Hello everyone! Welcome to yet another inspiring session on #ListenUpNG Still addressing #RealLifeIssues in #Relationships

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Today’s topic on #ListenUpNG is YOUR GAME, YOUR DATE & YOU MATE! I’m going to be building on the premise that, ‘ Your game can get you a date but not a mate!” Hmmm

#DearBaeNG #DearBooNG #ListenUpNG How good is your game? Click on this link if you are interested in upping your game! http://www.kemiodutayo.com/blog/listenupng-wk42-basic-etiquette-in-dating/

In this past #ListenUpNG session by @temitopegeorge the #EtiquetteGuru, she mentioned several tips on #DatingEtiquette #Incaseyoumissedit It’s worth a read!

Back to today’s topic, by ‘game’, I’m referring to your Dating Etiquette; how you handle the opposite sex, your speech, dress sense, sense of humour…all the works! #ListenUpNG I mean your overall packaging!๐Ÿ˜†

Nowadays, ladies and gentlemen have up their game. #ListenUpNG Most won’t be caught slacking in this area. The packaging is solid. The gucci on point, the Brazilian wig and makeup, tantalising. Even the phonics is competing with that of Meghan Markle๐Ÿ˜†

#ListenUpNG Click link and find out what you should be looking out for as a single that is savvy and searching! http://www.kemiodutayo.com/blog/listenupng-wk19-are-you-single-savvy-what-to-look-out-for/ @rsegundada

#ListenUpNG #DearBaeNG #DearBooNG Even with your respective games, what you get at most is a date or 2 with your person of interest! Without solid content, the packaging is at most, a temporary attraction.

#ListenUpNG It’s interesting to note that the way you dressed is the way you will be addressed, most times. Making a good first impression is without a doubt a wise move if not a must

Indeed, many have met under unpalatable circumstances but later meetings have proved the 1st impression false. It therefore goes to say that, you can’t always judge a book by its cover. The content may just surprise you. Nevertheless, #ListenUpNG 1st impression last longer…๐Ÿค”

#ListenUpNG First impressions do matter! So, if you’ve got game, hold on to it. Infact, aim to up your game from time to time. I mean, value self development and work constantly to be a better version of you. You owe yourself that!

Always be quick to do a self assessment without being delusional. If you have to date or marry yourself as you are right now, will you? #ListenUpNG This is should be a contact reminder to be the best you can be

#ListenUpNG Having game will certainly endear you to all and sundry. People love a pleasant, well dressed, well spoken, beautiful lady or an handsome guy. However, few hours into a date or few minutes of being introduced, your content begin to show

#ListenUpNG You may even have been able to hold it together till the 3rd or 4th date before your anger issues begin to surface. The mask begin to slip off. Bad attitudes or behaviours are like flat tyres, you can’t go far without having to change them! They are like smoke, it’s only a matter of time!

#ListenUpNG He was looking for a mate; the date was just a process! She was looking for a mate but the introduction was just the tip of the iceberg! Your game can take you as far as getting a date but not a mate if you neglect to develop yourself!

#ListenUpNG A mate in this context is the person you’ve decided to travel the matrimonial journey with. That person that despite his or her weaknesses, you are deeply convinced will complement you. That person you believe you can team up with; not perfect but suitable for you!

There is a school of thought that believes ‘DATING’ is actually a time-wasting venture. I did a oiece on this in a past session. Do click this link to read more https://t.co/vd2v11smsy #ListenUpNG Post your comment(s) and let me know your own view๐Ÿ˜†

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http://www.kemiodutayo.com/blog/if-not-dating-then-wha/ Thought provoking stuff, I must say!

#ListenUpNG To round up today’s session, I will strongly suggest that if you are really interested in getting a mate and not just a date, learn how to locate your significant other in this #ListenUpNG blogpost: http://www.kemiodutayo.com/blog/new-blogpost-locating-your-significant-other/

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