Listenup 28Good evening, everyone! It’s time for #ListenUpNG. Welcome to another inspiring session in this month’s edition.

I don’t know about you but I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA!!! It has been raining here in Lagos yet we still get to #ListenUp in the comfort of our homes and offices. Am here in Lagos,  @NikeAdeyemi is not! Amazing! #ListenUpNG

Our guest on today’s session of #ListenUpNG @NikeAdeyemi, is a woman of #faith #experience and #depth.

#ListenUpNG @NikeAdeyemi is the President of the @RealWoman Foundation and the ‘Mother’ at the Love Home Orphanage which she runs.

#ListenUpNG @NikeAdeyemi aka the Love Missionary is a recipient of many awards bcos of her contributions 2d society. She is a blessing 2 many

A woman of grace&simplicity, @NikeAdeyemi is happily married 2 @sam_adeyemi of @DaystarNG where she is the Deputy Senior Pastor. #ListenUpNG

#ListenUpNG Friends, join me as I humbly invite this great #Asset to her hubby @sam_adeyemi and our generation, @NikeAdeyemi.

Ma, @NikeAdeyemi, its an honour & a great privilege to have you on #ListenUpNG. You are welcome!

Do #ReadRestRelaxAndReflect on Nike Adeyemi’s compiled tweets below. God bless.

1. Thank you for inviting me on the program, I trust God to bless everyone following this thread. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

2. This is an important topic as it speaks to the core of our calling as believers to impact the world for good. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

3. An asset by definition is a useful or valuable quality, person, or thing. It is an advantage or resource. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

4. An asset in dis context is a person dat delivers value in whicheva capacity they find thmselves,in a relatnship. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

5. Assets proactively seek out ways to bless, enrich, & add value to the lives those in their sphere of influence. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

6. Acts 10:38 says Jesus went about doing good and was known for that.  That’s an asset! #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

7. That’s the life God has called us to as believers, doing good wherever we go and wherever we find ourselves #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

8. On the other hand, lets define what/who a liability is so we can compare and contrast as we go along. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

9. In this context, a liability is a someone that is a hindrance, whose presence puts others at a disadvantage  #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

10. A liability is someone from whom no real value is enjoyed. Liabilities rarely add any value #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

11. A liability is a consistent taker with no intentions of giving back. Liabilities have an entitlement mentality #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

12. So, we have established a word by which we can differentiate between assets and liabilities – VALUE! #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

13. Life is give and take! The proportion to which you give and take determines where you fall. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

14. Assets give more than they take, Liabilities take more than they give!#ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

15. Now that the distinction has been made, let us get a little more practical.#ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

16. We all operate in diff. spheres of influence. We are children, parents, workers, bosses, wives, husbands…. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

17. In all, there are general principles we need to follow to excel as an asset in all these spheres. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

18. First is to walk in love! Galatians 5:14 says all the requirements God has of us is fulfilled in the word LOVE! #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

19. You cannot walk in love and be a liability. Love gives! Love finds ways to better the lives of those around. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

20. A major character trait of a liability is selfishness, the me-first mentality. Love is the cure.  #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

21. Another is consistency. There is so much mistrust and unfaithfulness in homes, workplaces and even in d church #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

22. Assets don’t make commitments lightly, but when they do, they follow through no matter what. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

23. An asset takes his/her commitment to God, spouse, kids, job very seriously and maintains trust at all costs. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

24. Liabilities on the other hand are inconsistent and lack staying power.#ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

25. 3rd trait of assets is problem-solving skills. Assets seek out ways to solve problems for people around them. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

26. They do not dwell on the problem longer than necessary, rather they seek out and proffer creative solutions. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

27. Liabilities can’t see beyond the problem and give no thought to a solution. They are pessimists and nay-sayers. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

Solve problems for your spouse don’t create more, as an asset help your child to be be #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

28. Fourth trait of an asset, they maintain a positive attitude thru whatevacircumstance they may find themselves. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

29. Assets recognize that tough times do not last forever, and so they maintain their peace through storms. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

30. Liabilities tend to give-up at the slightest sign of trouble. They find it hard to see beyond the storm. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

31. Assets depend on God for help and such are assured of triumph over the situation. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

32. Fifth trait of an asset is that they are team players and work well with others to achieve common goals. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

33. At home, an asset consults and seek the approval  of spouse and other stakeholders when making major decisions #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

34. Liabilities on the other hand are impulsive and dnt work well others either in a team at work or in the home. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

35. As a spouse, don’t make lone decisions  to the detriment of the balance in the home. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

36. Sixth trait: assets are productive. They spend time and oda resources wisely to produce maximum output #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

37. Don’t waste time and resources on fruitless pursuits at the expense other important tasks or relationships #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

38. Seventh Trait: Assets are lifelong learners, always learning something new and applying themselves in new ways. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

39. Assets challenge the status quo & find new, more efficient ways of doing things. They are valued workers. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

40. Liabilities r content with mediocrity and wont push thmselves. They put in the very minimum required to get by #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

41. As parents, Assets invests time, energy and love into their kids. They realise that it takes more than money. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

42. Assets love and value their relationships. They do not take people for granted. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

43. Assets impact others lives for good. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

44. Assets are law-abiding and pray genuinely for their communities. They do not bad-mouth leaders. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

45. Having made these points, it is important to note that no one is perfect. The Holy Spirit is the ultimate asset. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

46. It is near impossible to exhibit these traits of an asset without the help of the  Holy Spirit in our lives #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

47. If u have found urself falling short of being an asset, turn to God to renew and refresh ur mind #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

48. Ask the Holy Spirit to come in and help you live the quality of life Jesus lived on the earth. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

Learn from past mistakes, grow in love, simplicity and humility. You can start afresh, #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

May God’s blessings be yours, may His wisdom preserve you and your relationships. May u be assets in your generation #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

Thank you for reading, for following. God bless you @KemiOdutayo great asset you are, host of  #ListenUpNg

@NikeAdeyemi  Thanks so much 4honoring my invitation. U are truly an asset. Your presence today is a witness to this *hugs* #ListenUpNG

Friends, make it a date on another session of #ListenUpNG next week Friday by 4pm. Handle to follow is @kemi_odutayo. #ListenUpNG is a Me4 Initiative.

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