Welcome to another inspiring time on #ListenUpNG your weekly mentoring event on twitter. Today isn’t going to be buz as usual. I’m going to be doing a #RandomGist😃 Yep! You heard me right, random gist!

#ListenUpNG I’ve had some single guys #DearBooNG and ladies #DearBaeNG asking me about their persons of interest. These are either guys or ladies they are interested in and are probably dating or friends with. POI for short…

#ListenUpNG The gist of their question is the fact that they are not sure whether they are in a relationship or not? They aren’t sure whether their POI shared the same feelings

#ListenUpNG If you aren’t in such relationship, you probably will be wondering, ‘what the heck?’. Yep! It happens. When emotions are involved, people do silly and stupid things they don’t even understand

#ListenUpNG Girl! Guy! You may be Single but you are definitely not silly nor stupid! Don’t allow anybody take you for granted! Don’t permit anyone take you for a ride!

You need to define that relationship! You need to take the bull by the horns! You need to ask questions! You need to do your due diligence!

#ListenUpNG #DearBaeNG #DearBooNG You can’t afford to stay in that relationship based on assumptions and presuppositions! Especially if you’ve been going out for quite sometime! Please define that relationship.

#ListenUpNG #DearBaeNG You can’t afford to stay in a relationship with a guy that’s only interested in playing games!

#DearBooNG And you can’t afford to stay in a relationship with a lady using you as back up! You need to know if tou are her main man or shes just with you out of pity!

You’ve got to define that relationship and know where you stand!

#ListenUpNG You’ve got to be strong! You can’t force anyone to be with you and even if you do either by manipulation or otherwise, you will be the worse for it!

A broken relationship is much better than a broken marriage. Better now than later. Definitely not later when you’ve invested so much in terms of emotions and years. Ask that question today!

#ListenUpNG #DearBaeNG #DearBooNG To Know exactly what question to ask and how to ask it, you can always contact us at Me4Counselling Services. We are the @me4counselling team and we offer our professional counselling services to help you gain clarity in #RealLifeIssues. Check out our instagram and twitter pages for more information!

#ListenUpNG I am @KemiOdutayo yiur host on #ListenUpNG and also the Lead Counsellor at Me4 Counselling services where we talk and walk you through #RealLifeIssues using effective counselling tools. You can slide into our DM on both instagram and twitter and we will be glad to work and walk with you!

Till I come your way for another interesting session on #ListenUpNG Hope you know that I am passionate about you and your relationships? Yes, I am!😘😍 Do have a fantastic weekend!

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