Welcome to another session on #ListenUpNG. In this June edition we have been discussing issues relating to men!

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Today on #ListenUpNG Wk24, Bola Adisa @baulah is our special guest and we are disscussing…THE PLAGUE OF INFIDELITY!

#ListenUpNG Some men believe ‘juggling’ more than one lady in a relationship is just being ‘SMART’! Married men inclusive!????

#ListenUpNG They love it when their friends and colleagues hail them saying, “You are the man!”???? But are they? Really?

#ListenUpNG Our guest Bola Adisa will be tweeting on ‘THE PLAGUE OF INFIDELITY’. Is it really?

Read more about our guest @baulah and other guests on #ListenUpNG June Edition here: http://wp.me/p6tkXz-x1 Discussing #RealLifeIssues pertaining to men!????

Join me as I welcome our special guest @baulah for another impactful time on #ListenUpNG Over to you, Bola!

1. It’s awesome to be on #ListenUpNG this week.

2. I thank @KemiOdutayo for the opportunity to be one of the people speaking to men. #ListenUpNG

3. I’ll start with a real life experience that I personnaly know of. #ListenUpNG

4. As the topic suggests, infidelity is indeed a plague! #ListenUpNG

5. My very first job as a young graduate thought me a great lesson. #ListenUpNG

6. A lesson both on how not to run a business and how not to kill/ruin your business by your lifestyle. #ListenUpNG

7. The company I work for then was a promissing startup. #ListenUpNG

8. Owned by a brilliant chap. At the time, he was 38yrs old, and have the aura of success around him. #ListenUpNG

9. Resigned not long from a multinational FMCG to start a telecom marketing firm. #ListenUpNG

10. It was the era when GSM business just boomed in Nigeria. #ListenUpNG

11. He was a leading distributor for one of the then GSM firm. #ListenUpNG

12. He was doing well. He branched into different aspects of telecom business. #ListenUpNG

13. The company sells phones, distribute recharge cards, and … #LitstenUpNG

14. …eventually ventured into being an Internet Service Provider. #ListenUpNG

15. The business was good. Success happens. #ListenUpNG

16. Properties in VGC. Properties purchased outside of Lagos. #ListenUpNG

17. New “Tear rubber” cars being purchased. #ListenUpNG

18. New Branch offices being oppened even outside of Lagos. #ListenUpNG

19. For us his staff, the future was bright in the company. #ListenUpNG

20. Then all of a sudden, we started hearing things…#ListenUpNG

21…things began to nose dive. Customers compalain, vendors complain. #ListenUpNG

22. He begins to push and tell us his staff to look for what to say to customers and vendors. #ListenUpNG

23. All this happenned within a year of my working with the company. #ListenUpNG

24. I stumbled on my bossses’ wife diary, because I had to sleep over in the office some night. #ListenUpNG

25. And I saw prayer points and journals of a sorrowful heart. #ListenUpNG

26. I told no one what I saw until this moment composing these tweets. #ListenUpNG

27. I was a young unmarried christian then, and I believe God gave me that moment… #ListenUpNG

28. … to teach and build in me a foundation for the life I live now. #ListenUpNG

29. My boss was seeing other women! #ListenUpNG

30. The wife got to know, as wives will always get to know! #ListenUpNG

31. Confronted several times, but he denied. But his wife had proofs. #ListenUpNG

32. She prayed dangerous prayers in her ‘alone’ periods and journalled them. #ListenUpNG

33. Making reference to her relationship with God to vindicate her,.. #ListenUpNG

34. Making reference to her faithfulness to the marriage and committment to their well being. #ListenUpNG

35. And practically I saw her prayers being answered as my bosses’ business winds down. #ListenUpNG

37. Not that she prayed for her husbands downfall or anything… #ListenUpNG

38. She Prayed prayers like… Lord bring my husband back to his senses. #ListenUpNG

39. Before I left the company, I worked 1 year and 1 month at the time,… #ListenUpNG

40. My boss had sold his VGC properties,… #ListenUpNG

41. The bank had taken possession of the property in Ibadan. #ListenUpNG

42. Almost all the official cars and personal cars sold. #ListenUpNG

43. A once promising youngman with potentials was now grounded! #ListenUpNG

44. Friends, Infidelity GROUNDED HIM! #ListenUpNG

45. Each time I think of adultery, I remember my boss. #ListenUpNG

46. Each time I think of infidelity, I remember the works of Solomon in “The Book” Prov.5: 8-11 #ListenUpNG

47. Friends, infidelity is a PLAGUE! It destroys! #ListenUpNG

49. Infidelity is going against God’s institution of Marriage. #ListenUpNG

50. It’s not just a sin against your wife, it’s a transgression against God’s Institution. #ListenUpNG

51. It’s going against God’s order. It’s going against God! #ListenUpNG

52. We say if God be for us, who can be agaianst us. #ListenUpNG

53. Now if God be against you, who will save you? Such is the plight of those engaging in infidelity. #ListenUpNG

54. Infidelity puts you agaianst God, opens you up to the devils’ distructive vices. #ListenUpNG

55. Stop it before it stops you! #ListenUpNG

56. Don’t let flings, affairs, and one-night-stand destroy your investments and eventually your life. #ListenUpNG

57. Trust me, its not ‘smartness’ to go against God, because you can’t outsmart God. #ListenUpNG

58. Rather trust God, receive Grace from Him to stay faithful. #ListenUpNG

59. Position yourself to let God’s faithfulness rub off on you. #ListenUpNG

60. If its a challenge and problem and you think you cant stay away, see a counselor! #ListenUpNG

61. I’ll stop here today and let you think on all we’ve shared today! #ListenUpNG

62. And for my parting words, dont let the plague of infidelity finish you! You have a choice not to… #ListenUpNG

@KemiOdutayo thanks again for the opportunity to talk to men! Back to you… and keep up the good work!

Truly awesome session with Bola Adisa discussing ????????. A must read for EVERY MAN! #ListenUpNG

Wow! Thank you so much @baulah #ListenUpNG Indeed, infidelity is a plague! It destroys like no other!

Loads of ‘stories that touch’ as empirical evidence to the destructive nature of infidelity #ListenUpNG

#ListenUpNG I believe someone is going to have a rethink reading these tweets and set his life on the right course today!

#ListenUpNG In case you find it difficult, after many sincere decisions to steer clear of infidelity, talk to a counsellor today ???? @KayodeOdutayo

#ListenUpNG You can save yourself from the plague infidelity brings with its FLEETING moments of pleasure before its too late! Do it now!

With this, let’s call it a wrap on #ListenUpNG Wk24 with @baulah Need help? Talk to @praisefowowe @InnocentUsar @KayodeOdutayo @olakunlesoriyan

Next week on #ListenUpNG Wk25, join me as I host another inspiring man! @dejiirawo will be live to tell us more ???????????? https://t.co/fb0A1lZlzq


#ListenUpNG Men Can Be Abused too! Unfortunately, most men don’t think it’s manly to talk about how they have been or are being abused @dejiirawo

#ListenUpNG Early today, I read about @stelladamasus ‘s tale of abuse. You can read the story in full here:


See excerpts…

“Mental abuse can actually turn out to be worse than physical abuse because with the physical you can prove it, you can also see the scars and they can be treated. Don’t get me wrong it is extremely dangerous to go through it but with mental abuse, there is hardly any proof and no one can see the bruises or the scars so you don’t even know how or what to treat. It may affect you mentally for years and that is scary because it definitely affects any other relationship you may have, if ever…

It continues like this until something really bad happens or the woman runs away.

The good thing is that there is help and support for women and men going through any form of abuse.
Please don’t die in silence and don’t believe that the abuse is your fault. Speak out and get help…”

Stella Damascus is a popular actress, a celebrity that lost her husband some years back. That excerpt touched a nerve. I especially like the part that zeroed in on the fact that MEN ARE ABUSED TOO!

Next week on #ListenUpNG , do join @dejiirawo and I! Let’s go a step further and discuss how some men suffer abuse they can’t even begin to talk about!

See you!

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