1. #ListenUpNG Good evening, ???? Happy Children’s Day to all the kids out there! Glad to be here with us this morning!

2. #ListenUpNG This topic was first treated at the @daystarng School Of Patenting (SOP)pgm which i once attended. It was so enlightening

3. #ListenUpNG I did more research on the topic and this is what I came up with. This is a must read for every parents and caregivers

4. #ListenUpNG To be street smart means you have situational awareness. #Streetsmart

5. #ListenUpNG You can assess the environment you are in, who is in it, and what the available angles are. #Streetsmart

6. #ListenUpNG Being on the street, or being streetsmart requires you learn to trust your own judgment about people and what matters.

7. #ListenUpNG This skill, regardless of where you develop it, is of great value everywhere in life regardless of how far from the streets you are.

8. #ListenUpNG More importantly, being street smart comes from experience. It means you’ve learned how to take what has happened to you, good or bad, think about it, and learn to improve from it.

10. #ListenUpNG This may minimise the number of costly mistakes they make before they learn.

11. #ListenUpNG Personal experiences don’t have to be their ONLY or most effective teacher or guide.

12. #ListenUpNG The prime distinction between street smarts and book smarts is who is at the center of the knowledge.

13. #ListenUpNG It’s been discovered that, on the street, we are at the center of the knowledge.#Streetsmart

14. #ListenUpNG While in a book, it’s you trying to absorb someone elses take on the world and… #Booksmart

15…no matter how amazing the writer is, you are at best one degree removed from the actual experience #ListenUpNG #Booksmart

16. #ListenUpNG Street smarts means you’ve put yourself at risk and survived. Or thrived. #Streetsmart

18. #ListenUpNG Although this is the scary part to most parents and caregivers???????????? but I’m sure we can agree most of us learnt basic life lessons in this manner. Abi I lie?????

19. #ListenUpNG Being street smart can equally help in being book smart as the street smart can sense what works and what doesn’t, and adapt accordingly

20. #ListenUpNG #Booksmart means someone who is good at following the rules.

21. #Booksmarts are people who get straight A’s, sit in the front, and perhaps enjoy crossword puzzles. #ListenUpNG

22. #Booksmarts like things that have singular right answers. #ListenUpNG

23. #ListenUpNG They like to believe the volume, and precision, of their knowledge can somehow compensate for their lack of experience in the real world.

24. #ListenUpNG Thinking about things has value, but imagining how you will handle a tough situation is a world away from actually being in one.

25. #ListenUpNG There is no doubt in my mind that being street smart is an essential life skill to be desired in addition to being book smart!

26. #ListenUpNG And so we need to raise kids that are not only book smart but are equally street smart.

27. #ListenUpNG Having a Good Education helps but you definitely can’t live in the pages of books written by others!

28. #ListenUpNG Now to the Practical Things We Need To Teach Our Kids As Parents to help them become #Streetsmarts

29. #ListenUpNG i. Teach them to memorise your phone numbers and that of one or two relatives or trusted family friends they can call incase you & your spouse aren’t available

30. #ListenUpNG ii. Help your kids identify physical characteristic of people like their height, language, stature etc.This will help them be able to identify/describe someone should they ever have to.

31 & 32. #ListenUpNG iii. Teach them to learn your home address and probably how to get there depending on the age of the child. You never know when that knowledge will come in handy

34. #ListenUpNG v. Stage real life scenarios, access their responses and teach them what to do in certain instances eg Teach them what to do if you were to get injured or hurt.

35. #ListenUpNG vi. Develop routines eg fire outbreak, electric problems, armed robbery attack, kidnapping attempts, getting lost(separated) at the mall or any other outing etc

36. #ListenUpNG vii. Watch movies with them and discuss issues that crop up. Ask for their opinions. Patiently correct with wisdom

37. #ListenUpNG viii. Encourage them to read books, learn about the world and discuss.

38. #ListenUpNG ix. Walk with them around the neighbourhood. Let them familiarise themselves with their environment, taking note of specific landmarks incase they have to find their way home one day

39. #ListenUpNG x. Teach them traffic rules eg traffic lights, Zebra crossing, one way driving, ‘turn on red’, ‘no u-turn’ etc. I guess we know to teach this, we need to learn and obey these rules too?????

40. #ListenUpNG xi. Establish secret code with your kids. Incase you have to send someone for them when you are indisposed. If someone comes to pick your child up, they must recite the code word or your child shouldn’t go anywhere with them. Change the word as often as you need to and practice every week

41. #ListenUpNG xii. Plan an outing with them that involved taking public transportation to get them familiar with that setting in case they have to use it one day

42. #ListenUpNG xiii. Teach them about different cars; their make, model, colours etc in case they have to give a description one day

43. #ListenUpNG xv. Teach them about the internet and let them be aware of predators and hackers. We need to be street smart too to raise a street smart kid. Google is your friend????

45. #ListenUpNG xvii. Children especially teens should be taught not leave their drinks unattended to at parties to avoid it being spiked

46. #ListenUpNG xviii. Introduce them to financial management. Give allowances and acess their management skills. They learn better with ‘their’ money than yours

46b. #ListenUpNG With the introduction of allowance comes #budgeting and #prioritising. They make better decisions with time

47. Take them to the market and teach them how to haggle. Encourage children to #earn from appropriate vacation jobs and internships.

48. #ListenUpNG Teach them especially teenagers how to bargain and negotiate in case they need those skills someday.(financial intelligence)

49. #ListenUpNG Compare and contrast: A booksmart 5yr old kid to a streetsmart one. The difference is clear. Experience Vs Naivety.

49b. #ListenUpNG Monopoly (game) is great but practicing their financial management skills in real life is much better

50. #ListenUpNG ixx. Send them to summer camp or boarding house(matter of preference) where they can learn how to interact with their mates and develop team spirit

51. #ListenUpNG xx. Respect is reciprocal and a virtue. Teach them to be respectful, humble and have empathy for others in respective of gender or class

52. #ListenUpNG xxi. They should learn to volunteer to serve in their community and take pride their country and appreciate hardwork

53. #ListenUpNG xxii. Watch the news with them, not to scare them, but to make them aware of various scenarios and what’s going on in the world around them.

54. #ListenUpNG xxiii. Don’t shelter teens; teach them about different people and situations before the world teaches them

55. #ListenUpNG xxiv. Teach them to communicate their whereabouts with you at all times. Let them know why.

56. #ListenUpNG Teach them to be responsible & accountable. Give them feedback when they make decisions & guide them to make better ones

57. #ListenUpNG These practical steps to helping our kids acquire basic life skills to make them street smarts are inexhaustive ????

58. #ListenUpNG It’s now very obvious that being a parent in the true sense of the word is not a walk in the park!

59. #ListenUpNG Check out these bible verses and digest them as the Holy Spirit gives you understanding

60. #ListenUpNG Heb 5:14 But strong food belongs to them that are of full age, *even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.*

61. #ListenUpNG Deut 11:19 And all of you shall teach them your children, speaking of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up. #ParentingStyle

62. #ListenUpNG Prov 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it #IntentionalParenting

63. #ListenUpNG Most of the points highlighted are what our own parents unconsciously and instinctively drilled into us while growing up

64. #ListenUpNG Unfortunately, most of the present day parents are too busy trying to make ends meet in this Economic Recession

65. #ListenUpNG But alas, our family need not suffer while we try to put food on the table and clothes on their backs

66. #ListenUpNG Trained coaches, children therapists and seasoned counsellors now organise impactful trainings for children

67a. Check out the following handles @Tosin Praise-Fowowe @gbonjubola @auntybimbo @nneoma @smartstewards @tadecash @tosinpraise @adehJones @Temitope George @protouchltd @BiodunOdunukwe @MMWNIMI @yinkanubi @timiadigun @taiwoakinlami @timioyebode

67b.#ListenUpNG These are just few of those I can remember for now amongst many others are there to offer the necessary assistance you may need

68. #ListenUpNG As parents, let’s continue to #Learn #Unlearn and #Relearn new parenting tips for the 21st century children for the sake of our kids and so we can live a peceable life as parents too

69. #ListenUpNG In conclusion, being overprotective puts them in an unrealistic bubble and doesn’t prepare them to deal with #RealLifeIssue

69b. At a point in time, the path of the #Booksmart and the #Streetsmart will cross, how will your child fare? Ensure to give your child a leverage!

70. #ListenUpNG Children are clean slates, let’s be deliberate and intentional about what and how we write on them!

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