1. Hello everyone! Welcome to the very 1st session of #ListenUpNG in 2017!

2. A big thank you to all guests and followers that were part of #ListenUpNG 2016. It was all because of you!

3. #ListenUpNG This year, we will be bringing your way more inspiring and impactful men and women

4. Men and women of influence that have their mark in their respective field of endervours #ListenUpNG 2017 Watch Out!

5. Today, we will be looking at HOW TO REACH BEYOND OUR LIMITS IN 2017 #ListenUpNG

6. Limits are either invisible or visible barriers to the attainment of goals and purpose #ListenUpNG

7. These limits can be created by you or others; either knowingly or unknowingly. #ListenUpNG Limits breeds AVERAGE INDIVIDUALS

8. #ListenUpNG AVERAGE INDIVIDUALS are people that fail to realise their dreams and potential because the fail to reach beyond their limits

9. #ListenUpNG Reaching beyond your limits doesn’t mean you are greedy, covetous or proud! This belief is a limit in itself!

10. #ListenUpNG To be a success in life, there is need to REACH BEYOND OUR LIMITS! And yes, this is possible and is to be desired!

11. To reach beyond your limits, a powerful tool needs to be employed! Amazingly, we all have it! It’s YOUR MIND! YOUR BRAIN! #ListenUpNG

12. The brain is thought to be a very complex and complicated organ but various scientific studies have brought significant facts to light #ListenUpNG

13. The brain can change! Your brain can change! You can change your brain! You can stretch your mind! #ListenUpNG

14. Everytime you learn a new set of skills, you change your brain! You stretch your mind and it will never go back to its former state #ListenUpNG

15. All our behaviours also cause changes in our brains according to Dr. Lara Boyd, a brain researcher in Columbia #ListenUpNG

16. #ListenUpNG She reiterates that as you stretch and moves towards your potential, your potential continues to expand

17. So, to ensure success across board, we need to reach beyond our limits. #ListenUpNG

18. #ListenUpNG To do this, the following discoveries about our brains should be considered and deployed appropriately

19. OUR MIND DO EXACTLY AND SPECIFICALLY WHAT IT THINKS WE WANT IT TO DO! It does what it thinks it’s in our best interest! #ListenUpNG

20. #ListenUpNG Hmmm.So, if we aren’t getting exactly what we want, it means we aren’t passing the right message across to our minds

21. #ListenUpNG To pass the right message to our minds, we have got to be deliberate about the choice of words we use. Why? Because the mind listens!

22. #ListenUpNG Proverbs 6:2 You are snared with the words of your mouth, you are taken with the words of your mouth.

23. #ListenUpNG Negative words should be taken out of our vocabulary because our minds listen and store up information for future reference

24. #ListenUpNG When you say you hate your job or this workload is killing me! The mind listens and translates it to mean you don’t want it

25. #ListenUpNG Your mind then encourages you to proscastinate and find excuses why it can’t be done!

26. Remember, your mind works in your best interest. It does what it thinks you want. Even if your outburst was momentary #ListenUpNG

27. To reach beyond our limits, we’ve got to train our minds by being deliberate, specific and positive with the words we use #ListenUpNG

28. Another thing about our minds is the fact that IT HAS BEEN WIRED TO MOVE TOWARDS PLEASURE AND AWAY FROM PAIN! #ListenUpNG

29. #ListenUpNG The use of negative and disempowering words tells the mind to associate pain to the issue/person in question

30. #ListenUpNG Imagine you are doing a task that is not so exciting but necessary. Singing rather than grumbling will tell your mind that you are enjoying it

31. Your mind will believe the task is pleasurable and will encourage and ensure the task is done in record time #ListenUpNG

32. #ListenUpNG Do it with a smile, tell your mind you’ve chosen to do this, I like this etc. Tell it in specific details what you want!

33. #ListenUpNG Your mind doesn’t know the truth except what you feed it! Have you ever watched a movie that is so emotional that you shed a tear or two?

34. Despite knowing that a movie is a mere make-believe or at best a reproduction of past event, the mind doesn’t know the difference #ListenUpNG

35. #ListenUpNG Your mind do not care whether it’s right or wrong, it only responds to pictures and what you tell yourself

36. #ListenUpNG friends! Let’s commit to seeing the right things in our minds’ eyes (imagination) and telling ourselves the right words.

37. To reach beyond our limits this year, we’ve got to train our minds! We’ve got to feed it what is necessary to produce our desired results #ListenUpNG

38. #ListenUpNG Another fact about the mind is that THE WAY WE FEEL ABOUT ANYONE OR ANYTHING IS AN OFFSHOOT of…



41. #ListenUpNG Take for instance you had a bad confrontation with a Yoruba man years ago. You then decided you will never have anything to do with them ever again

42. #ListenUpNG You promised yourself you will always avoid them like a plague so as not to expose yourself to such insolence and hurt again

43. #ListenUpNG Guess what? Your mind had registered your pronouncements and stored it up for future reference.

44. #ListenUpNG You have communicated to your brain that encounters with Yoruba people especially the men are synonymous to ‘PAIN’

45…and your mind will register it as such. Fast forward to 10 years later. Your new boss is a Yoruba man! #ListenUpNG

46. #ListenUpNG You begin to wonder why you never get along! You’ve got to tell your mind the new fact! You’ve got to get rid of your bias & generalisation

47. #ListenUpNG You’ve got to tell your mind what you want and you’ve got to link PLEASURE to it and not PAIN.

48. And to the last awesome fact about our brains that if properly deployed, reaching beyond our limits this year will be a done deal #ListenUpNG

49. #ListenUpNG OUR MINDS LOVE WHAT IS FAMILIAR. The mind is satisfied with the status quo.

50. #ListenUpNG The mind is programmed to do the same thing over and over again even if the results aren’t so desirable.

51. #ListenUpNG To reach beyond your limits and succeed at any level in life, YOU’VE GOT TO MAKE WHAT IS FAMILIAR UNFAMILIAR

52. AND THE UNFAMILIAR FAMILIAR! #ListenUpNG If fear, despair, disappointment, regret, failure etc have been your ‘familiar’ Make them ‘unfamiliar!

53. #ListenUpNG If success, fame, honour, respect, dignity have been your ‘unfamiliar’, make them familiar this year

54. #ListenUpNG This is not faking it! Tell your mind over and over what you want in specific terms and details. That’s how you train your mind!

55. #ListenUpNG This last fact brought to minds these powerful quotes

56. #ListenUpNG Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

57. As you tell your mind over and over what you want, YOU NEED TO BELIEVE IT TOO!


59. Mohammed All said over and over again, “I’m the best…I’m the world’s greatest.” He made his belief and his belief made him.

60. #ListenUpNG He trained his mind with his words and what he saw in his minds’ eyes! He reached beyond his limits and he made a success of himself!

61. #ListenUpNG Hebrews 11:3 Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

62. Do have a fantastic 2017 reaching beyond your limits as you make a success of yourself! Till I come your next week, have a great weekend.

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