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#ListenUpNG We discovered that having a great and healthy relationship with your teenagers is a function of the foundation you were able to build with them when they were younger! ????

So, #ListenUpNG this week on #ListenUpNG, Bimbo Olasope, @AuntyBimbo another Family Life Practitioner with a passion for family especially young kids, is our special guest.

#ListenUpNG @AuntyBimbo is an OAP, Producer and Host of the FamilyFunTime on Radio. She will be tweeting on BUILDING A FIRM FOUNDATION WITH YOUR KIDS.

#ListenUpNG @AuntyBimbo isn’t just passionate about the kids (who fondly call her Aunty Bimbo) but the parents too.

#ListenUpNG @AuntyBimbo is also the organiser of the yearly DAY OUT with mothers tagged MOTHERS PAMPERING DAY. It’s FUNTINGTON for mummies!

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Join me as I invite on board this week’s session on #ListenUpNG Bimbo Olasope aka @AuntyBimbo, a bundle of awesomeness! ???? Over to you, sis

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1.When you look at any building that has been around for years & able to stand the test of time, the secret is the FOUNDATION of that building #ListenUpNG

2.This is also applicable to an adult’s life which can be traced to their childhood hence their FOUNDATION #ListenUpNG

3. A lot of who we are now can be traced to our childhood and the conditioning systems and foundation we were exposed to #ListenUpNG

4. A lot can either go right or wrong from the foundation a child is exposed to while growing up #ListenUpNG

5. The truth is that providing a solid foundation for your child is easier said than done #ListenUpNG

6. Imagine after a long day at work coupled with hectic traffic, when you get home all you want to do is just rest and not catch up with your child #ListenUpNG

7. However, if you want to be a great parent & raise a happy, healthy and well behaved child, IT IS HARDWORK & it starts from their foundation #ListenUpNG

8. It takes a lot of effort to fully attend to another human being & it takes extra effort if it is a child as you have to be DELIBERATE & INTENTIONAL #ListenUpNG

9. To create a firm foundation for your child requires your TIME and ATTENTION not sometimes but ALWAYS #ListenUpNG

10. This is because the secret to a firm foundation is by creating a closer connection with your child #ListenUpNG

11. When you are really present and available to your child, you can teach him/her the right values you want to impart #ListenUpNG

12. The major way of building a firm foundation with your child is by spending TIME with that child #ListenUpNG

13. Even research over the years has proven that most parents whose children are grown always say they wish they had spent more time with their kids #ListenUpNG

14. Hence, it is absolutely critical that you provide your child with a good foundation by being there for them #ListenUpNG

15. Parenting is NOT a part-time job but a full time one which means you have to make your child a priority #ListenUpNG

16. To ensure a good foundation for your child requires continual encouragement and support #ListenUpNG

17. In building a firm foundation for your child, you need to be a cheerleader who provides them hope and optimism for the future #ListenUpNG

18. So also, sacrifice is needed in helping to build a firm foundation for your child #ListenUpNG

19. As a parent, you must be selfless and willing to forgo a great deal for the benefit of your child #ListenUpNG

20. Sometimes in building that great foundation you might have to offer your child better than you had #ListenUpNG

21. This is where your nurturing function comes in to help them build a firm foundation #ListenUpNG

22. There is also a place of discipline in building a firm foundation for your child.#ListenUpNG

23. Though some people disagree on the types of discipline to use, it is important to note that it is often in the child’s best interest #ListenUpNG

24. They say it takes a village to raise a child BUT you should NOT outsource your responsibility of building a good foundation for your child #ListenUpNG

25. You must also help your child learn to accept responsibility for their actions and choices #ListenUpNG

26. Empathy is another thing that should be eminent in building a firm foundation for your child #ListenUpNG

27. Your child should learn to be considerate of others and know when to draw the line between being selfish & selfless #ListenUpNG

28. In building a firm foundation for your child, let them know that ocassional disappointment will come up #ListenUpNG

29. Let your child understand that this disappointment should not stop them from forging ahead #ListenUpNG

30. Also be a great example to your child such that they can emulate and will be with them even when they grow up #ListenUpNG

31. What this means is that from time to time as a parent you must check yourself to be sure you are being a good influence #ListenUpNG

32. In building a firm foundation make sure you provide structure and unconditional love for your child #ListenUpNG

33. Its also very vital that your child is exposed to a happy home which is a place where he/sh feels safe and welcome #ListenUpNG

34. It is also important you instill the spirit of teamwork in your child’s foundation #ListenUpNG

35. Let them understand that “Together Everyone Achieves More” which will help move the family forward #ListenUpNG

36. Parents with clearly identified moral values are more likely to raise good children #ListenUpNG

37. When your child knows what you stand for as a parent they are likely to adopt these beliefs #ListenUpNG

38. This makes it evident what a sensitive role you play in building a firm foundation for your child #ListenUpNG

39. Let your child see your actions match your words #ListenUpNG

40. Make sure the moral behaviors your kids are picking up from you are ones that you want them to copy #ListenUpNG

41. In building a firm foundation for your child its also important you share examples of morally upright heroes #ListenUpNG

42. It could be through books about such people or videos that will buttress the knowledge you want to pass #ListenUpNG

43. Another vital part is building your child’s self esteem. A lot of people that have inferiority complex got it from a young age #ListenUpNG

44. You have to help your child believe in themselves as this will set the foundation for their adulthood #ListenUpNG

45. Finally, make communication a priority in building a firm foundation #ListenUpNG

46. The words you use and the way you talk to your child becomes their inner voice #ListenUpNG

47. Effective communication is when there is adequate feedback so listen to your child as well as talking to them #ListenUpNG

48. Most importantly of all, be flexible & willing to adjust your parenting style especially with d changes in time & technology #ListenUpNG

49. In conclusion, parenting and giving your child a firm foundation remains all about “Continuous Improvement” #ListenUpNG

50. Improve on ur knowledge on parenting & giving ur child a firm foundation being mindful that you can’t give what u don’t have #ListenUpNG

Let me stop here now and I hope these few words will help you on this parenting journey of continuous improvement #ListenUpNG

A BIG SHOUT OUT to @KemiOdutayo for this opportunity, I really appreciate it and don’t take it for granted #ListenUpNG

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