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Today on #ListenUpNG our guest @tekenaikoko will be wrapping up this edition on a fantastic note! THE PROCESS OF SEX

#ListenUpNG, TK as he is popularly called by colleagues and friends, is a US certified Satellite Communications Engineer @tekenaikoko

#ListenUpNG @tekenaikoko ‘s passion and calling now joins the lone voice that heralds the possibility of Godly relationships…

…sexual purity and family values, even amidst the challenges in today’s world.

@tekenaikoko was drawn into the world of teenagers and has over 170k members in his organisation, SINGLE BUT NOT STUPID #ListenUpNG

@Tekanaiko is the President and founder of Project REST; Relationship Rhapsody International.

#ListenUpNG REST, a project founded by @tekenaikoko is an acronym for Rebuilding Excellent Standards amongst Teenagers.

#ReadRestRelaxAndReflect on the tweets of this great mind!

Hi, @kemiOdutayo. It’s a great privilege to be at #ListenUpNG ….. for THE PROCESS OF SEX. Allow me to start with some crazy thoughts

1.Telling us not to have sex w/out teaching how to manage our emotions is to give out chocolates to a child and declaring a fast #ListenUpNG

2 How do you hope to stop a natural process of sex without explaining any practical way to manage the urge. People go faint o! #ListenUpNG

3 I grew up in church & I was told, beware of “Agents of fornication.” As a teen, when my sex urge started, I became the witch #ListenUpNG

4 I was more prone to the lady in the choir robe than the skirt of the harlot. My wrong assumptions was part of the process #ListenUpNG

5 The house of my safety became the house of seduction. They separated boys from girls but our emotions were let loose #ListenUpNG

6 The doctrine of avoid the opposite sex only fuelled curiosity. If parents had explained why, we would have managed the process #ListenUpNG

7 Pornography had kicked in before teen days. Sex was delayed but the culture of corruption had begun… only a matter of time #ListenUpNG

8 Breasts and laps on free display got trapped by bulging eyes. I was a Christian but I was a disaster waiting to happen #ListenUpNG

9 Nobody told me that purity began with the mind. I padlocked my penis but I gave the keys to the devil. Don’t I look like you? #ListenUpNG

10 If the man is a male dog, what happens when the female dog is not on heat? Will he sleep with his daughter or Grandma ? #ListenUpNG

11 The sex process became an excuse for abuse, rape, and molestation. No zoo could contain the rampaging animals. #ListenUpNG

12 I saw that nobody was spared from the grunts of immorality. Not David, not Solomon, not … so why would God expect holiness #ListenUpNG

13 I had to think of a solution. I didnt want to work for heaven & end in hell cos of 5 min fun. Is sexual purity still possible?#ListenUpNG

14. If a woman in adultery could be told, “Go and sin no more,” I had to find a practical answer to the passion of sex. Do you? #ListenUpNG

15. They said, Virginity is an ancient disease & guys are to pull it down. Do you know sexual defilement is rooted in culture #ListenUpNG

16 “Close your legs. Sit well” Have you ever heard a mother say that to her son? The seed of defilement can begin at home. #ListenUpNG

17 “Sir, now that they’ve all given us condoms in this sex education class, can we practise with your wife,” the eager boy asked #ListenUpNG

18 Feeding a fowl from January to Dec. is not a show of care. It is a process. The immorality during Christmas began at Easter #ListenUpNG

19 “She fell into fornication @19 years” No Madam! No Oga! “she began to fall into fornication @ 5years old” #ListenUpNG

20 “That wicked 40 year old man raped the girl,” No Ma! No Sir! He has been raping girls in his mind since he was 8. #ListenUpNG

21. The process of sex was intended to be natural and peaceful but corruption teamed up with culture and introduced a cancer. #ListenUpNG

22 D process of sex was along D road of responsibility and support. Greed intercepted. Honesty was murdered & Cookies crumbled #ListenUpNG

23 The process of sex was to be laced with respect and values. Lust took centre stage. Women became merely a multi-hole being. #ListenUpNG

24 The process of sex once drew a picture of integrity. New curriculum re-named man a hunter. He took aim but had lost his sight #ListenUpNG

25 The process of sex was the high road of decency. Fools couldn’t pay its price. Fear lit the candles, then lies shut our eyes #ListenUpNG

26 Blowjobs became a routine in teenager’s school toilets. Pulpit/Pew, Teacher/Student were held by Iron cobwebs of passion. #ListenUpNG

27 The road to sanity could not be repaired by condoms and safe sex. Was sex ever unsafe, or were we hiding from consequences? #ListenUpNG

28 I had seen enough madness under the sun, between the pulpit and the pew. Aren’t there any roadmaps to sanity? I asked #ListenUpNG

29 I had seen too much cover up between the maternity ward and the grave yard. Is sexual purity practically possible? I asked #ListenUpNG

30 Dating now included sex-satisfaction test. After 50 road tests, who buys the new car? Why buy the cow when the milk is free #ListenUpNG

31 If I was already addicted to sex before marriage, can I hope to be faithful inside marriage? Who marries the side bitch? #ListenUpNG

32 Now #ListenUpNG and thanks @kemiOdutayo for this platform, I will now show you a more excellent way. #PurityWithoutStress

33: Rule One: Run to the pacific ocean and drown all your excuses. Sexual purity is a challenge. Excuses will sink courage. #ListenUpNG

34. Rule Two: Climb Mt. Everest, see a new perspective. God never asked a thing that grace didn’t provide. Embrace faith. #ListenUpNG

35. Rule Three: Visit the museum and dump all past failures. Your history of failed attempts at purity never invalidates Calvary #ListenUpNG

36. Rule Four: Look at the ant…ruled by principles, not size. Learn that God’s principles are backed with power, not gist. #ListenUpNG

37. Rule Five: Visit the aquarium. The environment you lock your mind determines the space it can operate. Wake up! #ListenUpNG

38. Now take these five rules into the place, the process and the power of sex. Shine your eyes, make I teach you somtin! #ListenUpNG

39. Use Rule 1: The devil cannot make U do something U do not want to do. Taking 100% responsibility for life is not an option #ListenUpNG

40: Use Rule 2: Faith is agreeing with God that what he said is true, is truly true. Don’t twist it for lust’s sake. #MindShift #ListenUpNG

41 Use Rule 3: Shame from mistakes does not produce righteousness. Don’t hide in failures. Defending sin is criminal. #MindShift #ListenUpNG

42 Use Rule 4-1: SOW TO THE MIND, REAP IN THE BODY. Whatever culture/ habits sow @AM, the body harvests @PM. #ListenUpNG

43 Use Rule 4-2: Change your thoughts. If you think the girl is a hole to be conquered, as a man thinks so is he. #Mindshift #ListenUpNG

44 Use Rule 4-3: Sow@mind, reap@body. If you think your breast is your meal ticket, D value of a hot slap is your reward. #ListenUpNG

45 ThinkAgain: If virginity is D pride of a woman, then all married women have lost their value. #LauchingAsearch4MaleVirginity #ListenUpNG

46 Use Rule 5: A woman is more than the presence or absence of a hymen. So if you previously lost it, don’t sell your soul #ListenUpNG

47 Use Rule 5: A woman is more than a collection of soft body parts. If you have your hymen, don’t break the gate just to belong #ListenUpNG

48 Use Rule 5: A man’s erection should not determine his direction. “She dey trip me” should not remove blood from brain. #ListenUpNG

49 Now do you see that the process of immorality ignores all the rules and makes pleasure the objective of life? #Mindshift #ListenUpNG

50 The process of immorality deceives itself that it can sleep on the same bed with passionate desires and nothing go happen! #ListenUpNG

51 The process of immorality convinces itself that it can take in fire of constant sex talks with long strolls and not be burnt. #ListenUpNG

52. The process of immorality rides on “I can’t help myself”, “I don’t know how it happened,” and “Only romance, no sex” #ListenUpNG

53. #ListenUpNG when I understood the rules of life & the process of immorality, I took a stand 4 purity & I called on grace. Will you?

54 #ListenUpNG when I saw that grace with no excuses is a platform for repentance. I knelt down and asked for mercy. Won’t you?

55 #ListenUpNG when I saw that faith without works was dead, I threw away porn & held tight to the remote when before the TV #HelpMySefb4God

56 #ListenUpNG When I saw that sex was natural but immorality was stupid, I defined all my boundaries. #StopTemptingTemptation

57 #ListenUpNG When I saw that the Lord is my Shepherd and I shall not want, I called on #JesusTheSameYesterdayTodayAndForever

58 #ListenUpNG I documented all this and much more in my book, SEXUAL PURITY IS IT STILL POSSIBLE? Order it from Konga

59. #ListenUpNG I have taught these principles all over the world. I have seen lives changed. Follow them and you’ll be glad you did

60. #ListenUpNG Emotional wounds must be healed by truth, not sex. Be healed. Read #DinahAnUntoldStory

Thank you, @kemiOdutayo once again for this wonderful platform. #ListenUpNG.. You Rock !!! …Signing out… Shallom

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