to be eligible for marriage – to be the The High-Value Partner #ListenUpNG

28. One will chase 1000, two will chase 10 000. Aren’t you tired of chasing small? You have capacity for more. #ListenUpNg

29. Is it not better to marry than to burn? Abeg, it’s better to marry than to masturbate. NOTE: Satisfy tweet 26 conditions. #ListenUpNg

30. As I round off, nothing of worth happens by chance. Nothing of value is easy. Planning is the key! #ListenUpNG

31. Do you love him or her? You want to marry her? Are you both eligible? Then, start the plan. Hope deferred = weary heart! #ListenUpNG

32. Shoot me your questions if you have them. If not, thanks for following through. Thank you ma @KemiOdutayo for having me. #ListenUpNG

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