1. Hello everyone! TGIF!????Welcome to another session on #ListenUpNG April Edition

2. Today’s is the 3rd session in the April Edition of #ListenUpNG and I have the honour of hosting @SegunAkiode!

3. #ListenUpNG Wk16 is a sequel to Wk14: ARE YOU CHEATING ON YOUR EMPLOYER? By @IAmSteveHarris …


5. Today on #ListenUpNG @SegunAkiode is going to be helping us answer that all important question????????

6. #ListenUpNG @SegunAkiode is a born teacher, a Chemical Engineer turned Author cum Career & Employability Coach.

7. Interestingly, #ListenUpNG @SegunAkiode is the author of the fast selling book ‘CORPORATE MISFIT?’ ????

8. Hmmm.???? I strongly believe that at the end of the April Edition of #ListenUpNG you will be better informed and inspired…

9…to make the necessary adjustment or take the right decision about your career #ListenUpNG

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11. Ladies & gentlemen, join me as I welcome @segunakiode on board #ListenUpNG Wk16! You are welcome, Segun!

Thank you @kemiodutayo for trusting me with your platform #ListenUpNG | I do not take it for granted.

1. Today on #ListenUpNG I would be teaching on the topic “ARE YOU A CORPORATE MISFIT?”

2. The topic “ARE YOU A CORPORATE MISFIT?” can be better understood by first making a few definitions. #ListenUpNG

3A. The word ‘Misfit’ can refer to – ‘someone or something that doesn’t fit in, or that is different from the rest’ #ListenUpNG

3B. Also, the word ‘Misfit’ means – ‘a person not suited in behaviour or attitude to a particular social environment, something that does not fit or fits badly’ #ListenUpNG

4. We must know that when a thing is described as a ‘misfit’ in a corporate setting i.e. within an organization or workplace, it means there is an evident gap. #ListenUpNG

5. Going by the above definition, let me ask you – ARE YOU A CORPORATE MISFIT? #ListenUpNG

6. Sadly, many individuals are unconsciously CORPORATE MISFITS and they do not know it! #ListenUpNG

7A. A CORPORATE MISFIT is someone (an employee or job seeker) that falls short of corporate expectations. #ListenUpNG

7B. When potential corporate employees lack the essential KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and ATTITUDE needed to fit into the corporate world, we refer to them as CORPORATE MISFITS! #ListenUpNG

8. When there is an obvious vacuum between WHO YOU ARE and Your CURRENT WORKPLACE ASSIGNMENT, you are a CORPORATE MISFIT. #ListenUpNG

9. I dear to ask again – ARE YOU A CORPORATE MISFIT? #ListenUpNG

10. Let take you through a JOB SEARCH SCENARIO to further help you answer this question – ARE YOU A CORPORATE MISFIT? #ListenUpNG

11A. A large number of individuals’ think about their careers and their future in abstract terms. They send an emergency alert: ‘I need a Job’! #ListenUpNG

11B. And you respond with – ‘What type of job are you looking for’ and you get the usual answer – ‘ANY JOB’! #ListenUpNG

11C. Hmmm… ONLY a #CorporateMisfit would think of doing ANY JOB!!! #ListenUpNG

11D. You need to get out of the box of thinking that you can do ‘ANY JOB’. No you cannot! #ListenUpNG

11E. Thinking you can do ‘ANY JOB’, is planning to be a #CorporateMisfit unconsciously. #ListenUpNG

11F. You need to VALUE yourself enough to realise that you CANNOT do ‘ANY JOB’. You were created to solve a problem in life. #ListenUpNG

11G. You need the right job mindset, which is I am the CEO of ME Inc! I am not a liability that should be tolerated; I am an asset to be cherished. I am UNIQUE in myself. #ListenUpNG

11H. Once you realise these facts about yourself, you can decide what kind of job (problem) you want to be involved in. #ListenUpNG

12. You are BORN to SOLVE A PROBLEM, thus, your Career is imprinted into your DNA. Find that problem and you would not be a CORPORATE MISFIT. #ListenUpNG

13. In YOU is a UNIQUENESS that no other individual possesses and in that UNIQUENESS, your career is defined. #ListenUpNG

14. So if you don’t want to be a Corporate Misfit it is imperative that you discover your OWN UNIQUENESS as there is no career journey without YOU! #ListenUpNG

15. This means, you MUST KNOW WHO YOU ARE so you can make a CAREER CHOICE that is suited to YOU. #ListenUpNG

16. For you not to be a Corporate Misfit, you have to start by DISCOVERING WHO YOU ARE? – this begins from the place of SELF-DISCOVERY! #ListenUpNG

17. SELF-DISCOVERY is getting to know YOU! By YOU, I mean YOUR OWN UNIQUENESS as an individual. #ListenUpNG

18. In YOU is a UNIQUENESS that no other individual possesses and in that UNIQUENESS, your career is defined. #ListenUpNG

19. I admonish you today, discover YOUR OWN UNIQUENESS (YOU) and you would not be a Corporate Misfit. #ListenUpNG

20. Your inability to discover YOUR OWN UNIQUENESS is unconsciously planning to be a #CorporateMisfit. This is a wrong state to be in. #ListenUpNG

21. Unfortunately many individuals are #CorporateMisfit. Why do I say so? – They fail to discover who they are before the career search process. #ListenUpNG

22. Permit me to add that DISCOVERING YOU – YOUR OWN UNIQUENESS is not a day’s journey, it is a LIFETIME VENTURE. #ListenUpNG

23. Through SELF-ASSESSMENT, you achieve a more thorough understanding of yourself. #ListenUpNG

24. In the career development field, it is believed that this understanding is the beginning of the career planning process. #ListenUpNG

25. This knowledge will allow you gauge HOW FIT YOU ARE for certain careers, leading to a career choice that can be a NATURAL EXTENSION of WHO YOU ARE. #ListenUpNG

26. Permit me to share THREE CRITICAL ELEMENTS for finding the right fit in a career and AVOID BECOMING a CORPORATE MISFIT. #ListenUpNG

27. These THREE CRITICAL ELEMENTS was found in a wonderful research presented by James Citrin and Richard Smith in their book titled “The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers”. #ListenUpNG


30A. #1 – PLAYING TO YOUR STRENGTHS – People excel by maximizing strengths, not by fixing their weaknesses. #ListenUpNG

30B. Unfortunately, most of us have little sense of our talents and strengths, with little or no knowledge of how to build our lives around them. #ListenUpNG

30C. Instead, guided by our parents/ teachers & by society, we become experts in our weaknesses, while our strengths lie dormant and neglected. #ListenUpNG

30D. Your STRENGTH is a function of TALENT plus KNOWLEDGE plus SKILLS #ListenUpNG

30E. TALENT – usually, talents come so easily to us that we don’t recognise them as talents; they are accompanied by an “it feels good” quality. #ListenUpNG

30F. KNOWLEDGE – facts and lessons learned theoretically or learned through experience. #ListenUpNG

30G. SKILLS – the steps of an activity. Skills bring structure to knowledge. This is the how to apply knowledge. #ListenUpNG

31A. #2 – SETTING YOUR PASSIONS FREE – Your passion, drive, motivation or zeal, is the self-driven attitude you have towards a thing which can lead you down the path to success. #ListenUpNG

31B. Research shows that there are different reasons responsible for the motivation of individuals towards an occupation. One of these includes passion for the occupation. #ListenUpNG

31C. When an individual is passionate about their occupation, they tend to be less obsessive about their behaviour on the job, resulting in more work being done and more work satisfaction. #ListenUpNG

31D. When people genuinely enjoy their profession and are motivated by their passion, they tend to be more satisfied with their work and more psychologically healthy. #ListenUpNG

31E. When an individual is unsatisfied with his/her profession, they are also dissatisfied with their family relationships and experience psychological distress. #ListenUpNG

31G. The foregoing attests to the fact that one of the most important elements of personal happiness is being passionate about your career and your job. #ListenUpNG

31H. Hence, it is imperative for you to explore your areas of passion and set them free in your chosen career so that you would not be a CORPORATE MISFIT. #ListenUpNG

31I. Lean towards career opportunities that would inspire and fuel your innate passions as this would ensure better performance in any career path you choose to follow. #ListenUpNG

32A. #3 – WORKING WITH THE RIGHT SET OF PEOPLE (CULTURAL FIT) – “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” #ListenUpNG

32B. Many are living their lives trying to be all things to all men, which is impossible and only leaves one frustrated. #ListenUpNG

32C. Similar to this is our interaction with people and our environment. It can go a long way towards either making or marring your career. #ListenUpNG

32D. There is a strong need for you to discover what type of work is best suited to your personality and what type of work environment is most conducive for you. #ListenUpNG

32E. Some individuals would fit better in a fast-paced work environment while others would fit in a slow-paced one. Find your own fit! #ListenUpNG

32F. Successful people strive more in the company of other successful people. #ListenUpNG

32G. There is a work environment best suited to your person. Find it or you would be labelled a corporate misfit if you don’t have a clue what it is. #ListenUpNG

33. So as we round-up today’s session on #ListenUpNG, I ask you again – “ARE YOU A CORPORATE MISFIT”?

34. I want to BELIEVE what has been shared on #ListenUpNG today would help as many individuals that come in contact with these tweets not to become CORPORATE MISFITS! #ListenUpNG

35. Should you require further help feel free to get in touch.

Thank you @kemiodutayo for the opportunity to grace this platform #ListenUpNG for week 16 – April 2016.

Wow! I told you! In case after going through this session, you are convinced that you are indeed a corporate misfit, hey, not to worry we can fix this!

Join me next week on #ListenUpNG Wk17 as my guest will be tweet teaching on DO YOU HAVE AN EXIT PLAN? This will be followed by HOW TO COMMERCIALISE YOUR TALENT on #ListenUpNG Wk18!

So friends, make it a date with me on #ListenUpNG every friday evening by 4pm on TWITTER for the live feed. See ya!

Ps. I just got a very insightful contribution from one of my followers and i will like to include it in this post. And with it, some other 5 tweets for clarification.

[16/04 7:40 am] Dayo Adeyemi: So called “Misfits” are innovative, creative and non-conformist that the corporation wants to box into a culture. As much as we do this lectures, we must give exceptions to those non conformists taking the business to the next level

[16/04 8:26 am] Kemi Odutayo Me4: That last comment was from Dayo Adeyemi Inre #ListenUpNG Wk16 #CorporateMisfit is Not meant to be derogatory

[16/04 8:27 am] Kemi Odutayo Me4: #ListenUpNG Wk16 By @segunakiode https://t.co/WDQhNVpjGr is meant to help you determine if you are meant for the corporate world or not

[16/04 8:28 am] Kemi Odutayo Me4: Incase you are a #CorporateMisfit???? Not to worry, i am too! Join us for #ListenUpNG Wk17&18. Get informed!

[16/04 8:29 am] Kemi Odutayo Me4: #ListenUpNG Go on a journey of SELF DISCOVERY. Discover your uniqueness. Fulfilment in life is more than any monetary gains????

[16/04 8:33 am] Kemi Odutayo Me4: #ListenUpNG Check out the number of billionaires that commit suicide on a yearly basis.Then you will realise ‘money’ isn’t everything 8/ END

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