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1. I want to thank @KemiOdutayo who has invited me to share a few thoughts about pornography & marriage. #ListenUp

2. Porn => movies, pictures, etc., that show naked people or sex in an open way in order to cause sexual excitement. #ListenUp
3. A lot of twitter avatars fall into this bucket of porn definition so they are technically porn. #ListenUp”
4. A lot of people struggle with porn. These include Christians and non-Christians. #ListenUp”
5. In a recent Church survey, 50% of men confessed 2having an addiction 2porn, 20% of women admitted 2the addiction. #ListenUp”
6. 47 % of married church folk interviewed admitted that porn is causing problems in their marriages. #ListenUp
7. Let us spend a few tweets trying to examine porn in the bible context. #ListenUp”
8. 1 Cor 6:18 – Flee fornication. Fornication includes every sexual activity that is perpetuated outside of marriage. #ListenUp”
9. Sex was created by God for marriage and was designed to be enjoyed within the marriage framework. #ListenUp”
10. God created sex in the bible to be enjoyed between husband & wife, not between husband & husband or wife & wife. #ListenUp”
11. Root word for porn is d Greek word ?porneia? which means ?prostitution; idolatry; fornication; adultery; homosexuality; etc. #ListenUp
12. What porn does to an individual is to first create images of sexual fantasies that take hold of the mind, will & emotions. #ListenUp
13. You don’t get up from a session of porn watching and immediately feel like praising God. No! U feel like screwing a woman. #ListenUp
14. Even Jesus knew d effect of porn on people?s minds. By the way there was loads of porn activity going on in ancient times. #ListenUp
15. The idols and heathen gods were worshipped during orgy ceremonies. Baal had prostitutes who raised money for that purpose. #ListenUp
17. Matt 5:28 ..That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart. #ListenUp
18. ?Looking upon a woman? lustfully means you have undressed her and slept with her in your thoughts & imagination. #ListenUp
19. Converse also applies, there are women who have also undressed and had sex with men already in their thoughts & imagination. #ListenUp
20. Whatever you fill your mind with through your eye gates and ear gates, is what ultimately finds expression in your life. #ListenUp
21. People who keep child porn are a danger cos they are just a few secs away from acting out their fantasies on kids. #ListenUp
22. Porn acted by adults has no different effect. Only difference is that the actors are grown-ups with no legal restrictions. #ListenUp
23. Porn is mostly acted by people who are not married to each other. This means that its a capture of fornication in progress. #ListenUp
24. If God commands us to flee the act of fornication, why then should we for any reason store Gigabytes of it on our devices. #ListenUp
25. We are not only supposed to flee fornication, we are also supposed to block the exposure of our senses to images of it. #ListenUp
26. Lot’s wife who was meant to be escaping the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra became salt cos she craved life back there. #ListenUp
27. This means that you will not achieve your full potential in God if you spend time cherishing what God said you should flee #ListenUp
28. Sexual fantasies created by porn are a form of idolatry cos they involve a devotion to his ability to fulfilling his needs #ListenUp
29. There is a fallacy that porn is ok for married people since they would have sex with themselves if they feel aroused by it. #ListenUp
30. There is also a delusion that the introduction of porn into a marriage will help spice up the sex lives of couples. #ListenUp
31. While it almost appears difficult to dispute that you may learn a few new bedroom styles, the damage outweighs d benefits. #ListenUp
32. I will itemise reasons why it is WRONG for any Christian couple to resort to porn as their sex tutorials. #ListenUp
33. (1) Porn is acted by demon-possessed individuals and u open ur marriage to demonic influence making them ur sex tutors. #ListenUp
34. (2) You replicate what you see. Would you invite your neighbour round for a 3-some like you just watched? #ListenUp
35. (3) Sex was given by God. Why would God require the help of demon possessed people to help you understand it? #ListenUp
36. (4) You just watched a man who did strokes for 25 mins before coming. Your husband cant go that long. What next? #ListenUp
37. (5) U just watched a flexible lady in that porn. Urt wife is too fat to twist that way. Fantasies start about ur skinny PA. #ListenUp
38. (6) Porn is a glorification of what you should not be doing as married people. That is casual sex outside marriage. #ListenUp
39. (7) The amount of Gigabytes that porn takes up on your laptop is proof that this is a satanic addiction. #ListenUp
40. (8) If it takes porn to get your equipment going, it effectively means your spouse aint sexually attractive to you. Trouble! #ListenUp
41. (9) If you have to watch porn to have good sex with your wife, it means you are indeed in #SoulTies with the porn actress. #ListenUp
42. (10) If porn has to be a pre-cursor to great sex in ur bedroom, u may lust after ur boss who has same specs with actor. #ListenUp
43. (11) Hardly does any man use porn to boost his marital sex life without cheating on his wife ultimately. Porn has demons. #ListenUp
44. (12) Even if u are both virgins, it’s worth experimenting with yourselves for a few days since you’ll be married for decades. #ListenUp
45. (13) Even if you are both virgins and very naive, you should ask another couple for tips before getting married, not porn. #ListenUp
46. (14) The illusion created by porn that your spouse can never attain to will lead to frustrations in your marital sex life. #SoulTies
47. (15) If you really enjoyed the porn, when you have sex with your wife, you see images of the porn actress in your mind. #ListenUp
48. (16) Porn has a twin called masturbation. Porn is a demon that invites masturbation demons when your spouse is absent. #ListenUp
49. (17) Porn addiction for both of you means that satan has full access to your sex lives and can twist your minds freely. #ListenUp
50. (18) Porn brings no glory to Jesus and effectively establishes both of you in idolatry cos you don’t depend on God. #ListenUp
51. (19) Porn stored in your house will eventually be found by your kids. Kids rape siblings after one porn viewing. #ListenUp
52. (20) Porn effectively becomes the indispensable 3rd party in your marriage. Porn at the top and you both below. #ListenUp
53. These are 20 submissions I have about the unsuitability of porn for a Christian marriage. #ListenUp
54. If you are already into porn as a married couple, you will be well advised to take the following steps. #ListenUp
55. (1) Delete your subscriptions to the porn channels and delete your stash of porn on all your devices. #ListenUp
56. (2) Start a process of filling your heart with God’s Word according to Ps 119:9-11 #ListenUp
57. (3) Commit your marriage to God in worship and acknowledge God as being more knowledgeable about sex than porn actors. #ListenUp
58. (4) Spend time together praying in the spirit so that the Holy Spirit will take control of your marriage rather than flesh. #ListenUp
59. (5) Speak words of authority, faith and power from the bible over yourselves to cleanse yourselves of mental filth. #ListenUp
60. (6) Disconnect from every association outside your marriage that you formed based on a common porn interest. #ListenUp
61. Hey guys, I have to run now. Please check out my site on #SoulTies here. http://t.co/kAiXBMtYZcBB: 52C7F3CD #ListenUp

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