Hello friends! In this session we are going to be embarking on another journey of recovery! To discover and rediscover our PURPOSE, the essence of our being! I always believe that my life is too small and too 'insignificant'(permit me to use this word) in the scheme of things, for it to be the whole essence of my existence! #ReadRestRelaxAndReflect on the compiled tweets below as our guest today, Godwin Uwubamen leads us in this journey.
1. Hi, I want to thank @kemi_odutayo for the privilege to reach up to you guys through her platform. #ListenUp 2. My name is Godwin Uwuba'men, a pastor & personal discovery coach, I love helping people discover purpose. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 3. "When the purpose of a thing is unknown; abuse becomes inevitable". #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 4. Last tweet, a quote credited to Dr. Myles Munroe is urge-ably one of the greatest quote on purpose discovery. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 5. Every human challenge is the result of undiscovered purpose, unfulfilled assignment & a distorted destiny. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 6. Everybody is designed for optimum performance basically in the area of their God-given assignment. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 7. Performance suffers, ability is wasted & life becomes frustrating when people attempt to operate outside of purpose. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 8. The design of every product is key to it's purpose – the problem it's designed to solve. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 9. Nobody sets out to create without a definite purpose in mind, every product is designed for a reason. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 10. Indeed, you are a product that's designed to appear in a given era to solve some set of problem(s). #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 11. The Bible is a proven source of knowledge about life let's consult it for a clear understanding. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo  12. One of my favourite scriptures on purpose discovery is in Ephesians 2:10. The NIV version in the next tweet. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 13. "For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do". #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 14. Key sentences in Ephesians 2:10 are 'WE ARE GOD'S HANDIWORK' 'CREATED FOR GOODWORKS' & PREPARED IN ADVANCED'. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 15. Highlights of the 3 key sentences will form the background of our discussion on "What on earth am I here for". #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 16. The 1st Key sentence taken from Ephesian 2:10 is "WE ARE GOD'S HANDIWORK" this knowledge is critical. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 17. An understanding of your origin is a key aspect of your attempt to discover why you are here. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 18. The purpose of a product can be abused if the manufacturers opinion is ignored or taken lightly. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 19. The simplest way to discover the purpose of a thing is to consult the manufacturer. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 20. Hence an understanding of your origin is critical to the discovery of what on earth you are here for. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 21. It's very important that you connect with your source in other to know why you are here. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 22. The 2nd key sentence as captured in Ephesians 2:10 is that we are "CREATE FOR GOOD WORKS". #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 23. You will never be too far away from your assignment if you live to do good. That's the sum of all human purpose on earth. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 24. The central theme of our assignment is about people. We live to make life better for others. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 25. Don't worry about being successful or popular keep doing good and all that will come to you. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 26. You will discover your value only when you discover the problems you were designed to solve. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 27. What problems are you passionate about solving – the answer will take you closer to why you are here. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 28. The 3rd & last key sentence drawn from Ephesian 2:10 is "PREPARED IN ADVANCE FOR US" #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 29. Your assignment existed long before your appearance, it's not your duty to create a purpose for yourself. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 30. You are the answer to a question, the solution to a problem – your purpose existed before you. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 31. You are a VIP, every human being is important because we all carry solutions to human challenges. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo  32. If only we realise this, governments will make education & human capacity development a priority. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 33. Every distortion to purpose breeds lots of societal challenges & problems. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 34. Likewise every purpose & assignment fulfilled makes the world a better place. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 35. God's will for mankind awaits the discovery & fulfilment of human purpose & assignments. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 36. Every human purpose & assignment is central to God's will & plan for humanity. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 37. God will never do anything on earth until somebody is acting out a pre-ordained or assigned role. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 38. Godliness is profitable unto all things & your spirituality can aid your ability to discover & fulfil your assignment. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 39. But the issues that concern the discovery & fulfilment of human assignment aren't purely religious issues. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 40. Your assignment answers to ability, creativity, capacity etc more than your religiosity. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 41. God is not looking for religious people per se, He's looking for capable & qualified people with the right work ethics. #listenUp @kemi_odutayo 42. If you lack capacity & character an atheist with better abilities stands a better chance of been used by God #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 43. Religious people won't like that but that's the practical truth. Religion without capacity is lame. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo 44. It's capacity & ability that gives legitimacy to your desire to accomplish your assignment. #ListenUp 45. The absence of capacity & ability will disqualify you from fulfilling your assignment. #ListenUp 46. This is one of the key reasons why you need to discover why you are here well in advance. #ListenUp 47. It enables you to develop yourself in line with your God – given purpose & assignment. #ListenUp 48. I wish this tweet will spur you on a journey toward's the discovery of what you are here for. #ListenUp 49. This is just a foundation, I hope this tweet will spur you on a journey towards self discovery. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo
50. Equip yourself WITH KNOWLEDGE for that good work which He has called you to fulfil. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo
51. Remember when you walk in purpose, no one despises you because you become RELEVANT AND PRODUCTIVE to us all. Enjoy grace!. #ListenUp #DicoverYou @kemi_odutayo
Hmmm. Profound words from @PGwins. Please reflect on these! In case you discover you are on the wrong road, please retrace your steps. It doesn't matter how far or how fast you have gone, if its the wrong road, you can NEVER reach your destination.

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