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#ListenUpNG Our special guest for the @Me4Nigeria Masterclass is @yomitheprof You can’t afford to miss this man!

Our guest today on #ListenUpNG is @InnocentUsar A Lifestyle Coach, Head Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics Programming.

#ListenUpNG @InnocentUsar trained with Christopher Howard Training in the United Kingdom. Starting with the NLP Results Practitioner…

…and Master Results Practitioner (which in effect turned out to be an apprenticeship with Christopher Howard) @InnocentUsar #ListenUpNG

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#ListenUpNG I once read a bc titled ‘The Importance Of Right Believing’ The next few tweets are excerpts from the bc

When things go wrong in our lives, we often ask the question, “What did I DO wrong?” #ListenUpNG

We believe that something we did brought about the bad thing that has happened #ListenUpNG

Granted, there are consequences to our actions, but what brought about those actions in the first place? #ListenUpNG

#ListenUpNG It’s all about our beliefs! Our beliefs dictate our actions/response! I absolutely agree with these statements!

So the question we should really be asking is not, “What did I do wrong?” but “Where have I gone wrong in my believing?” #ListenUpNG

The bad things that we are experiencing today are often a result of the wrong beliefs that we have #ListenUpNG

#ListenUpNG Similarly, the good things that we are experiencing today are a result of believing  the right things!

Join me as I welcome @InnocentUsar on #ListenUpNG Wk9! He will be tweeting on BREAKING LIMITING BELIEFS! Over to you, sir!????????????????????

1. Thanks so much Kemi  for your awesone work and all that you do to life up people’s lives through the #ListenUpNg platform @KemiOdutayo

2. We are talking about an area that limited me for long my personal life plus I have met many that have too #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

3.Breaking Limiting Beliefs has become one of those topics many think they understand but really do not. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

4.Beliefs are emotionally held opinions treated as facts & the basis of our everyday decision, skills & behaviours. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

5. Beliefs can be expressed as statements, not factual statements but emotionally held opinions that are reinforced over time. #ListenUpNg

6.Beliefs aren’t facts. They are PERCEPTIOND formed through our own experiences & the views of others. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

7.We accept opinions from INFLUENTIAL people in our lives & hold them as facts. They become views abt ourselves, others & d word #ListenUpNg

8. These views determine the decisions we take & the way we behave in everyday situations. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

9. Our parents in d equivalent of parents (or anything) figures (including teachers) are d sources of a belief #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

10. Beliefs put us in a trance, some in a trance of empowerment and some of disempowerment. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

11.  Let me share a number of examples of beliefs in d next few tweets. Pple heard these -a: pple can’t be trusted. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

12 b:You are stupid. c: You are an “A” student. d: you’ll never get wat u want in dis world if u dn’t work for it. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

13. e: you’re lazy. f: you have to work hard to get on in life. g: you can achieve whatever you want in the world. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

14. h: You always get what you want and you always will. i: Children should be seen & not heard. #LstenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

15. j: You’re lousy at mathematics. k. You are a born artist. L: you are a liar. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

16.  m. You’ve got no respect for anyone’s feelings. n: it’s a man’s world. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

18. A pilot loaded a plane that had engine failure and saved lives of mightily of passengers. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

19. In doing so, the pilot said “it was the belief that kept the plane in the air.” #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

20. The pilot went on to say “I believed against all odds that I could get this plane safely in the ground…” #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

21. We can step into (presuppose & assure) empowering beliefs & experiences the results & outcomes of holding them to be true #listenUpNg

22. By trying them out & finding the ones that work for us, we can, over time, turn them into beliefs 4 ourselves. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

23. To break limiting beliefs, you have to write your own life’s script. u must adopt certain beliefs of excellence #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

24 as a trainer & Master Practioner of NLP, I have seen significant changes bcos of beliefs that have been changed. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

25a. We have transformed in an amazing way our relationships, understanding, awareness &  outcomes. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

25b. We have transformed them by adopting beliefs of excellence. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

26a. Beliefs of excellence are empowering beliefs. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

26b. This because whatever we believe dictates how we respond to situations and people we meet in life. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

27. If I believe that I will always find a way to succeed no matter what I do, I’m likely to do just that. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

28. Unlike someone who believes that they can never have what they really want. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

29a. Every belief has a structure to it, which we can influence if we choose. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

29b. It is these beliefs that determines our EXPERIENCE or REALITtY of life. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

30a. We all have experiences with money, communication, work, career, health and wellness and life generally. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

31. Pple who want to model excellence simply need 2 be able to “step into” d beliefs of d person they want 2 model. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

32. Let’s consider beliefs that are now unversally expressed as statements tha are so vital and empowering today. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

33. EACH PERSON IS UNIQUE: There is a wealth of untapped talent in every1 & we can help 2 release this talent #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

34. We can help to release this talent by the way we relate to people. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

35. EVERYONE MAKES THE BEST CHOICE AVAILABLE TO THEM AT THE TIME THEY MAKE IT: By believing this we can learn much. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

36. We can learn how to understand, forgive and coach ourselves and others for high performance. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

37. THERE IS NO FAILURE, ONLY FEEDBACK: We must be able to take in and learn from changing situations. #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

38. Furthermore, we would need to learn consistently as this BELIEF is core to our ability to do this. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

39. BEHIND EVERY BEHAVIOUR THERE IS A POSITIVE INTENTION: This belief is fundamental in our being able to… #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

40 … able to take whatever happens to us no matter hw difficult it might be at 1st, & turn it into personal learning & growth

41. THE MEANING OF COMMUNICATION IS THE RESPONCE IT GETS: We may nt b able 2 control our environment, bt wat… #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

42. …what we can do is be aware of d effect we have on it. In holding this belief we take full responsibility… #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

43. THERE IS A SOLUTION TO EVERY PROBLEM: This belief is usually held by pple who find new ways of walking thru obstacles. #ListenUpNg

44. …thru obstacles & challenges. People recognized as leaders typically hold these beliefs. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

45. WE HAVE WITHIN US ALL THE RESOURCES WE WILL EVER NEED. By believing this we will learn how to tap into…#ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

46. …every resource (skill, attitude, belief) that we will ever need to achieve what we want.
#ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

48. If wat we are doing isn’t working, then d more choices we hav, d more likely we are 2 find a way dat does work. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

49. MIND & BODY ARE A PART OF THE SAME SYSTEM: And if we listen to our bodies, they can tell us wat our minds NEED #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

50. Hold this belief and listen to THE WISDOM OF YOUR BODY. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo


52. Consider any compassionate leader of repute. Take any successful entrepreneur, take any emerging leader… #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

53. Take anyone who is thriving and enjoying life and contributing and adding value to the world in the world… #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

54. …with all of these people you will discover that they hold the beliefs i listed above TRUE. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

55. What are the ways we can begin to break limiting beliefs? 1st associate a lot of pain & hurt to d old belief. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

56. Identify how much pain the belief has ccost you now and how much it would continue to cost you in the future. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

57. A. How’s this belief ridiculous or absent?
B. Was d person I learnt d belief from worth modeling in this area? #ListenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

59. A. How’s this belief ridiculous or absent? #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

60. B. Was the person I learnt the belief from worth modeling in this area? #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

61. C. What will it ultimately cost me emotionally if I don’t let go of their belief? #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

62. D. What will it ultimately cost me in my relationship if I don’t let go of this belief? #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

63. E. What will it cost me financially if I don’t let go the belief. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

64. F.Take some time to answer this and after you have done this you’ll find your beliefs have be come luckier. #listenUpNg @KemiOdutayo

66. If you have any questions to ask or comments to make I would be gladdened. Thanks @KemiOdutayo for the opportunity to share #ListenUpNG

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