Yippee! It’s #JustBeforeVal Welcome to the Val Edition of #ListenUpNG 2016. I bet this will go a long way in making this Val Special for you and yours????

#ListenUpNG 2015 Val Edition was a ‘wow’! #InCaseYouMissedIt Read here:
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Today on #ListenUpNG Val Edition, our guest @uwabeloved is ready to tweet teach on this crucial #RealLifeIssue In #Relationships

In her words, #ListenUpNG “Do you know your Spouse’s Love Language? Do you even know yours?” ~ @uwabeloved

#ListenUpNG “In this season of love, show love the way your spouse and all your loved ones will appreciate it…” ~ @uwabeloved

#ListenUpNG “…learn to speak their love languages because everyone have their own.” ~ @uwabeloved

Hmmm. #ListenUpNG #DearWifeyNG #DearHubbyNG #DearBaeNG #DearBooNG etc have you ever ‘given’ so much and yet, felt unappreciated?

#ListenUpNG Not speaking the LOVE LANGUAGE of your POI – person of interest (be it your child or even your boss) may just be the reason ????

Join me as i host this awesome, passionate and inspiring woman @uwabeloved on board #ListenUpNG Val Edition. You are welcome????????????

1.Hello Everyone. It’s great to be here. I have been looking forward to today! #ListenUpNg

2.Thank you @ KemiOdutayo for this privilege. #ListenUpNg

3.Today on listenupNG, we will be discussing d topic “Speaking your spouse love language” #ListenUpNg

4.Speaking is an aspect of communication & communication is a basic necessity for the success of any relationship #ListenUpNg

5.So speaking your spouse’s love language & getting feedbacks is non negotiable if you want to enjoy your relationship. #ListenUpNg

6.Because love is like tonic, a stimulant that energises and adds gusto to your relationship. #ListenUpNg

7.What is #love? It’s a feeling of strong and constant affection for a person according to Merriam-Webster online dictionary. #ListenUpNg

8a.What are Love languages? #lovelanguage is the manner we best receive love & express affection towards d person we love.#ListenUpNg

8b.So we must bear in mind that everyone, including children have their ways of receiving & expressing love best #ListenUpNg

9.Looking at the definition above, we will notice that “express” is the principal word, and in this context, it is a verb. #ListenUpNg

10.That means speaking your spouse/partner’s love language is an action. It is in the doing, beyond the feelings. #ListenUpNg

11.It is important to know that in order to keep our relationships alive &healthy, we need to keep our emotional love vibrant. #ListenUpNg

12.We therefore have to learn to “speak love” in the language the person we are talking to will understand. #ListenUpNg

13.You cannot expect a yoruba man who doesn’t understand how to speak hausa to be able to transact business in hausa language. #ListenUpNg

14.Even if he tries, things will get muddled up & d transaction dt is meant to benefit both parties wl end up a disaster. #ListenUpNg

15.The challenge however is that most people express love to their partners the way they like to receive it. #ListenUpNg

16a.For example, if gift is my love language, I’l most likely b giving gifts to my partner to show my love. #ListenUpNg

16b.Meanwhile, what he probably wants is words of affirmation, whcih will make my love communication ineffective #ListenUpNg

17.Now lets look at the different types of love languages according to Gary Chapman in his book, The 5 Love Languages.#ListenUpNg

18a.PHYSICAL TOUCH. This involves body contact or physically touching your partner in meaningful and tender ways. #ListenUpNg

19.A lot of people think of sex once they hear this. It is beyond sex. #ListenUpNg

19b.Holding hands, embracing, arms round the shoulders, etc are ways of expressing love thru physical touch. #ListenUpNg

20.To d man/woman whose love language is physical touch, fewer things are more satifying emotionally than tender touches received from a loved one.#ListenUpNg

21a.How do you know that physical touch is your partner’s primary love language? #ListenUpNg

21b.Check out what they usually love to do to show love to you, or constantly complain about or crave for emotionally #ListenUpNg

22a.If your partner says most time that you never touch them unless they touch you first, that’s a pointer. #ListenUpNg

22b.If they always want to touch you, whether in public or private, that’s another pointer. #ListenUpNg

23a.Don’t see this as a sign of over-possessiveness or weakness. They are just trying to “speak” love to you d way they know how to.#ListenUpNg
23b.Please listen to them! Initiate those touches! Speak their language! Give them meaninful touches #ListenUpNg

24a.WORDS OF AFFIRMATION is another love language #ListenUpNg.
24b.This involves D use of word, verbal/written, to validate, praise,appreciate or communicate love to your loved one. #ListenUpNg

23.If your partner loves words of affirmation, praise or appreciation to him wl b like chilled water 2a man coming from d desert.#ListenUpNg

24.How do you know your partner’s love language is words of affirmation? Check their complaints/emotional cravings.#ListenUpNg

25a.Do they usually complain that u are too critical & never give praise or compliments? #ListenUpNg

25b.Do their faces light up when u give a word of praise? Are they quick to give praise or appreciate little things you do? #ListenUpNg

26.To speak this language, learn 2show appreciation to your loved ones.Don’t hold back on praise.Don’t criticise every mistake #ListenUpNg

27.Be quick to say I love you, U are the best, thank you! You look good! You smell good! Your hair is beautiful! Well done!…#ListenUpNg

28.ACTS OF SERVICE is another love language. #ListenUpNg

For this set of people that this is their primarily as their love langiage, action wl always speak louder than voice. #ListenUpNg

29.This means that love is best communicated to this set of people when you do things to help them. #ListenUpNg

30.Helping a woman wash the dishes or watch the baby, helping a man iron his shirt wl communicate love more to them than anything else #ListenUpNg

31.To know if this is your spouse primary love language, again pay attention to their complaints, emotional cravings & ways of expressing love #ListenUpNg
31b.They will more often than not complain that you don’t love them because you don’t help in doing things. #ListenUpNg

32.And when you help out, that is what will be most appreciated. #ListenUpNg

33a.GIFT is another love language. #ListenUpNg

33b.Though a lot of people love gifts, there are however some people that receiving gifts is way they can feel loved d most. #ListenUpNg

34a.If this is your partner’s love language, then speak that language well. #ListenUpNg

34b.Give him/her gifts at every opportunity #birthday #anniversaries #newbaby #christmas #newyear #promotion #anyreason etc. #ListenUpNg

35.The gift need not be expensive. Little gifts can mean a lot to the person whose primary love language is receiving gifts. #ListenUpNg

36.Giving of gifts maybe universal, but to your partner, it speaks to the core of their being, emphasizig that they are loved.#ListenUpNg

37.QUALITY TIME is another love language. It involves making out time for your loved one, giving them your undivided attention. #ListenUpNg

38.Create time to gist together, watch games together, watch movies together, eat together, study the Bible, pray, listen etc. #ListenUpNg

39.Truth is pple who cherish quality time don’t really bother what they are doing, as long as they are with d person they love. #ListenUpNg

40.You may ask at this point, why do I need to bother myself with this love language wahala? #ListenUpNg

41a.Truth be told, in life, fewer things gives the kind of satisfaction and joy a fulfilling relationship gives. #ListenUpNg
41b.You have to give your relationship your very best to enjoy it to the maximum! #ListenUpNg

42.Because nothing works without someone working it. #ListenUpNg

43.Speaking your spouse love laguage helps to keep the emotional love in your relationships alive and enjoyable #ListenUpNg

44.It reduces tension and bitterness in relationships #ListenUpNg

45.It helps to create a loving and enabling environment for or everyone to bloom.#ListenUpNg

46.It enhances productivity in every area of life, because your emotional needs are met and you feel treasured.#ListenUpNg

47.Ultimately, it helps to reduce societal dysfunctionality & u wl agree with me that our society needs all help. #ListenUpNg

48.And a functional society is the bedrock of a successful nation. #ListenUpNg

49.Notthat love languages are not restricted to adults alone. Children also have their love needs & their love languages. #ListenUpNg

50.Colleagues at work, friends and even business partners also need to learn to speak each other’s love languages #ListenUpNg

51.Knowing &practising this will greatly enhance the work relaionships/dynamics and boost productivity and profitability. #ListenUpNg

52a.So ask yourself if you have been speaking your spouse’s love language? #ListenUpNg
52b.If you have, great! Keep at it & improve on it! Bliss in relationship is never too much! #ListenUpNg

53a.If you have been speaking the wrong love language, it’s not too late to start speaking the right one. #ListenUpNg
53b.As long as a seed is planted, there is hope for growth. Not planting at all is where the problem is #ListenUpNg

54.But we must not forget that the ability to love others starts with being able to love ourselves #ListenUpNg

55.Love yourself even with all your imperfections. God knows you are not perfect, yet He loves you anyway #ListenUpNg

56a.So go ahead, discover your own love language(s). #ListenUpNg
56b.What are your emotional cravings? What do you complain of most? How DO YOU show love to others? #ListenUpNg

57a.Your honest answers to the above questions will point out your love language(s). #ListenUpNg
57b.You could also take the test online designed by Gary Chapman using this link http://www.5lovelanguages.com/profile/ #ListenUpNg

58.As you make these discoveries, don’t hold back. Discuss them with your spouse & significant others. #ListenUpNg

59.In Valentine season, be deliberate, make your love communication effective. Hit the Bull’s eye. #ListenUpNg

60.You will be surprised at the turn around these simple principles will evoke in your relationships. #ListenUpNg

61.Happy Valentine’s Day Celebration! God bless you all. #ListenUpNg

Wow! Beautiful presentation! I know after reading this, some of us we have a rethink about what we have planned for this Valentine! Let’s be sensitive, search out our spouse or that POI love language so we can communicate effectively.

Watch out for another inspiring session on #ListenupNG as we further discuss how to spice up our relationships. Happy Valentine!

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