Wow! Another Friday is here! Today on #ListenUpNG, Coach Sam Obafemi shared on the topic MIND YOUR TEMPER. Temper is an expression of our anger or displeasure at someone or something. It has been discovered that unresolved ANGER can fester and degenerate into something dangerous.

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Today, I am scheduled to discuss 'Mind your temper' so let's go #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

1. When we encounter the word 'mind', it comes with a dose of weight. It is a call to action. This is responsibility. #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

2. 'Mind' suggests that you CAN do what follows the word. It already grants you power to activate an action. It says 'MASTER', 'MANAGE' or 'OVERSEE' #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

3. Why should you be asked to master your temper in the first place? What is the consequence of not doing so? What's TEMPER? #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

4. Temper ordinarily implies an emotional response or reaction. Temper suggests that you have to react to an action or behaviour #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

5. Temper, however, does NOT automatically imply an outburst or 'anger' as we are made to believe‎. Temper is a reaction: empowering or disempowering #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

6. ‎So to 'mind temper' is to OWN and DETERMINE what one wants to do when an incidence occurs. It says 'I must be responsible for what I am going to do' #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

7. Is it possible to master an emotional reaction? #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

8. This is an argument that has lingered for a while… many believe they do not have control over 'some' incidences. #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

9. But when you look at the contexts that affect our decisions, you'd see lots of will and control being ignored #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

10. I ask people: if the person who triggers your emotion is your Employer or Parent or Mentor, would you get upset? Of course, Yes!!! #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

10b. But would you RETALIATE to this person in (10)? Most likely a 'No' #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

11. But if this person in 10 is a colleague, subordinate or lower rank, our reactions would surely be more punitive than not #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

12. What this clarifies is that we subject our reactions based on WHOM the Offender is. So, YES!!!, we can master our emotions #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

13. Why is there a need to 'mind our temper'? #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

14. When you look back at all your life to date, you'd have noticed that for every sour outcome, you could have handle an incidence better than you did #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

15. The first reason to mind your temper is because: There is a Future in every relationship & life. Be reasonable #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

16. Another reason to mind your temper is that your hormones work directly with your temper. If positive, you release stimulating hormone‎s #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

17. If you‎ are negative tempered, you release acidic hormones that hurt you. Mind your Temper to stay healthy in your body #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

18. Thirdly, minding your temper makes you become a natural leader. People are attracted to individuals who show capacity to be on top of their emotions #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

19. They see in you the possibility of being like you so they pay attention to what you say and do ‎#ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

20. How can you Mind your Temper? #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

21. I invite you to buy my audio CD titled #AngerMastery101 for a full course on building capacity to mind your temper. #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

22. Please contact Femi (@ReadersTweets) on 08137229888‎ for your copies #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

23. To mind your temper, please do the following: #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

23a. Invest in Personal Mastery: there is immense power in self awareness. The more you know what you do literally, the greater your chances #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo

23b. Invest in Social Mastery: the more you know who YOU are, the more you know whom OTHERS are. #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

23c. Risk Permissions: this is tough but it is critical. Allow people be themselves. When people are accepted for whom they are, they flourish‎ #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

23d. Stay in Empowered State: whatever action you take, always make sure your state of mind is empowering. Anything that disempowers you, avoid #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

‎23e. Communicate Assertively: for every offense you feel, say it out. Never conceal a hurt or pain. It is self-deprecating. Always share how you feel #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

23e-i. In communicating, explore a 'best approach' methodology: ask is verbal/spoken or written ‎or illustrated or via a third party my best approach? #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

23f. Own the entire process of your life: when you are upset, look inwards & ask what did I do to receive this 'feedback'? Almost everything we get is feedback #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

24. With these tips, you are on your way to being a master of your life. I know you will. God bless you #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

25. Thank you @Kemi_Odutayo. Thank you all for every RT & Comment. Grateful!!! #ListenUp 

26. #maktub (c)19062015 Coach‎ samOBAFEMI, #BehaviouralChangeAdvisor; IG: @sobafemi; BBM pin:2BF89A9C #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo 

27. Let's take questions now. Thank you. #ListenUp @Kemi_Odutayo  Coach samOBAFEMI
Behavioural Change Advisor 
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Till next week when we will be rounding up the JUNE EDITION on #ListenUp, MIND YOUR TEMPER!

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