Hello friends, below is the compilation of today’s tweets by Ayo Daniels. You can also click this link for the storify version.


I pray you will be as blessed as I am while reading them.

1.Great evening loved ones, welcome to another friday of #ListenUp Wk2 ~ @ayodaniels

2.My name is Ayo Daniels and am delighted to be with you today as we rub minds…#ListenUp Wk2

3…together on a subject am passionate about. I will be willing to answer your questions today #ListenUp Wk2

4…or if you want to pass them on to our hostess @kemi_odutayo #ListenUp Wk2

5.I will answer them straight into your email boxes~@ayodaniels #ListenUp Wk2

6.@kemi_odutayo also have my permission to tweet these on my behalf in case of bad network from my end~@ayodaniels

7.I know I have with me on this platform, today married couples who have been married for years #ListenUp Wk2

8.Some have had it good despite all the challenges but…#ListenUp Wk2

9.Some others have had it tough because of what the daily experiences have thrown at them #ListenUp Wk2

10.While others are thinking of throwing in the towels because of the current ongoing issues #ListenUp Wk2

11.No matter where we stand today, the pain, disappointment, unfulfilled expectations…#ListenUp Wk2

12…hurts, bitterness, name callings, marriage is good!~@ayodaniels #ListenUp Wk2

13.Marriage is a covenant relationship, ordained by God…#ListenUp Wk2

14….guided by His commandment, established for the welfare and happiness of mankind.#ListenUp Wk2

15.Every valuable product is conceived in the mind of the manufacturer…#ListenUp Wk2

16…and it is always accompanied with a valuable manual which provides valuable insight…#ListenUp

17…into the product and help ease of maintenance and service management #ListenUp Wk2

18.The foundation of any successful marriage whether it is 1day, 10, 15 or 50years…#ListenUp Wk2

19…is the full understanding that it is a covenant relationship and never a partnership agreement #ListenUp Wk2

20.Every partnership agreement is drawn with an exit strategy #ListenUp Wk2

21.In case the contractual or partnership arrangement becomes unfavorable~@ayodaniels #ListenUp Wk2

22.Marriage is a covenant synergy relationship…#ListenUp Wk2

23…between God the author of marriage, the man and the woman~@ayodaniels #ListenUp Wk2

24.Every engine malfunction refer to the maintenance manual to resolve any issue as regards performance #ListenUp Wk2

25.So we need 2reference the manual of the author of marriage…#ListenUp Wk2

26…to be able to properly diagnose and proffer solution~@ayodaniels #ListenUp Wk2

27.In the manual you will read the following “he who finds a wife, finds a good thing…#ListenUp Wk2

28…and has obtained the favor of God” #ListenUp Wk2

29.”Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and shall be cleave to his wife #ListenUp Wk2

30.And the two shall be made one” Marriage is honourable in all and the bed undefiled” #ListenUp Wk2

31.A wise woman builds her home but a foolish one pluck it down with her own hands” #ListenUp Wk2

32.Children are heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb a reward” #ListenUp Wk2

33.”And the man and the woman were naked and they were not ashamed”
#ListenUp Wk2

34.All the malfunctions in the engine of our marriages are categorised under 4 major headings #ListenUp Wk2

35.Communication, Money, Sex and Relationships (In, Middle and Out-laws) lol! #ListenUp Wk2

36.Have you given up on your marriage, or you are in process trying to patch it up? #ListenUp Wk2

37.Or at the moment, you are seriously considering it(giving up)?~@ayodaniels #ListenUp Wk2

38.Why not take some moment today and think back on your relation when you first met your spouse? #ListenUp

39.The proposal, acceptance, introduction, engagement, wedding ceremony #ListenUp Wk2

40.The early months until you realized you were pregnant, the joy of parenting #ListenUp Wk2

41.The achievements in your careers, the good times and the bad times that you pull through together? #ListenUp Wk2

42.Ponder on all these today as if there are no current issues~@ayodaniels #ListenUp Wk2

43.The manufacturer manual always refer us to the very beginning #ListenUp Wk2

44.So take a moment today before you say, ” No more!”~@ayodaniels #ListenUp Wk2

45.Remember how it was in the very beginning of your relationship #ListenUp Wk2

46.You will probably summarised yours as a relationship filled with love, trust…#ListenUp Wk2

47… openness, commitment and romance~@ayodaniels #ListenUp Wk2

48.Then for one moment look beyond the present issues and reflect on the man and…#ListenUp Wk2

49…the woman you got married to, their persons, what attracted you to them in the first place #ListenUp Wk2

50.Just like an engine need to go for a routine maintenance check for effective performance…#ListenUp Wk2

51.It has been researched that every marriage whether it’s faring well or going through challenges…#ListenUp Wk2

52…need to do a yearly reality check to assess the relationship along the 4 indices highlighted earlier on #ListenUp Wk2

53. A lot of us usually think changing our spouses will resolve the rising issues in our marriages #ListenUp Wk2

54.I dare say under God that human beings are the same at all times~@ayodaniels #ListenUp

55.Marriage is a garden and you and I have the God given mandate to tender ours under God #ListenUp Wk2

56.If you realized that the issues confronting your marriage are outside the highlighted #ListenUp Wk2

57.Pls do the following: a. Seek for a marriage counsellor advice. You may need to go through a therapy session with your spouse #ListenUp Wk2

58.b.Buy books and study along the area of your present challenges #ListenUp Wk2

59.c. Learn to daily pray for your spouse which will help you deal with resentment and hurt towards them #ListenUp Wk2

60.d.Pray for God’s sustaining grace through the storm, especially for your children… #ListenUp Wk2

61…because the enemy doesn’t delight in the unity of a family~@ayodaniels #ListenUp Wk2

62.e.Speak well of your spouse to your kids and others as you anticipate change in your home #ListenUp Wk2

63.I pray for the release of God’s grace over your home~@ayodaniels #ListenUp Wk2

64.I declare peace over your home. I decree a turn around in your marital situations~@ayodaniels #ListenUp Wk2

65.Peace to every storm! The siege is over, the devil cannot steal your peace, marital vows and family. Shalom!!!~@ayodaniels #ListenUp Wk2

Wow!!! Thank you so much, sir! We appreciate your time and these wisdom you shared with us on #ListenUp Wk2 @ayodaniels

May grace and more wisdom be multiplied unto you, sir! @ayodaniels #ListenUp Wk2

In case you have any questions or you want to connect with @ayodaniels, you can tweet at him. #ListenUp Wk2

Or send him a mail at ayodaniels@lighthouseng.org #ListenUp Wk2

Our homes are blessed and blissful in Jesus name! Till next week friday, same time, continue to #ListenUp

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