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So to our #RandomGist I know I promised you a hot gist. 😆 Logistically speaking, it may not be as hot as some of you may think but to me it’s hot…very hot…still hot and worthy of discussion #ListenUpNG

#ListenUpNG Some tables will be shaken tonight but you have my full assurance that it will be worth it! Get the joke?

#ListenUpNG The title of tonight’s #RandomGist is BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.

#ListenUpNG We see the glory without knowing the story. We covet the glory but disregard the story. I wonder how many of us can go through the process for the progress we desire?🤔 We forget that the end don’t always justify the means. The means is equally as important as the end!

#ListenUpNG To all single ladies #DearBaeNG and single men #DearBooNG ; to all married men #DearHubbyNG and married women #DearWifeyNG , you deserve the accolades! Keeping it real is a big deal in relationships!

 #ListenUpNG I came late to the party but the phrase ‘full assurance’ eventually caught my attention. For anyone conversant with the entertainment industry and our online grapevine, you know that gist already. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, ask google 😆

*#ListenUpNG I came late to the party but the phrase ‘full assurance’ eventually caught my attention. For anyone conversant with the entertainment world, you know that gist already. That’s not my gist tonight. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, ask google 😆

#ListenUpNG Tonight, my #RandomGist is about the numerous and diverse responses and reactions, the incidence generated from the online audience 🤔 I was shocke d to read some wishes, prayer points and advice flying round

#ListenUpNG friends! One thing we need to establish is that when it comes to #Relationships and #ThisThingCalledMarriageNG #NoOneSizeFitsAll You can’t superimpose the happenings and outcomes in one relationship on another

#ListenUpNG #Marriage and #Relationships differ as the parties involve differ in beliefs, temperaments and personalities. Their ACE(adverse childhood experiences) that had ultimately moulded their beliefs and behaviours differs as well

 #ListenUpNG As a result, their world maps and the way people interprets/translates/decode incidences and emotions differ as well. Remember, #NoOneSizeFitsAll I want us to gain clarity concerning our own #Relationships and work with our partners to work out what works for us

#ListenUpNG One of the noteworthy reactions came from @peppy with a unique angle to the whole ‘full assurance’ brouhaha. Kindly comment on your thought on this

#ListenUpNG The essence of tonight’s #RandomGist is this…Be careful what you wish for! Often times we are not privy to all information as regards a particular scenario. We then go ahead and jump to conclusions, make assumptions with loads of suppositions to arrive at a wrong conclusion

#ListenUpNG If you take nothing else out of tonight’s #RandomGist, note this…#NoOneSizeFitsAll If you have issues in your relationship or you need to get some things off your chest, PLEASE talk to a relationship counsellor or coach. You will gain clarity on how to proceed!

#ListenUpNG One such counselling outfit is @me4counselling where I @KemiOdutayo is the Lead Counsellor. At Me4Counselling, we talk and walk you through your issues in a non threatening and non judgemental environment. We help restore hope in #Relationships

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