#ListenUpNG #RandomGist 4: THE ROYAL COUPLE

Hello! Hope you’ve read up on the last session of #RandomGist? If not, kindly check out my TL on twitter @KemiOdutayo or my last blogpost. #ListenUpNG It was all about being careful what you wished for!

I had wanted to do a #RealLifeIssue on this week’s session on #ListenUpNG but decided against it. I will rather share my thoughts on some recent happenings as it relates to #Relationships. So tonight, I will be doing another #RandomGist and I will love to hear from you!

As we all know, the #RoyalWedding took place last week saturday! #ListenUpNG The couple, Harry and Meghan were such an inspiration. An example of people who knew what they want and are ready to go for it. #Relationships

#ListenUpNG Despite the fact that Meghan has been married before and later divorced, older than the groom, bi-racial, American and an actress…despite the media uproar and the Markle family’s debacle, Prince Harry was undeterred about his choice of a bride.

#ListenUpNG How convinced are you about your relationship? Being convinced does not mean the other party is perfect and not without a fault. It means, despite the fault, weakness etc you are still willing to accept him/her and stay committed? #This thing

#ListenUpNG Depending on your faith and believe, your conviction and willingness to commit have to come from deep down within you. Something beyond your 5 senses because beauty is deceptive and what you see is not always what you get

#ListenUpNG What compromises are you willing to make for the greater good of your home or relationship? Do you see yourself as part of a team? Willing to put in the work and not bail at every sign of a challenge or difference in opinion?

#ListenUpNG I don’t know #TheRoyalCouple but can only draw from what I read about them. One thing that I’m sure makes for a good foundation in #Relationships is openess and sincerity.

#ListenUpNG How willing are you to make yourself vulnerable to your intended partner? What are your core values and beliefs? Does your partner know, understand and accept them? These are but some of the litmus tests that determines how strong your foundation is

#ListenUpNG Why is full disclosure a big issue between two people that claimed to be in love and are seemingly committed to each other? Do we have to wait for the church to put it as a requisite before we stand for what’s right? Is it an issue of what he or she doesn’t know can’t hurt him or her?

#ListenUpNG Deception under whichever guise is hurtful and a no no! Everybody should be allowed to make an informed decision! If because of a disclosed or confessed weakness, defect or medical condition, your intended says no, accept it!

#ListenUpNG It only means he or she isn’t meant for you. That he or she isn’t the one you need to walk this journey called life together. Getting married under pretence and false claims is deceitful and desperately wicked! It shows lack of trust in the one you claimed to love!

#ListenUpNG In case you have any reason why you should not be lawfully joined to your partner and yet you are still going ahead, please have a rethink! You don’t want to start a home on a shaky foundation. If you do, that may well be the beginning of the end for your union

#ListenUpNG Break free from fear and seek help! Open up to someone and you may be surprised, the help you need may be closer than you imagined! At @Me4Counselling we are willing and ready to talk and walk you through your relationship issues in a non judgemental atmosphere

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