##ListenUpNG Wk4: LONG DISTANCE MARRIAGES by Stephen Akintayo

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‪#‎Did‬ this write up after prayers between 12:30am-2:15am because I attach great importance to it.‪#‎longdistancemarriages‬

#1 Let me start by saying the rate at which marriages fail is at an alarming rate.

#2 particularly amongst great spiritual leaders that you expect to be role models.

#3 success in marriage does not respect titles but is often taken for granted amongst men&women of high calling.

#‎4 Success‬ in marriage is not a function of spirituality alone and that’s why some non believers have sweet marriages

‪#‎5 Successful‬ Marriage is anchored on 3things; 1) Good Knowledge 2) Application of Knowledge 3)Prayers.

#6 All these 3forces are functions of one thing:Conscious decision to have a successful Marriage.

#7 Looking at the topic:Long Distance Marriages &,It will lead me to the begging of Marriage. Genesis 2:20-25.

#8 Specifically we see that Marriage was concieve by God to provide a Help meet.With instruction for the two to become one

#9 Hence Distance in marriage has defeated the purpose of marriage.

#10 Let’s look at issues that lead to Distant     Marriage;Separation,Career,Education, Ministry etc

#11 Many of this factors are controlable factors and can be worked on except if priority is not placed on the importance of marriage.

#12 What are the challenges attached to Distant Marriage?@lanreolusola @feladurotoye @iambankole @LekeAlderQT #longdistancemarriages

#13 First,some statistics showed that marriage is 80% Communication,8% Sex and remaining 12% goes for other factors.

#14 Number1 Distance in Marriage breaks cummunications which is said to comprise 80% of marriage. #longdistancemarriages

#15 if 80% is gone in marriage, what is left?
@praisefowowe @stephenakintayo @IAmSteveHarris @JimiTewe 

#16 Number2 Emotional Challenges.
Women are emotional&affection being.Moved by words&touch.

‪#‎17 When‬ these are missing,a woman is distabilized in marriage.Men on the other hand are moved by Sight.

#‎18 If‬ the wife is not there to provide pleasant sight,other strange woman fills that void.

#19 Number3 Sex Challenge. As a rule when couples are fighting and come to me for counseling. #longdistancemarriages

#20 One of the first question I ask is when last did you have sex.Married couple that have sex regularly have less misunderstanding.

#21 When the marriage is Distance,Sex becomes once in a while and it creates lots of friction. #longdistancemarriages

#‎22 Number‬ 4 and last Challenge Priesthood Challenge. The first purpose of a Man in marriage is to be a Priest.

#‎23 God‬ expects Men to play priestly role which is to provide Spiritual&Mental guidance for the wife.

‪#‎24 Genesis‬ chapter 3 shows how the devil tempt Eve but one fundamental issue was,where was Adam? 

‪#‎25 When‬ the devil tempted Eve, if not for the distance between Adam and Eve,she wouldn’t have fallen.

#26 Adam would have been firm as Men are rational beings while Women are Emotional beings. #longdistancemarriages

#27 Good News is that there is a solution to every problem. What is the way out of Distance marriages? #longdistancemarriages

#28 Solution1 shorten the distance. I have a friend that is based in UK but works in Nigeria.He will sometimes just fly to London&be back a week after

#29 Those who value their marriage do all that to short the distance.No matter the factor keeping you apart,close the distance.

#‎30 Solution2‬ Mentally Reconnect. Some couple don’t even have long distance but are mentally far from each other.

#‎31 Sex‬ and Communication begins from the‪#‎MIND‬. Hence begin to think of seeing your spouse 247.

#32 Sow into your wife’s Emotional Bank Account.This comes by complementary words, Gifts and attention.

#33 Sow into your husband’s Ego Account.God knew why he gave woman the instruction to be submissive.

#34 Even if you know what to do, seek his permission consciously.You will never see a happy home without a submissive wife.

#35 Men only enjoy company of a humble wife.and the way you treat your husband or wife determine how others will treat him or her.

#36 Solution4 Leverage on Digital Gadgets to communicate more; skype, long phone calls, whatsapp etc. Be in touch 247

#37 Happy marriage is not wished into being but cultivated & worked into being. Guess work will only ruin the union.

#38 Solution5 Allign your movements & Work schedule. Create days time for outing & vacations.

#39 Here is a lesson for singles. Conclude your location of residency before marriage. Don’t assume.

#40 A couple got divorced few months after wedding because the Husband has always wanted to be in Nigeria

#41 The wife has always wanted to live abroad, all her relatives are there but never discussed it until after wedding.

#42 It’s important to allign your geography of residence and pick a mutually beneficial location.

#43 Even if it means one person losing his/her job.It is worth sacrificing your career for.You can always get a new career but not a new marriage.

#44 Divorce is worst than death and you will always meet your spouse at events particularly when you have kids together

#45 Each sitting is like dying all over again. Whatever it will cost to save your marriage, please do it!

#46 In the end it is worth it as the goal of the enemy is to truncate the destiny of the next generation through failed homes.

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