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This week on #ListenUpNG I have the singular honour of hosting @GbengaTotoyi in today’s session

#ListenUpNG @GbengaTotoyi is a Management and HR Consultant with a 12year consulting and practice experience

#ListenUpNG @GbengaTotoyi has a background in Economics & an MBA with the Business School of Netherlands

@GbengaTotoyi helps organizations discover and align their corporate aspirations to the required people, process…

and policy requirements in order to achieve such goals in the most efficient manner @GbengaTotoyi #ListenUpNG

This week on #ListenUpNG I have D singular honour of hosting @GbengaTotoyi on today’s session #EthicsInTheWorkPlace

@KemiOdutayo thank you for having me Kemi, it’s an honour to be on this platform #ListenUpNG

@KemiOdutayo I will be talking on Managing pressure in the workplace and sharing some insightful thoughts #ListenUpNG

1) If you live in a fast paced environment like Lagos, managing pressure is  a necessity for survival and for success #ListenUpNG

2) Traffic, irregular power supply, hostility in the air – all these exert some form of pressure on every worker #ListenUpNG

3)This is obviously apart from d pressure faced at work frm varying factors like a difficult boss,unfriendly work environment  #listenUpNG

4)This pressure from d environment& from home is often carried to d workplace & with d pace of d work may lead to an outburst #ListenUpNG

5) Hence, it is important for every worker to learn how to manage pressure, bcuz pressure has an interesting way of locating us #ListenUpNG

6) So the big question is , how does one manage this pressure coming from diverse angles? Just keep following this hashtag….#ListenUpNG

7) One important way is through the development of Emotional Intelligence @KemiOdutayo #ListenUpNG

8) We may not have much control over the pressure being thrown at us from diverse angles but we have control over how we respond #ListenUpNG

9) So what then is Emotional intelligence? I bet that’s your next question ( yeah, I am psychic like that, loool) #ListenUpNG

10)Emotional Intelligence is d capacity for understanding our emotions& those of others for managing ourselves&our relationships #ListenUpNG

11) 3 key elements in this definition 1) The Workplace 2) The Pressure points and then 3) How to handle them @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNG

12) Regarding the workplace, there’s a dare need to more pros to adjust their expectations @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNg.

13) Your office is a workplace not a love lounge so get rid of the unhealthy expectations @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNG

14) Whilst some bosses need to adjust their behaviors, it’s more important that employees more focused on delivering results @KemiOdutayo

15) There’s a difference btw DIFFICULT and DEMANDING BOSSES.  @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNG

16) I even personally recommend that employees should very early on have DEMANDING BOSSES in their careers @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNG

17) They help you grow, prioritize your work and demand the best per time as against lazing around and it’s good @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNG

18) I know some of us can relate with this more as we now have good habits they helped us build as we started out @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNG

19) Shout out to all of such bosses – mine was Bolaji Olagunju & I will forever appreciate awesome things I learnt @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNg

20) Please feel free to shot out to yours too – bosses, mentors and coaches you’ve had in the past that pushed you @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNg

21) However, their are BOSSES FROM HELL too – how do we handle such? @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNg

22) There are also offices that are best referred to as PRESSURE COOKERS and I know a few people who work in some @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNG

23) So let me mention a few areas I see as pressure points affecting productivity and how to remedy the situation @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNG

24) Please be free to throw in your questions or comments as well @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNg

25) I see a growing trend with emotional abuse from difficult bosses @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNG

26) Related to that is the issue of sexual abuse as well @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNG

26b) I want a clarion cry to everyone currently going through these two to PLEASE SPEAK OUT & ASK FOR HELP else it wont stop @KemiOdutayo

27) HR Mgrs and business owners should also please create right policies to address the issues @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNG

28) Another area we see is DEBTS & FINANCIAL IMBALANCE @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNG. Quite a number of employees are crumbling under the weight

29) Face up and address your financial liabilities now. How much do you truly owe and create a plan to pay up @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNG

30) Also reduce your expenses and keep a tab on your spending pattern @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNG – No need trying to keep up an image!

31) If you’re already in a financial mess – don’t run/hide away in shame, open up and ask for professional help. @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNG

32) This is where platform like this play a crucial role. I’m sure @KemiOdutayo will recommend coaches/mentors to those who reach out 4 help

33) There’s also growing pressure with FEAR OF JOB LOSS @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNG

34) Truth is, there are new jobs been created in new Industries/Sector/Countries, we only need to become more aware @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNG

35) Technology/Entertainment/Hospitality/Music/Infrastructure Development are good areas to pay attention to @KemiOdutayo

36) Don’t slave on for fear of insecurity – build new skills and venture out @KemiOdutayo #listenUPNG

37) There’s also pressure with Work Life Imbalance especially with female employees and how it affects performance @KemiOdutayo #listenUPNG.

38) To address this – find your life’s priorities, agree with your spouse and decide on a plan that’s best for your situation @KemiOdutayo

39) Insulate yourself from external pressures. Consider the future of your kids, aren’t they the REAL REASON BEHIND THE HUSTLE? @KemiOdutayo

40) Lastly, there’s PERFORMANCE ANXIETY associated with new roles/jobs and bosses @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNG

41) Advise is to always have documented goals/KPIs and learn to pace yourself per time @KemiOdutayo #ListenUpNG. Go after low hanging fruits

42) Also create a system for self evaluation per time to keep you on your toes @KemiOdutayo #ListenUpNG – I call it ‘job selfie’

43) A few general tips from me and it will be a wrap @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNG

44) It takes a good community to build a career – so stop running your race alone. Stay around High performers @KemiOdutayo #ListenUpNG

45) Be deliberate with your networking efforts, both online and offline @KemiOdutayo #ListenUpNG. Will save you years of efforts and errors!

46) Pay attention to your health (mental and physical), esp. in this season. @KemiOdutayo #ListenUpNG. Ensure a healthy balance per time

47) Don’t get caught up with the negative whirlwind, there’s are still opportunities for the discerning minds @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNG

48) Be deliberate about developing your Emotional Intelligence @KemiOdutayo @iambankole #ListenUpNG

49) Thanks everyone and more importantly thanks to @KemiOdutayo and her team for having me on #ListenUpNG . It’s been a great time for me.

50) I will be glad to take on questions and offer more clarifications. It’s a wrap for me @KemiOdutayo #listenUpNG

What an inspiring and thought provoking session! @GbengaTotoyi brought to the front line some salient points to note

This is a logical sequel to  @IAmSteveHarris ‘s session last week! Wow! And to take us further…

@segunakiode will be on #ListenUpNG Wk16 and will be tweeting on ARE YOU A CORPORATE MISFIT? #ListenUpNG

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Till I come your way same time next week Friday on #ListenUpNG Wk16 with @segunakiode Look out for opportunities around you

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