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Welcome to the June Edition on #ListenUpNG Our theme for this month is WHO IS TALKING TO THE MEN? @olakunlesoriyan https://t.co/UL8ymRJgiO

#ListenUpNG I can tell u categorically that this ‘question’ is 1 that is often asked in anguish during counselling sessions @olakunlesoriyan

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Our 1st guest on #ListenUpNG June Edition is @olakunlesoriyan the Principal Transformation Strategist of the OLAKUNLE SORIYAN COMPANY…

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Join me now as we #ReadRestRelaxAndReflect on this compilation of #ListenUpNG Wk23 by @olakunlesoriyan

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@KemiOdutayo #ListenUpNG Good Evening all…and thank you so very much for having me. This platform is for clarity & actions..Let’s Go..

#ListenUPNG What I will love today is a lot of questions & answers..more than thoughts from me. But I’ll still share a few things directly..

1. Men are generally NOT where they should be becomes really they weren’t taught to be there..it’s why fathers are also absent #ListenUPNG

2. Part of the big issues in life is about how people everywhere can make the distinction btw BEING AROUND & BEING PRESENT…#ListenUPNG

3. To be around is an act of nature…ANY FOOL can be around!! But to be present is an act of will..and a usable display of skill #ListenUPNG

4. To be around require no formal training of any kind. But being present is an intentional commitment driven by guided knowledge #ListenUPNG

5. There are 9 things any fool can do..any fool can get angry, keep malice, have sex, beg, cry, see, be naive, talk & BE AROUND #ListenUPNG

6. Actually..to be around is cheap..but to be present is a HIGH-IMPACT commitment and a sacred responsibility. It has 2be birthed #ListenUPNG

7. The helpless fact of life is that while “being around” doesn’t need to be taught “being present” is a learnt ability #ListenUPNG

8. ..the ideas called failure & irresponsibility are simply that people don’t know how to be present to display presence of mind #ListenUPNG

9. Presence of mind is a tool for seeing..siezing & maximizing the sure opportunities the universe brings to humans everywhere #ListenUPNG

10. As we ask “Where are the men?” OR “Where are the fathers?”, we’re actually asking “Where are we & where is presence of mind?” #ListenUPNG

11. Men must know that society has given them a responsibility NO ONE is designed to handle. No gender is built to rule the other #ListenUPNG

12. You need nothing to do nothing. You need high intelligence to rule others. But you only need wisdom to lead & multiply peace #ListenUPNG

13..the average male man learns to rule before he understands that leadership, progress, love, & peace are shareable quantities #ListenUPNG

14. The more commitment we have to rulership…the more focus we give 2self-aggrandizement & the more we compromise collective peace #ListenUPNG

15. Society has so failed the male man in his definition of his authentic self that today, he sees more of the need to rule, not to love #ListenUPNG

16. The weak man rules! The good man leads! But the wise man loves! Love is the greatest curriculum in the world..not economics #ListenUPNG

17. While men everywhere must be responsible, Men struggle daily under the defeating expectation that they are “THE PROVIDERS” #ListenUPNG

18. Society drives the man to do what he has no grace to do..&the same society is stunned when the man responds with malfunction #ListenUPNG

19.No Man is born with the duty to be more prosperous than his wife & if it happens, it’s an act of Providence. Men have no such duty #ListenUPNG

20.A man owes the woman nothing but empathy and a commitment to helping her know that her peace & advancement are always within reach #ListenUPNG

21. All the so-called traits of a “real man” are actually nothing but the true traits of human beings regardless of gender#ListenUPNG

22. If this defines him: Ability to respond..to look inward..Keep a Cause..to Take action & to Serve his maker. They define her too #ListenUPNG

23. In marriage..a man must humbly accept that he’ll rather be at peace than be right. It took me 7yrs in marriage to learn this#ListenUPNG

@olakunlesoriyan …and accept that winning the argument and losing your cordial relationship is not the best option. Hmmm

24. The Law of Human Frailty says error is a constant! &in marriage,it thrives on the acceptance that perfect behavior eludes all #ListenUPNG

Q: @olakunlesoriyan Hmmm. But where is the place of working on self in the bid to see a better you? #ListenUpNG 1/2 https://t.co/rD6hXLnG6X

A: @KemiOdutayo At best..the human life can only improve..perfection will always remain only an idea..improvement is the human goal #ListenUPNG

@olakunlesoriyan Some just want to see proof dat their patner is trying his/her best 2resolve conflicts/deal with his/her weaknesses #ListenUpNG

A: @KemiOdutayo If improvement is constantly noticeable, then transformation is a usable sure experiece. Time is the food of hope! #ListenUPNG

Q: Hmmm. And when improvement is NOT noticeable especially in a marriage relationship, what next? Hope for the best? https://t.co/9LQlSknHbA

25. The man that holds others accountable to perfect behavior has fooled himself&will have to endure d misery of such foolishness #ListenUPNG

26. The woman that can please a man everytime was never born&the man that demands such is not only unfair..he is also weak and small #ListenUPNG

27.The ability to love is also the ability to empower a life beyond the one that is yours..of which spouses &children are members#ListenUPNG

28. The weakest part of a man is his penis. His popular great strength is his brain. But his true strength is his empathy and spirit #ListenUPNG

29. Men’s individual history has been so unfair to their sense of fairness. And their collective history is an ungodly burden #ListenUPNG

30. Fatherhood is a choice. A complete human invention. Misbehavior in it should be regulated and legislated. Same with motherhood #ListenUPNG

31. Fathers will have to use their time..energy & money to inspire and pace their families for them to makes sense with God #ListenUPNG

32. What it desired in a man is kindness..not money. It means kindness is more critical from a man than any premium he can offer #ListenUPNG

33. A man’s foolishness will disturb his existence,but his infidelity will stress is legacy in ways his existence may not capture #ListenUPNG

34.A man’s life has to be about strength of character..about clarity of purpose and visible sense of mission. Destiny is in this #ListenUPNG

35.The man betrays his conscience when he remains incapable of using his time..energy&resources to chiefly serve family&community #ListenUPNG

36.Anything that impacts on you & changes who you are, is more powerful than you..whether it’s a bomb..shawama or the lord Jesus #ListenUPNG

37. A man will have to accept that the best way to retain power is to give power. Hoarding is an oppressive quantity #ListenUPNG

38.The 21st century man has left his authentic design..now a hybrid lost in the shame of human genius. Society has made him a lie#ListenUPNG

39.The toughest of us should learn to own up. The world will be better if men will go out of their way to learn to admit faults #ListenUPNG

40.A man grasps his mistakes..lays takes responsibility for his frailties & who he is regardless of whether he likes them or not #ListenUPNG

41.The man who won’t take a stand against the flawed standards of his time..will have to endure a cold..timid and powerless existence #ListenUPNG

42.I’ve met not more than 20men who truly understands that while ageing is an act of nature.. growing is a skill & deliberate focus #ListenUPNG

43.A man’s personal genius begins to emerge as soon as deep within,he knows that some people are so poor..all they have his money#ListenUPNG

44. Dear men..to yourself be true. To your world be authentic. To the known world be relevant. But to your God be accountable #ListenUPNG

45. Dear men, in the defense of your honor, never forget that God will never place the miracle of your next level beyond your reach #ListenUPNG

46. A man will work. But hardwork and thorough strategic planning does not make a man..nor determine his increase..providence does! #ListenUPNG

47. A man must THINK. A humble man must SERVE. And a great man must GIVE #LISTENUPNG

48. A powerful man must question his environment always…and as duty to his soundness, he must question his beliefs constantly #ListenUPNG

49. The male man we want to follow is the one that so cheerfully accept that the world is privileged to host the female man #ListenUPNG

50. The hope of a better world will be kinetic when man comprehens his greatest education: the knowledge of man & his holy maker#ListenUPNG

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And with this, we call it a wrap on the very 1st session on #ListenUpNG June Edition by @olakunlesoriyan THANK YOU!



Q1: @olakunlesoriyan Why does it seems that there are so much training for women & the girl child but this isn’t so with their male counterpart

A1: @KemiOdutayo Bicos society refuse to understand that the most challenging issues of the human race will NEVER be GENDER SENSITIVE#ListenUPNG

Q2: @olakunlesoriyan The most challenging issues will then be…#ListenUpNG https://t.co/Ao5n5UQ3n1

A2: @KemiOdutayo ..the most pressing solutions must be aimed at securing the peace&dignity of all people..regardless of gender or age#ListenUPNG

@KemiOdutayo ..when evil happens to a gender or to a person of an age..it’s signalling the protection of the other gender or ages#ListenUPNG

Q3: #ListenUpNG @olakunlesoriyan Ques: I have anger issues. How can I fight it? I believe this person is asking because he wants 2b responsible

A3: @KemiOdutayo To defeat anger, you need inner clarity. Anger doesn’t happen outside-in,it happens inside-out. Get professional help! #ListenUPNG

Q4: #ListenUpNG @olakunlesoriyan Some men feel intimidated by some women’s achievements. Some claim they weren’t given room to be ‘men’. Your take…

A5: @KemiOdutayo Men feel intimidated because they have not learnt “Ubuntu”..the best of who we will be is sitting in others for us to tap #ListenUPNG

Q6: #ListenUpNG @olakunlesoriyan Learning these skills are particularly difficult for the men especially in our climes. How can we get pass this?

A6: @KemiOdutayo ..the efforts that defeat negative thinking is equal to that which makes a rebel. The man must take a stand against himself #ListenUPNG

Q7: LOVE! ! !❤ What is the true definition of love? You see people that claimed to love but their action runs contrary https://t.co/Tz9Gg75Jdy

A7: @KemiOdutayo Love has a simple definition than most understand and it is: “To eliminate fear around you..”#ListenUPNG

@KemiOdutayo To love is to empower people around you with the freedom to express the best and worst of themselves around you #ListenUPNG

@KemiOdutayo Love blesses those around you with the comfort that your correction&discipline are safer than their indulgence #ListenUPNG

@olakunlesoriyan For LOVE to be true…FEAR should be absent…at least not on the front burner. Hmm #ListenUpNG #DearWifeyNG #DearHubbyNG

#ListenUpNG @possibleisrael says “LOVE means taking people from where they are to where you sincerely know they should be…” ????????????????????

Q8: @olakunlesoriyan Q: Why do most men think women should be the one praying & serving God while they take the back seat? https://t.co/hgHkww3duv

A8: @KemiOdutayo because of the ignorance that refuse to say that true advancement..peace and progress is a collective responsibility #ListenUPNG

Q9: @olakunlesoriyan Q:Why do most men think that for a woman to have contrary opinions and ideas is tantamount to disrespect & lack of submission?

A9: @KemiOdutayo There’s a concept i call “Participatory Ideology”.It suggest that knowledge is not total until there are co-creators #ListenUPNG

@KemiOdutayo When Participatory Ideology is not in force..those in front see the views of those they lead as an inferior fabric #ListenUPNG

@KemiOdutayo But there is simply no way of comprehending participatory ideology when low self-esteem holds sway. Men need to heal #ListenUPNG

Q10: @olakunlesoriyan @KemiOdutayo Men need to heal… How?

A10: @DrLadun @KemiOdutayo The male man needs to heal from years of bleeding from the knives of society’s expectation of him. Simple!# ListenUPNG

@DrLadun @KemiOdutayo ..the man will heal by humbly admitting that society has abused his authenticity for years..&then seek help #ListenUPNG

@DrLadun @KemiOdutayo But a 21st century man can only be helped by the helped. Those needing help only need the helped #ListenUPNG

Q11: @olakunlesoriyan What kind of grace is required for a man not to physically abuse a woman(wife) or any other person? #ListenUpNG

A11: @KemiOdutayo The grace to surrender to the understanding that frees and redirect his imagination & strength from doing so#ListenUPNG

Q12: #ListenUpNG @olakunlesoriyan Que:Why do majority of men think that there’s a place for women? That certain jobs/positions are not for women?

A13: @KemiOdutayo Yes..it is simply about Ignorance..the type created by fear..opacity..and strengthened by tradition and religion..#ListenUPNG

Comment: Religion…hmmm. That is a topic for another day because some religions actually empower the perpetuation of evil https://t.co/dl05Sbo83b

Response: @KemiOdutayo RELIGION is NOT ONLY a human invention, it is EVIL…and let God’s people everywhere note that FAITH is NOT RELIGION #LISTENUPNG


A14: @KemiOdutayo RELIGION is the profiteering commitment of a system to secure itself by exploiting man’s greatest need for his maker #ListenUPNG

Q15: #ListenUpNG @olakunlesoriyan Some men believe women grow ‘wings’ when they are seemingly more prosperous. What advice can you give such couple?

A16: @KemiOdutayo A truth of life is that men just need treatment & healing. Society’s expectation is a weapon daily knifing the man#ListenUPNG

Awesome read i must say! Make it a day by 4pm next week friday on twitter as i host Bola Adisa as we discuss yet another #RealLifeIssue pertaining to men.


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