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#ListenUpNG MEET OUR GUESTS ON THE JULY EDITION https://t.co/GK1A6HdQHT Our very 1st guest today is Feb Idahosa

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@BIUpresident will be tweeting on the #RealLifeIssue titled, THE UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS OF THE 21ST CENTURY MAN!

Hmm. Today’s session on #ListenUpNG with @BIUpresedent is a must for everyone who desire to foster healthy relationships with the opposite sex!

In this session, Feb Idahosa was able to examine the #RealLifeIssue in the context of a marital relationship.

Join me as with great joy, I invite on board @BIUpresident Feb Idahosa to the 1st session on #ListenUpNG in the 2nd half of 2016!

1. @KemiOdutayo Thank you for that wonderful introduction; I must say I’m glad to be hosted by you on such a pertinent topic. #ListenUpNG

2. Being a man is tough & carries its own pressures & responsibilities. Being a Nigerian man is even tougher. #ListenUpNG

3. I’m blessed to be both a man and Nigerian. Double pressure but double blessing as well. #ListenUpNG

4. The biggest issue I’ve had to deal with as a Nigerian man is that there is no template to follow on “How to be a man.” #ListenUpNG

5. Young Nigerian boys also do not often have examples to follow in the intricacies of manhood. Who is our model?

6. The truth is, no one teaches us, as young Nigerian boys, how to be a man.

Q: ???????????? Have our fathers failed us? Probably cos NOBODY taught them too. Being a MAN has been equated to being a MALE! https://t.co/OaXjx9DbmV

A: Our fathers didn’t fail us completely. They brought us up to be good men. They just didn’t teach the “how.” #ListenUpNG

7. When our fathers were present, they were often busy “providing” for the home. So no playtime & modeling time for their sons.

8. Our fathers didn’t teach us to be men b/c their fathers didn’t teach them. Let’s not make the same mistake with our sons.

9. In most Nigerian households the husband behaves the way he does because that’s what he saw his father do.

10. If the Nigerian man does not learn new habits & ways to behave in his home, his son will be doomed to repeat his mistakes.

11. The 21st century man saw his father make some mistakes, but unfortunately, he was not told they were mistakes.

12. The mistakes we saw our fathers make, when not corrected, turn into our mistakes.

13. The mistakes we saw our fathers make also unfortunately become the unrealistic expectations of the 21st century Nigerian man #ListenUpNG

14. Some unrealistic expectations: Your wife is your property. You can treat her anyway you want. She doesn’t matter or mind.

15. #DearNigerianMan your wife is not your property. She is an equal partner created by God to WORK WITH, not FOR you.

16. The Bible refers to a wife as a help meet for a man. In context (Gen. 2:18) it means a help suitable. God has you in mind

17. My wife .@IdahosaLaurie presented some great insight on the roles of men & women in marriage. See #familyLifeSimplified #ListenUpNG

18. #DearHubbyNG
Treat your wife as your partner & she will make your life sweeter than you can imagine. #ListenUpNG

19. Some more unrealistic male expectations: Your word is law in your house. After all you are the MAN of the house (roar!).

20. Yes you’re the man of the house & we expect YOU to lead. But remember yr wife is ALSO blessed with wisdom. Ask her thoughts #ListenUpNG

21. Your wife also wants the best for you & the family. She will bring her best to the table and not steer you wrong.

22. #DearNigerianMan listen to your wife. She wants the best for you & will bring out the best in you if you give her a chance. #ListenUpNG

23. #DearNigerianMan remember that your relationship with yr wife should follow that which Christ has with the church. Love her #ListenUpNG

24. The Nigerian man expects his wife to submit to him. Fine. Ask yourself why you submit to Christ. Remember He’s the example

25. We submit to Christ not because He demands it, but because He loves us so much that we CHOOSE and WANT TO submit.

26. #DearNigerianMan submission from your wife will be easy when the love from you is abundant. Love her & watch what happens.

27. I got some advice from Dr. .@mylesmunroe Sr some year ago. He said your wife is like a mirror. What you show, she reflects.

28. Show your wife love & she will give you love like you’ve never seen. Show your wife hell & well, you get the picture.

29. I’m praying that the Lord will bless you & strengthen your marriages and relationships. Remember, He has your best in mind

Remember the following, from .@IdahosaLaurie: love and sacrifice are reciprocal.
#ListenUpNG  https://t.co/cl8nxdIA2Y

30. That’s about all we have time for today. Thank you @KemiOdutayo and #ListenUpNG for the chance to speak into the lives of my fellow men

Host: Wow! You are worth the wow @BIUpresident Feb Idahosa! Thank you so so much for being a part of #ListenUpNG What a session! Brief and concise. We appreciate you!


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Till I come your way next week Friday on #ListenUpNG Wk28, #DearBooNG #DearHubbyNG Know for a fact that being MALE doesn’t equate being a MAN! Being a man involves deliberate effort and development from boyhood to manhood…and getting rid of all disempowering beliefs, culture and traditions that have been passed down from generations to generations.

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