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#ListenUpNG Wk17 with Ogechukwu L. Ezenyimulu-Nwagu starts now! Her handle is @ToBeEmployed #EthicsInTheWorkPlace

#ListenUpNG Ogechukwu L. Ezenyimulu-Nwagu is the founder/Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Media & Publishers Ltd @ToBeEmployed

#ListenUpNG An experienced Media expert, Film/Content Director, Oge is the Director of a talk show called “Who Wants To Be Employed” @ToBeEmployed

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On today’s session on #ListenUpNG our guest, Oge will be tweeting on DO YOU HAVE AN EXIT PLAN? @ToBeEmployed

#ListenUpNG She is going to be opening our eyes to this #RealLifeIssue and how we can make a seamless transition???? @ToBeEmployed

Join me to welcome on board #ListenUpNG Wk17 this awesome woman, Ogechukwu L. Ezenyimulu-Nwagu @ToBeEmployed

1. Am delighted to have you all here today, this topic is very important please seat back. #ListenUpNG

2. Do you have an exit plan to transcend from paid employment (being an employee)? That is our topic. #ListenUpNG

3. This question raises eyebrow and lots of heart pumping; it is only a reminder to your career check. #ListenUpNG

4. When a question like this crosses your mind, it simply means “alternative to paid employment”. #ListenUpNG

5. Real change is difficult especially in our career. There are people who earn a lot at the moment but automatically turn blind eyes to the future. #ListenUpNG

6. Sometimes it is also described as a comfort zone, not wanting to climb higher or go lesser. #ListenUpNG

7. Take it or leave it, when you don’t have an exit plan, after retirement or fired someone who never been employed will be better than you. #ListenUpNG

8. Now listen up, exit plan first bulletproof is ENTREPRENEUR. Yes I know not everyone can be a PRACTICING ENTREPRENEUR. #ListenUpNG

9. But through passion or talent which is in all of us, we can all be PRODUCTIVE ENTREPRENEUR. #ListenUpNG

10. You can create your exit plan as a practicing or productive entrepreneur but you must research. #ListenUpNG

11. Listen up, if you are not a practicing entrepreneur who try any type of business your way out is through a productive entrepreneur. #ListenUpNG

12. There are two working sectors which is public and private sector; fix yourself in one of these lets practise. #ListenUpNG

13. Most people in public sector (Government workers) derive joy in carrying cheap clothes inside Ghana must go to sell to their colleagues (lol) is that their exit plan? A cleaner’s exit plan is better than yours. #ListenUpNG

14. Some in public sector (Government worker) sell tea and small slice of bread for to be consumed at the moment for 30 naira. Is that their exit plan? #ListenUpNG

15. Private workers (bank, telecommunication, insurance etc.) most of them are make-up artist how? #ListenUpNG

16. In career do we plan our exit with trend or do we plan with sustainable business? #ListenUpNG

17. Do we plan our exit without understanding what? Where? When? Who? And how? #ListenUpNG

18. Listen up, as you are seated in your office ask yourself “will I do this job for the rest of my life?” (Question not for business owners). #ListenUpNG

19. Ask yourself again “is this job sustainable?” #ListenUpNG

20. How do we create an exit plan as a productive entrepreneur? Only one tunnel, which is PASSION. #ListenUpNG

21. Step 1. Identify your passion, that desire that burns inside you; everyone has a passion, it is one of the easiest way to plan your exit. #ListenUpNG

22. Step 2. How many are there? Some have a lot while some don’t know exactly what they have. #ListenUpNG

23. Step 3. Chose one, identify what sector it belongs, its status in your present country and your strength with it. #ListenUpNG

24. Step 4. Listen up, it is a gift but you can make play out of it first or business straight away, your choice. #ListenUpNG

25. Step 5. (A) Making a play out of it first, this will help you make some mistakes and then learn a lot from it too. #ListenUpNG

26. (B). this can be achieved by giving it away for free and note taking of peoples expression on what you are doing. #ListenUpNG

27. (C). with step 5 it is easier to spend less when you are ready to make profit out of it. #ListenUpNG

28. Step 6. (A) Business straight away without trial method first can be good and bad in some cases. #ListenUpNG

29. (B). with step 6, prepare your mind for proper research, competitors and how sustainable is it. #ListenUpNG

30. (C). clever people who have exit plan make sure they work in a related company of their plan. #ListenUpNG

31. (D). this will help them sow higher and quickly pick up when they fall. #ListenUpNG

32. Step 7. (A) Whether you belong to step 5 or 6, at this point you should start your cost and benefit analysis. #ListenUpNG

33. (B). this will enable you prepare for the business obstacle ahead. #ListenUpNG

34. Step 8. You must understand the risk involved, is it worth doing? #ListenUpNG

35. Step 9. Prepare your (SWOT analysis) strength, weakness, opportunity and threat in your exit plan. #ListenUpNG

36. Step 10. (A) Listen up guys make sure that you know exactly the year when your competitors started their own business. #ListenUpNG

37. (B). don’t be depressed by their awareness or commercials , may be they started in 1985 and you just started in 2016 (lol) #ListenUpNG

38. (C). every business has a time for maturity; from five years depending. Don’t scream now! Lol #ListenNG

39. (D). most people in Nigeria heard of FORBES magazine from 2000 or 1998, but FORBES Mg.have been in existence since 1917, 98 years ago. #ListenUpNG

40. Step 11. Listen up people, after all 10 checked, don’t give excuses of cost or capital; the passion & profit should take a lead. #ListenUpNG

41. Let your mission in life be to do something with your passion, make it a deal and it will be revealed. #ListenUpNG

42. Every great exit plan begins with a dream always remember you have within you the strength and passion to shoot reach the stars. #ListenUpNG

43. In planning your exit, follow your passion and don’t let anyone limit your plan. #ListenUpNG

44. Always remember that the road to success is not easy pilot but with hard work, drive & passion you will achieve the NIGERIAN dream. #ListenUpNG

45. During your plan, always think of how well and not how far. #ListenUpNG

46. You might think to plan your exit is difficult, try not planning it at all. #ListenUpNG

47. Honestly, in planning your exit, nobody can pay you more than you can pay yourself. #ListenUpNG

48. For planning your exit listen, watch this https://youtu.be/yklAtOua5ZE

49. @KemiOdutayo many thanks for this initiative platform. #ListenUpNG

50. Thank you all for joining me. YOU CAN DO IT! KEEP DOING IT! DON’T STOP!#ListenUpNG

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