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#Incaseyoumissedit Last week session on #ListenUpNG was awesome. Our topic of discussion was targetted at the singles: YOUR GAME, YOUR DATE AND YOUR MATE

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Today’s #RandomGist is about a post I saw online recently. #ListenUpNG I’ve been trying to sample people’s opinion on it. Here it is:

#ListenUpNG I love #makinghappymarriagescommon That’s just one of the vision of @me4counselling my brainchild. Do follow @me4counselling page on instagram and twitter and see for yourself😆

#ListenUpNG The society and the world at large has become so cynical that some chose to believe there’s no such thing as happy marriages. Could it be our definition of happy marriages is warped? 🤔

#ListenUpNG That a couple is described to be happily married doesn’t mean they’ve never been mad at each other. It does not mean they have never had a disagreement.

#ListenUpNG It doesn’t mean one or both, at a point in time in the marriage have never considered calling it quit. It doesn’t mean they’ve never experienced infidelity. It doesn’t mean they haven’t been bitter and disllussioned at a point in time.

#ListenUpNG Being happily married means they may have been through thick and thin, hell and high water, ups and downs, lack and abundance, sickness and health…naked and unashamed. It means despite all these, they have CHOSEN to make it work!

#ListenUpNG They’ve CHOSEN to focus more on what works than what’s not. They’ve chosen to stay COMMITTED to their marital vows! They have CHOSEN to remain a TEAM! They’ve CHOSEN to FEED their love and FAN to flame the dwindling embers of their love, deliberately.

#ListenUpNG Not just for themselves but for the sake of their kids, the society and the next generation. Marriage is not overated as some people believe but weddings, especially the way we celebrate them in this part of the world are overated!

#ListenUpNG Please retweet, reply, comment and tell us what add in the comment session what, ‘being happily married’, means to you.☺

#ListenUpNG Is it possible that people are getting the wrong impression and thinking being happily married means something else? Join the conversation. I stand/write/type😆 to be corrected🤗 Drop your comment and lets rub minds

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