Welcome to the month of May! I have the singular honor of hosting someone so dear to me on this edition of #ListenUp . He is a man of #Faith #Experience and #Depth. I have known him for over 2 decades! He is no other than my hubby of 14years and counting! @KayodeOdutayo!
Below is the compilation of his tweets. I implore you to conquer your fears, take off the mask and dare to know who God really purposed you to be! #ReadRestRelaxAndReflect on these as they will take you on a journey of SELF-DISCOVERY and SELF-ACTUALISATION.
1/It is a privilege to be on this platform to share some few thoughts with you about yourself. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo
2/I want to thank @kemi_odutayo for this opportunity. ListenUp has reached & transformed so many lives. I pray that many more will discover themselves #ListenUp
3/I will be sharing on GETTING  TO KNOW ME – who really am i? #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo @iamtundeadisa
4/There is nothing as good as you discovering and feeling good about yourself. So, join me in this journey of SELF-DISCOVERY. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo
5/I was given a basket of fruit recently which are of different kinds. Each fruit has its flavour and taste. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo
6/In the basket are fruit like orange, pear, coconut, melon, apple, pineapple, grape, and many others. I can see your mouth is salivating. Lol!#ListenUp
7/You know what? I realised that we are just like the different kinds of fruit. We have our own flavour and make-ups. #ListenUp
8/But the process of getting the juice out of each fruit is different. I mean there are also different methods of extraction #ListenUp
9/Some fruit just need to be washed and eaten while some need to be peeled and eaten. Some even need to be squeezed while eating.#ListenUp
10/Do you realise that that is also how we are and who we are? But the unfortunately…#ListenUp
11/…some of us don’t know this and those that do don’t like it. #ListenUp
12/There are so many comparisons going on! So many suppositions about who we are and who we are not. #ListenUp
13/Oh, I can’t blame people really! Who will see the ease at which juice is extracted from an apple…#ListenUp
14/…and not prefer it to that of a coconut which is quite cumbersome? Firstly, the coconut needs to be broken! #ListenUp
15/Friends, either way, there is one common defining factor in all; they all have juice in them! #ListenUp
16/Please note that you are a unique person. #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo
17/You have something in you that the world needs. It is very special and fulfilling. It is uniquely YOU! #ListenUp
18/Also note this: we don’t use the process of juice extraction to define the fruit. #ListenUp
19/I observed that many have used the process of extracting ‘the juice in us’ to define us. In other words, the process doesn’t always determine the product! #ListenUp
20/Many of us have used our circumstances to define who we are. We have even submitted to people’s definition of us. #ListenUp
21/I am begging you, don’t  give up on yourself now because the real you is still unfolding! #ListenUp @kemi_odutayo
22/You might be like the orange fruit that needs to be peeled and then squeezed before its true value/juice can be discovered and extracted. #ListenUp
23/Whatever your own process of extraction is, submit for the REAL YOU to come out! #ListenUp
24/There is need for you to discover your make up and focus more on becoming a better you. #ListenUp
25/You cannot discover yourself in a day. Many things needs to happen to you to bring out the real you. Life needs to happen. #ListenUp
26/You don’t know the potential in you until you are faced with one challenge or the other. #ListenUp @iamtundeadisa
27/Remember the story of a fat boy who never believed he had what it takes to jump a 6-foot fence until he was pursued by a mad dog. #ListenUp
28a/In other words, what you are going through is not meant to kill you but to make you. But YOU determine the outcome. #ListenUp
28b/Please don’t use who you are presently and who you were in the past to define WHO YOU TRULY ARE! YOU ARE MORE THAN THESE! #ListenUp
28c/Let me quickly say that for you to know who you are, you need to know who you are not. I will just like to mention who or what you are not #ListenUp
29/YOU ARE NOT WHAT PEOPLE SAY YOU ARE. You need to understand that people have different opinions of you but it is just their opinion! #ListenUp
30/Everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion. Their opinion of  you is based on their perception of you which is coloured by who they are. #ListenUp
31/Note this, YOU don’t see things the way they are, YOU see things the way you are! And everyone act based on their knowledge per time. #ListenUp
32/So don’t settle for what people say about you. You are too loaded to fail. Don’t short change yourself #ListenUp
33/YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOUR PAST SAYS YOU ARE. Your beginning has little or nothing to do with your becoming. #ListenUp
34/It is your believing that determines your becoming. Your past is not meant to define you, it is meant to prepare you. #ListenUp
35/Because you have failed before does not mean you are a failure. Your background is not an excuse for your back to be on the ground #ListenUp
36/Someone may have been responsible for destroying your yesterday,but he does not have access to your tomorrow except you let him/her! #ListenUp
37/You are not just a product of sexual intercourse. You are not a mistake! Many believe that they are products of mistake. Pity. #ListenUp
38/The plan of the devil is that you don’t discover who you truly are. He tries to distort who you really are and does not want you to see the total package of your person. #ListenUp
39/Relax, don’t worry, the devil has not changed. He is still using the same old trick he used from the very beginning. We know his antics! #ListenUp
40/Remember he asked who Adam and Eve were? He questioned what God said about them. He made them question their identities. #ListenUp
41/The devil uses Low Self Image, Comparison, Your Past, Fear and many more to distort who you are but don’t allow him. #ListenUp
42/I have said so many things about who you are not, now let me quickly say something about who you are. #ListenUp
43/You are wonderfully and fearfully made. I know you have heard this before but it is true. Your creator says so! #ListenUp
44/There is something unique about you. You are special with great gifts inside of you crying for expression. #ListenUp
45/Because of your uniqueness, God will use your mess and turn it into a message. What you are going through are just tools that God will use to make u. #ListenUp
46/You are a treasure that is not just found anywhere! A treasure only needs to be discovered. #ListenUp
47/You are who God says you are. You did not fall from heaven, you are created by God (not the devil or circumstance by GOD) #ListenUp
48/Every product comes with a manual attached. You are God’s product. You need to know what the manual says about you. #ListenUp
49/God does not see you by your past, he sees you by your future. God calls you based on what he made of you. #ListenUp
50/You need to know what is written about you if you don’t want to be beaten. U re cheating urself by not discovering who u are. #ListenUp
51/Friends, I can continue to say more on this but I just feel there is need for me to speak(tweet.lol.) to the GIANT in you. #ListenUp
52/You are more than this! Don’t settle for less. You can make it and you will make it. #ListenUp
53/You need to be sincere with yourself. You have one life to live, live it to fulfil purpose. Live it deliberately! #ListenUp
54/Stop living your life to impress people. The more you impress them the more depressed you become. #ListenUp
55/Stop all these comparisons! You are a coconut, they are apples. They need to break u to get the ‘juice’ out of u. But not so with them. #ListenUp
56/You are not in competition with anybody. Stop living your life to please people. The world needs the real u. You are created to be different! #ListenUp
57/Discover yourself and define yourself. If you look down on yourself, no one will look up to you. #ListenUp
58/You have a place on earth. You can make it if you don’t give up. God has not given up on you, so don’t give up on yourself #ListenUp
59/There are no limits on what you can achieve with your life, except the limits you accept in your mind. Greatness awaits you. Don’t limit yourself.#ListenUp
60/You can never rise higher than your expectations of yourself. Expect the best & you will experience the best.#ListenUp
61/The beauty of a thing is in that thing. What will make you better is in YOU. Discover it. #ListenUp
62/You may succeed if nobody believes in you but you will never succeed if you don’t believe in yourself. Make your life count now.#ListenUp
63/What people believe about you does not really count, it is what you believe about yourself. I believe in you, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. #ListenUp
64/Thank you very much for taking time to follow my tweets. And thank you @kemi_odutayo for this privilege. Enjoy grace. #ListenUp

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