#ListenUpNG Wk7: High Libido – A Blessing or A Curse?

Hi friends! #ListenUp Wk7 with Akoni Araba was eye opening and explosive!
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Good evening tweeps. Thank you @Kemi_Odutayo for this platform and the honor #ListenUp
(2)Today we are tweeting about High Libido. Is it a blessing or a curse? #ListenUp
(3)Libido is simply sexual urges or drive. High libido therefore is high sexual drive or  higher than ” normal” sexual urges. #ListenUp
(4)First off, “normal” sexual drive is difficult to ascertain as what some term normal may be abnormal (too low or too high) for others #ListenUp
5)Think it’s safe to conclude that having a desire for sex 3-5 times a week maybe considered “normal”. #ListenUp
(6)Having marital sex less than a dozen times a month cannot be considered normal.#ListenUp
(7) Some things affect libido-Medication, birth control,disease, poor nutrition, fatigue, alcohol affect sex drive negatively #ListenUp
8. So if your spouse seems to have nosedived in that department, you might consider the aforementioned and correct the situation #ListenUp
(9) Also pregnancy, childrearing and menopause affect female libido #ListenUp
(10)So if your spouse enjoys sex and wants it three times a day everyday or at least twice a week. That na “high libido” situation. #ListenUp
(11)For the person who has a low to normal libido, being married to a person with high libido might pose a problem. #ListenUp
(12)High libido is not a gender issue as either the male or female could be “blessed” with it. #ListenUp
(13)It is understandable that a low libido or normal libido spouse may consider it a curse. #ListenUp
14)In most cases, If its the woman that has a high libido, it is expected that the man would be delighted by this.#ListenUp
(15) If the reverse is the case, the woman who is more emotional than physical might find it burdensome. #ListenUp
(16)Whichever way the pendulum swings, discuss “your need” with your spouse #ListenUp
(17)@praisefowo we did a great job last week regarding communication #ListenUp
18) Sex is like an itch, it must be scratched otherwise the urge becomes a distraction? U should discuss “your need” with ur spouse #ListenUp
(19)A man is moved by what he sees regardless of the song that says I am not moved by what I see. Lol. #ListenUp
(20)So a high libido wife who knows how to “move” her man will “get” him most times. #ListenUp
(20)A normal healthy sexually active male will “respond” to the creative wife. #ListenUp
(21)Ensure that he has a balanced diet so he is healthy and “strong”. Diet affects performance #ListenUp
(22)Yes, cos it’s a strong urge. Once you have tasted it and you liked it you want more #ListenUp
23)Be creative as per location and ambience of the place of encounter #ListenUp
(24)He will consider your high libido a blessing and since you (lady) are getting what you need, so would you #ListenUp
(25) High libido is more of quality sex and not just quantity.#ListenUp
(26) Be sincere and open about what you need and how you want it #ListenUp
(26)You are NOT going to commit adultery so you should make the best of what you have #ListenUp
(27) When the woman has low/normal libido and the man is the energizer bunny this might pose a challenge #ListenUp
(28)A woman’s ears are a powerful sexual organ and are a gateway to her emotions #ListenUp
(29) She is moved by how/what she feels. So if the man is “dauda the sexy guy”, he needs  to work on her emotions so dey don’t hinder him #ListenUp
(30) He needs to know how to get her in the mood and how to build up the momentum #ListenUp
(31) So man up! Understand her buttons and know how and when to press them #ListenUp
(31b) You are not likely to desire something you have never tasted or enjoyed #ListenUp
(32) Men should be patient with their wives. Ignore their own desire sometimes and focus on pleasuring her #ListenUp
(33) An earth shattering orgasm could transform your normal/low libido wife to a high libido one. #ListenUp
(34) Most men are not patient and some do not know what to do. There is more to sex or lovemaking than penetration and ejaculation.#ListenUp
(35) Don’t be ashamed to ask your wife what she wants and how she wants it. Do not take your ego to bed #ListenUp
(36) It must be mentioned that there is a point when high libido will definitely be a curse #ListenUp
(37) When a person is driven by his/her urges and cannot seem to control such urges #ListenUp
(38) Such a person needs help. There is definitely some kind of oppression going on. #ListenUp
(39) I hear the enerrgy used in sex by the man is equivalent to running 4 miles so dem tire Ni #ListenUp
(40) As believers, we have the grace for self-control. When our urges begin to control us, we need to get help #ListenUp
(41)The marriage bed is a place of honor because sex is a thing of honor in marriage! #ListenUp
(42)Having access to your spouses body (temple of the Holy Spirit) is a privilege  #ListenUp
(43)Let us treat each other with respect preferring the other over ourselves  Phil. 2:4 #ListenUp
God bless you and thank you for your time #ListenUp
@AkoniAraba Thank you so much!  It has been most educative and quite enlightening!
#ListenUp I strongly believe God will use these tweets by @AkoniAraba to open the door of communication in most homes so that husband’s and wives will be able to discuss their sexual needs.
Our homes will be blissful in Jesus name. So make it a date every Friday by 4pm on TWITTER where we will be discussing other REAL LIFE ISSUES!

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