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Rev. Mrs. Laurie Whetstone- Idahosa @IdahosaLaurie was born in Wilmington, Delaware, USA in a Pastors home #ListenUpNG

@IdahosaLaurie trained as a missionary, an Emergency Medical Technician, First Aid & CPR instructor &a Disaster Relief Responder #ListenUpNG

@IdahosaLaurie is a gifted event manager, real estate investor and has owned several successful businesses #ListenUpNG

@IdahosaLaurie is married to @BIUpreside & they are blessed with 4 sons, Benson (deceased) Feb Jr; Nathaniel & Judah #ListenUpNG

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1. Thank you @KemiOdutayo for having me on today’s edition of #ListenUpNg.

2. We will be sharing an important topic: “Strong Women Cry Too.” #ListenUpNg.

3. As ladies, it’s so liberating to just be our authentic selves and to take the masks of superficiality off. #ListenUpNg

4. We too often hold back our tears, not knowing that releasing emotions can be a sign of strength. #ListenUpNg

5. Not all tears are as a result of sad experiences, beautiful and happy experiences can also bring tears. #ListenUpNg

6. Crying at appropriate times can enhance and deepen your relationship with people. #ListenUpNg

7. Crying at inappropriate times can be very embarrassing and damaging to your career. #ListenUpNg

8. Truthfully, since the passing of my first son, I’m more prone to tears than ever before. #ListenUpNg

9. The grief from that loss in 2007 brought about my biggest emotional release of tears ever. #ListenUpNg

10. The tears that come from grief must be released. If not, the pain will emerge in other ways. #ListenUpNg

11. Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky, are best relieved by the letting of a little water. ~Antoine Rivarol #ListenUpNg

12. Tears are healthy; we cry to release pain, to express joy… #ListenUpNg

13. We cry to over-compensate for overwhelming hurt when we have been through a trauma. #ListenUpNg

14. Sometimes we cry out of empathy when we identify with someone else’s pain or joy. #ListenUpNg

15. I cried this past Sunday when a dear 35 year old friend shared her battle story with cancer and how her husband divorced her because she is sick. #ListenUpNg

16. Those who do not know how to weep with their whole heart don’t know how to laugh either. ~Golda Meir #ListenUpNg

17. Emotional release is essential for a healthy well-being. #ListenUpNg

18. In the words of Terri Guillemets, “Invisible tears are the hardest to wipe away. Just let it out, my friend”. #ListenUpNg

19. Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts. ~Charles Dickens, Great Expectations #ListenUpNg

20. When you truly feel someone’s hurt and pain, your tears simply show that you are connected to them and empathize with them. #ListenUpNg

21. A study done by Dr. William H. Frey II of the St Paul-Ramsey Medical Centre found that stress-related tears…. #ListenUpNg

22. and tears caused by physical irritants like cutting onions do not serve the same purpose. #ListenUpNg

23. Stress related tears helps our body eliminate unwanted chemicals that raise cortisol levels(the stress hormone). #ListenUpNg

24. In otherwords: you will feel a whole lot better after the emotional down-pour passes. (lifehack.org). #ListenUpNg

25. Every woman is wrong until she cries, and then she is right – instantly. ~Sam Slick (Thomas Chandler Haliburton) #ListenUpNg

26. Even Jesus showed emotion in John 11:35 when his beloved Lazarus died. #ListenUpNg

27. The tears Jesus cried demonstrated His love for his friend (Lazarus) to the Jews #ListenUpNg

28. So the next time your eyes leak, don’t feel ashamed. Leaky eyes are signs of a genuine soul. #ListenUpNg

29. A Jewish proverb goes thus: “What soap is for the body, tears are for the soul”. #ListenUpNg

30. “Crying slows your breathing and can have a calming effect,” explains John Ryder, Ph.D., author of Positive Directions. #ListenUpNg

31. Though letting out tears is ok, here are some tips on how to control your emotional response when the timing isn’t right: #ListenUpNg

32. (a)Take several slow deep breaths. #ListenUpNg

33. (b)focus on something completely unrelated to the situation that initially triggered the tears. #ListenUpNg

34. (c)change locations. #ListenUpNg

35. (d)play happy music. #ListenUpNg

36. (e) track your tears: do some introspective review to ascertain if the situation is worth your tears. #ListenUpNg

37. (f) talk about it: find a sympathetic ear and unleash your feelings. #ListenUpNg

38. (g) Cry it out: sometimes, the best therapy is to just cry, till you have your fill. #ListenUpNg

39. I hope this helps us ladies to know that strong women do cry and that crying is therapeutic. #ListenUpNg

40. I pray that God heals you and restores your heart from the source of sad tears. #ListenUpNg

41. I pray that you will be overwhelmed with beautiful experiences that will overshadow the negative. #ListenUpNg

42. I pray that you have Godly friendships with people with whom you can be your authentic self. #ListenUpNg

43. I pray that you will see the next tear that drops from your eye as a sign of strength. #ListenUpNg

44. Thank you for having me on this platform today to share on this important topic. #ListenUpNg

45. God bless you all for your likes and RTs

Wow! Thank you so much for this enlightening session! So, ladies it’s ok to cry; for the right reason and…at the right time!

Till I come your way again next week for yet another #RealLifeIssue, keep on impacting and supporting other women around you!


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