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Good evening tweeps. We will be treating a very important topic today, just sit back and #ListenUp Missionary style again? #ListenUp

Warning this session is a master class for married people singles are hereby prohibited from experimenting this lol #ListenUp

Let me welcom you 2 class dis wkend & thanks 2 d host of dis master class bcos bedroom negotiation is a critical part of marriage.#ListenUp

Sex doesn’t stand on its own because it is a form of communication unfortunately not so many people know this #ListenUp

What couples call boring sex or lack of sexual satisfaction in most cases is nothing but communication problem. #ListenUp

Sex in marriage is lyk placing an order & having the order delivered to specification unfortunately many neva specify their order.#ListenUp

While many don’t specify the order the chef also delivers an assumed order & never waits to get a feedback from the customer.#ListenUp

So what happens in most marriages is a case of couples not knowing what d other wants & d other not talking abt what he/she wants.#ListenUp

Then there is a case of comparison especially for those who have been sexually active before marriage & those hooked on porn.#ListenUp

I often tell couples that there is no way the bedroom won’t suffer once communication is messed up.#ListenUp

May I also state that until you understand your partner’s sexual response based on their personality type it may affect ur bedroom.#ListenUp

So when it comes to sex in marriage I like to talk about the 3 course meal of preview, view & review.#ListenUp

Preview is you talking about how best u want sex & ur fantasies with your partner so that expectations is clear before the match.#ListenUp

Preview is both of you expressing your fears, expectations and your erogenous zones to make it easy for body mastery.#ListenUp

Your partner’s body cannot be assumed it must be discovered thru clear knowledge & that is why my emphasis remains communication.#ListenUp

View is your ability to romantically communicate when sex is going on to be sure u are hitting the right buttons & doing it right.#ListenUp

Couples ask me how easy it is to talk during sex & I respond by saying – sex with your spouse should be a tour guide journey.#ListenUp

You must be able to talk while the action is on so that you can get feedback with your spouse and not mess them up.#ListenUp

By talking during the act u are able to know d build up towrds orgasm & are able 2 match their breathing patterns 4 mutual climax.#ListenUp

The 3rd course is review where you get your report cards and look at areas of adjustments against the next session.#ListenUp

It is always good to review cos without a feedback couples can drift apart because of unrealized expectations.#ListenUp

When couples preview, view and review sex becomes a romantic journey to look forward to cos there is always something to learn.#ListenUp

Let me state at this juncture that the goal of sex is to give pleasure to your spouse so let the focus shift from you to him/her.#ListenUp

However I have seen quite a number of cases where couples complain about sex being boring due to monotony.#ListenUp

Missionary has always been the traditional style for many & for the religious especially, any other style is a no no.#ListenUp

Your upbringing to a large extent can affect your bedroom and that is why I often counsel that you must stretch your mind.#ListenUp

Sex is not just abt you or ur preferred style; it is also abt the preferred menu of your spouse & how he/she loves it being served.#ListenUp

Missionary style is the usual style of man on top & woman under him; its often called the dominating style of men in some quarters.#ListenUp

Missionary is quite good because it makes for a full view of each other and there is a body magic that happens when its well done.#ListenUp

However the proponents of missionary alone know that it’s impossible to enjoy missionary during pregnancy.#ListenUp

But its not just about pregnancy its also about the fact that it has it’s limitations unlike some other sex styles.ListenUp

Wiley brand highlighted a couple of them like the penis not providing sufficient stimulation to the clitoris for many women to reach orgasm.#ListenUp

Also the man is resting on his arms and hinders using his hands for additional clitoral stimulation.#ListenUp

The woman’s range of motion is quite limited in the missionary position, other than to thrust upward in time with her partner.#ListenUp

The man could tire easily especially if it goes on for too long.#ListenUp

It can also aggravate premature ejaculation because the man may find it a bit difficult to control ejaculation here.#ListenUp

Loads of women may never experience orgasm with this style in several cases.#ListenUp

Until you become a skilled bedroom negotiator you may not totally enjoy your sex life.#ListenUp

This is because your pleasure actually comes from pleasuring your spouse.#ListenUp

Until your mindset can accommodate some of the things I have said before now it may be hard for you to be open to change.#ListenUp

I have met women who told me any other style outside missionary makes them feel like a prostitute and sometimes that cracks my ribs a bit.#ListenUp

If you are not your spouse’s prostitute who else would you want that prostitute to be? #ListenUp

Truth is you don’t have to just remain a wife in the 21st century you must also be your spouse’s concubine/loveboy as well.#ListenUp

So what are my recommendations?#ListenUp Couples must ensure that the bond of friendship and communication remain intact in their relationship.#ListenUp

Couples must be free to talk about everything and anything including bedroom matters and sexual styles.#ListenUp

You must seek to understand your spouses favorite orders and be sensitive to the change in his/her sexual appetite as time goes on.#ListenUp

Patience is also critical especially when a partner is not totally comfortable with a particular sex style; it shouldn’t be forced.#ListenUp

However couples must also be open minded to unlearn, learn and relearn some styles that can spice up their marriage.#ListenUp

Your body belongs to each other and must be thoroughly explored and maximized in a way that makes you wanna ask for more.#ListenUp

Flirting with your spouse helps put the two of you in the mood and if you can talk about anything you can do anything as well.#ListenUp

Your past knowledge may no longer be relevant now that you are married so you may need to adjust and change your ways.#ListenUp

Your spouse is not your father/mother so the fact that you were told missionary is the way doesn’t make it the only way.#ListenUp

Whatever works for you must be consolidated but like I said ensure you review, view and preview regularly.#ListenUp

Invest in good books that can help spice up your sex lives and ensure you try out some of the new things you learn.#ListenUp

Meditate on your sex lives & catch a new revelation on how to make it better bcos it’s a meal that requires consistent innovation.#ListenUp

Never turn your man down when he really wants to have sex without fixing an appointment he can look forward to.#ListenUp

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when it is not working because someone else has been through your challenges.#ListenUp

Sex is God’s gift to couples and it should be enjoyed not endured hence the need for you to always be at your best.#ListenUp

Good sex requires knowledge and when your knowledge is inadequate it can mess up your bedroom ability.#ListenUp

If you don’t like a style anymore don’t be too emotional about it. Talk to your lover & let him/her understand your drift.#ListenUp

I am sure if the message is well passed the goal would be well scored especially if you are a Ronaldo lol.#LIstenUp

Once your heart is open to learn you can learn the skills that makes you the most valuable player in the bedroom.#ListenUp

Finally missionary is good but there is more to life than missions why don’t you try something different today.#ListenUp

Thanks once again for tonight and hope you have learnt something from all that we have shared.#ListenUp

God bless @KemiOdutayo for this awesome initiative. I honour you sis #ListenUpNG – PRAISE FOWOWE

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