Wonderful day to you my ladies & the men who love us!???? We are still celebrating the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S MONTH #ListenUpNG

#ListenUpNG In my opinion, appreciating the women in our lives shouldn’t be a one – off event! Who’s with me on that? ????

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#ListenUpNG Today, Yewande Ogunnubi @wendypendy2000 will be sharing on the ALPHA FEMALE.

#ListenUpNG Want to know who this is and whether you fall into this category as a woman? Or if you know a female like this?

#ListenUpNG @wendypendy2000 is the first Nigerian to be awarded ‘Certified Participatory Gender Audit Facilitator’…

…by the Training Institute of the International Labour Organization, Turin, Italy in 2013 #ListenUpNG

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Join me as I welcome our guest Yewande Ogunnubi @wendypendy2000 on board #ListenUpNG Wk11
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1. Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts on this platform. #Listenupng

2. I trust it will not just be my thoughts but a seed to change someone’s life. #Listenupng

3. I am an Alpha female. I can boldly say that I am. Many women are and we are grateful for who we are. #Listenupng

4. Some say the alpha female is too aggressive, overly competitive and a power monger. #Listenupng

5. Others say she is bitchy, disrespectful & willing to back stab to make headway. #Listenupng

6. For everything in life, there are originals and there are fakes. I dare say – there are authentic alpha females. #Listenupng

7. They are original because they are from the lineage of the ultimate Alpha – God almighty! #Listenupng

8. Let’s look at the attributes we may see to make us describe a lady as an Alpha female. #Listenupng

9. She is a goal getter! She has very little patience for laziness and people who do not take initiatives. #Listenupng

10. She is highly intelligent and could come across as condescending with people who do not match her intellect. #Listenupng

11. She often has her hands in many pies; she is a legend at multi tasking. #Listenupng

12. She is quick in her thinking and makes decisions just as fast; she is a risk taker. #Listenupng

13. She is very charismatic and commands a great influence over people. #Listenupng

14. She exudes sensuality and unwittingly draws the attention of powerful men. She may sometimes capitalize on the attention. #Listenupng

15. At home, she rules her household with precision and demonstrates her love through giving. #Listenupng

16. She pushes her children to achieve nothing less than excellence. She combines being soccer mum with being CEO. #Listenupng

17. At work, she may not be the favourite of her male counterparts. She is perceived as too ambitious or bossy. #Listenupng

18. Her work impresses and she drives her subordinates to achieve as much as she does. She does not condone slackness. #Listenupng

19. She loves to win; she craves the lime light and enjoys the accolades when they come. #Listenupng

20. She may not show much emotion but she loves deeply and is fiercely protective of those she loves. Some think of her as cold. #Listenupng

21. She could exhibit manipulative tendencies and be rude when she feels disgusted. Her bluntness is second to none. #Listenupng

22. You can literally call her ‘The Fixer’. She knows how to work all the tools, both human and machine – by force or by fire. #Listenupng

23. I dare say there is nothing wrong with being an Alpha female. Who doesn’t want a winner on their team? #Listenupng

24. The Alpha female is only following in the footsteps of the Masters! She represents the personality of the ultimate Alpha – God Almighty! #Listenupng

25. By no means is she perfect! She is expected to tweak her alpha personality daily to conform to that of the ultimate alpha. #Listenupng

26. However, do not be fooled by all that bravado, she carries hurts and pains that she keeps closely to her chest. #Listenupng

27. In the quiet of the night, when all alone, she succumbs to the self doubt and fears that all mortals experience. #Listenupng

28. She hurts herself more sometimes because she rarely shares her fears and pains; she keeps up the macho exterior. #Listenupng

29. But just like all mortals, the alpha female cries too. She craves to be pampered and spoilt like every other lady. #Listenupng

30. One thing is sure; all alpha females need to rewrite the definition of the alpha female from bitch to sweet. #Listenupng

31. We need to flex our muscles from the place of love; be willing to receive some love. We play the independent card often. #Listenupng

32. Let me tell you about Bisi. She represents the brand of Alpha Females I am talking about. #Listenupng

33. Life is not all rosy for her. At age 15, she was set back by an accident that took away two fingers from her right hand. #Listenupng

34. At a teenage year when life was mostly about looks and boys, she had a dent on her otherwise beautiful features. #Listenupng

35. She had an alpha female mother who told her she had to fight for her space, lost fingers or not. #Listenupng

36. Bisi did not let her disability define who she was. She learnt how to write with her left hand & became very good at it. #Listenupng

37. When she stretched out her hands to shake, she could read the mix of surprise, pity and discomfort on people’s faces. #Listenupng

38. She would often make light of the matter saying “Hey, I’m the new type of human God is making. We come with three fingers” #Listenupng

39. She so excelled in school – academics & extra-curricular, that she was the toast of everybody both boys and girls. #Listenupng

40. She went through university setting an example of what the alpha female should be – beat challenges until they surrender! #Listenupng

41. She was surrounded by friends who loved her. Her leadership capabilities were tasked to the tee. #Listenupng

42. She was a disciplinarian; even ‘bad boys’ behaved around her. She brought out the best and sometimes worst in people. #Listenupng

43. Bisi was the life of the party. She had good times with friends. She would also remind them “there is time for everything” #Listenupng

44. You know those group of students who you do well not to follow…they party hard but have magnetic brains with their books. #Listenupng

45. As a person of value, she would speak up against injustice. Co-workers would not even touch her with a corruption pole. #Listenupng

46. She later lost her mother. She bottled the emptiness in. She rises every morning to take on the world. #Listenupng

47. She made her share of mistakes in life. She got entangled with a married man who invested in her company. #Listenupng

48. She was burnt badly. She knew she disappointed herself and many others who looked up to her. #Listenupng

49. She succumbed to the guilty feeling for a while. Then like the prodigal daughter, she ‘came to herself’ and sought God out. #Listenupng

50. The transformation was remarkable. Rather than just be intelligent, she became full of wisdom (the better way to operate). #Listenupng

51. Her ambition in life became aligned with finding her assignment in life. She sought a purpose – driven life. #Listenupng

52. She is more giving & forgiving, learnt to season her words with salt; correcting in love rather than cutting people to size. #Listenupng

53. At work, she became a boss lady who was quite empathetic. She led with her head & with her heart. She celebrated her team. #Listenupng

54. She still had to deal with the dislike of some male subordinates. She dealt with it with firmness laced with kindness. #Listenupng

55. She didn’t hesitate to keep her team in check when needed but she did it with tact & grace. Excellence was still her key word. #Listenupng

56. She continued to be a fashion icon. Her stiletto was still very impressive. Her modesty however superseded the heels. #Listenupng

57. She is still d Alpha female I met way back. She only redefined the definition when she met Christ. We all shld follow her steps. #Listenupng

58. Bisi’s life didn’t become issues & temptation free. Her two fingers were still missing. She just learnt to receive love. #Listenupng

59. To any Alpha female out there; if you are feeling weighed down by your personality- the need for control, you are not alone. #Listenupng

60. You have so much good stuff going for you. You just have to subject ‘the negatives’ to ‘the positives’ of the Ultimate Alpha. #Listenupng

61. To the friends, family & colleagues of the Alpha female-you have an asset in your corner. You can help turn her rough edges into gold. #Listenupng

62. Don’t be deceived by that ‘I got it all together’ exterior; she needs your hugs and words of affirmation. #Listenupng

63. It is said that when the purpose of a thing or someone is unknown, abuse is inevitable. #Listenupng

64. When the Alpha Female discovers herself, she is beautiful inside & out. She is one of a kind. #Listenupng

65. I trust something dropped in your heart as you followed. Salute to the Alpha female; Salute to all strong women. We Rock! #Listenupng

Wow! Interesting read! Are you an alpha female? Or do you have one around you? If yes, yippee! You have a winner! Often time people referred to these set of ladies as EGR (Extra Grace Required). We all are!???? If only we try to ubderstand then…then and only then can we get tge best from them!

Kudos ???? to all the Alpha Females out there! Remember, lets remain subjected to the Ultimate Alpha, God!

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