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Last week on #ListenUpNG, we establidhed that building a FIRM FOUNDATION with your kids is a must and not an option.

#ListenUpNG This will become more obvious as these children become young adults we can either be proud or ashamed of ???? #Parenting

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And to celebrate this year’s Children’s Day, yours truly will be taking us on a SPECIAL EDITION OF #ListenUpNG this Saturday, 27th of May by 7am. Join me!

Today on #ListenUpNG Earl Alright Osagie is our special guest! He will be tweaching on the #RealLifeIssue ….*WHAT YOUR KIDS WISH YOU UNDERSTOOD ABOUT THEM*

#ListenUpNG @alrightspassion is a lawyer, speaker, writer, pastor and counsellor. Earl Alright, as he is popularly called, started sex & relationship counseling at 16

#ListenUpNG This made him one of Nigeria’s youngest counselor with over 13 years experience in sex and relationship counselling. @AlrightsPassion

#ListenUpNG He is the Legal Adviser to IWET International, Mending Hearts International, Faith Foundation Camp, and other organizations.

#ListenUpNG to this phenomenal young man if you have a teenager or two under your tutelage. Over to you, @alrightpassion

1. Good evening from the ancient & modern city of Ibadan. Welcome to #ListenUpNG with moi, #EarlAlright

2. Thank you so much @KemiOdutayo for having me on #ListenUpNG. So friends, let’s rock and roll on today’s topic

3. The topic today is WHAT YOUR TEENAGER WISH YOU UNDERSTOOD ABOUT THEM. Thank God we were all once teenagers. #ListenUpNG

4. Most times, we are quick to easily forget that we were once at the same mental and emotional levels of teens. #ListenUpNG

5. We forget all the issues we had to deal with, with our parents, older ones, younger ones and peers when we were teens. #ListenUpNG

6. But it ought not to be so. Since we were once like them, we ought to help them enjoy the phase and stage as much as we can. #ListenUpNG

7a. One thing stood out the most in my heart for today, and that’s TEENS ARE ADULTS AND KIDS IN ONE BODY. #ListenUpNG

7b. That is the reality of the 15 years old girl and the 13 years old boy. They still feel like kids in an adult’s body. #ListenUpNG

8. So they try to do everything to match up both identities & personalities. Balancing it becomes real mental & emotional work. #ListenUpNG

9. The most challenging part is the rapid hormonal changes and body development that their minds can’t seem to catch up with. #ListenUpNG

10. It even becomes more challenging when we demand adult responsibilities from them but also expect child-like responses. #ListenUpNG

11. If there is anything I want to let parents, guardians & care-givers to know today is that your teen isn’t an adult or kid. #ListenUpNG

13. It is also to note that your teen is an adult, and at the same time, a kid. #ListenUpNG

14. Teenagers usually feel that they can handle some responsibilities & deal with some situations themselves. Allow them. #ListenUpNG

15. In situations like that, be their guide and not their instructors. Be the coach, not the captain. #ListenUpNG

16. It is very important we understand that teens, as young adults, have a mind of their own. #ListenUpNG

17. They may not like what you like or enjoy what they used to enjoy as kids. They may seem to like their own values. #ListenUpNG

18. What we need to understand is that we are raising adults, not ourselves. So we are supposed to help them become themselves. #ListenUpNG

19. We are ought to help them become what they want to be & not what we want them to be. We can’t 100% decide for them anymore. #ListenUpNG

20. Yes, they may still be our dependents, but that doesn’t make them our pets. #ListenUpNG

21. Nah, they are no longer than cute baby in some cot. The are now adults; semi-adults, full fleshed adults. #ListenUpNG

22. Your teenagers actually want to be able to sit and discuss with you and dialogue on life and family issues. #ListenUpNG

23. They want to be able to argue with you without you having to remind them that you are their parent and they know nothing. #ListenUpNG

24. It was a prophecy thousands of years ago that in the last days, knowledge shall greatly increase. #ListenUpNG

25. What that means is that in these last days, your teen has so much knowledge about life & things that you could ever imagine. #ListenUpNG

26. So don’t try to shut them down when they bring up facts, arguments or asking threatening questions. They really know stuff. #ListenUpNG

27. Interestingly, just like kids, our teens, deep down, really want us to protect and lead them. The want us to be guides. #ListenUpNG

28. They long for a healthy family where dad and mom have a great relationship. #ListenUpNG

29. While you teen doesn’t want to stop collecting allowance, He or she wants to be given the freedom to earn too. #ListenUpNG

30. They want you to trust them that they won’t deliberately make a decision to hurt you or themselves. They aren’t dummies. #ListenUpNG

31. They want you to know that they can do bad all by themselves but expect you to trust them to do the right thing. #ListenUpNG

32. They want you to know that they rather investigate & find out things for themselves rather than you telling them everything #ListenUpNG

33. They wish you could give them directives, or advice and allow them make execute without you becoming a monitoring spirit. #ListenUpNG

34. They wish that you knew and understood that what their friends think about them is more important than what God thinks. #ListenUpNG

35. Deep inside of them, every teen sees himself as a grown up. They expect the rights & privileges of grown-ups too. #ListenUpNG

36. They expect, demand (even if they don’t mention it) & deserve the honour and respect of being a grown-up. #ListenUpNG

37. This is very important if they look far other than their age and have academic or social status equal to other adults. #ListenUpNG

38. They wish you would however, also see them as kids who need your nurture, care, support, guidance, etc. #ListenUpNG

39. Most teens usually turn to their parents for support and advice first before turning to their peers when in trouble. #ListenUpNG

40. They usually want their parents to be the ones who tell them about God rather than their pastors or peers. #ListenUpNG

41. Although they seem to not care about God but their peers, deep down, they want you to help them discover God and life.#ListenUpNG

42. So they would always bring their God, life, sex etc questions home. Don’t think they know, but help them understand. #ListenUpNG

43. You teen wished you knew that they needed you and that they don’t even enjoy being rebellious or “sinners”. #ListenUpNG

44. Your teens wished you would help them become independent, EARLY. They have a mind of their own and want to use it. #ListenUpNG

45. They wish you knew that they are sometimes terrified about their thoughts, actions, life and even their bodies. #ListenUpNG

46. Help them be them. Help them discover themselves. Don’t do to them what your parents did to you which you hated. #ListenUpNG

47. Don’t think they are still that 8 years old kid. While parenting them, also be their friend and confidant. #ListenUpNG

48. Don’t expect too much from them. Don’t let their body size deceive you. They still want some privileges of kids. #ListenUpNG

49. Always be ready to answer their questions. No matter how stupid or unreasonable the questions are. God bless you. #ListenUpNG

50. Thank you so much @KemiOdutayo for this opportunity. I appreciate it a lot. God bless Nigeria (good people, great nation). #ListenUpNG

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