Hello peeps! #ReadRestRelaxAndReflex on the compiled tweets. I trust these will give you the nudge you need to take that business to the next level! Let’s start off with a quote from our Guest, Sunmbo Adeoye.
Without long-term goals and visions to work towards, your company wont be scalable #ListenUp For more on how to take your Bizns to the next level ~ Sunnbo
1/ Good day everyone! I’ll like to welcome you to this week’s Edition of #ListenUp. We will be discussing #HowToTakeYourBusinessToTheNextLevel
2/ Thank you @kemi_odutayo for this live transforming initiative. #ListenUp My prayer is that after this chat, Bizns growth ideas will be born
3/ To my readers, let’s make #ListenUp interactive. If you have any business growth related questions, kindly tweet me & we’ll discuss a solution
4/ I want to believe your bizns have been going well & you’ve decided its time to take it to the next level, then this #TweetChat is for YOU. #ListenUp
5/ Before U consider Growth in business, make sure a vision has been established, and a plan already mapped out. #ListenUp
6/ You don’t want to be caught running before you can walk. #ListenUp
7/ First thing you need to do is assess where the growth will come from & focus on it. Do you need new customers or a diff strategy? #ListenUp
8/ Spend time thinking about what makes your business proposition unique. #ListenUp #TakingYourBiznsToTheNextLevel
9/ What is attractive about you to your customers, what value do you add & what are they looking for? #ListenUp #TakingYourBiznsTotheNextLevel
10/ Secondly, you need to identify your area of strength. But more importantly where you need to improve. #ListenUp #TakingYourBiznsTotheNextLevel
11/ You may get away with inefficiencies in the early stages of business, but if you’re serious about growing, these issues must be addressed #ListenUp
12/ Make Sure you don’t compromise on what you offer. Be it Goods or Services. Render your services Well and as efficiently as possible. #ListenUp
13/ As an entrepreneur in the service-rendering industry, from experience, I can tell you will come across twists and turns along the way. #ListenUp
14/ When you get to such point in bizns, remember the vision of where you are headed & make sure you think ahead, not just focusing on the present #ListenUp
15/ Business runs on a definite plan but issues arise and many may want to deviate from the Plan. My advice is – Keep your Eye on the Vision. #ListenUp
16/ Without long-term goals and visions to work towards, your company simply won’t be heading to the next level #ListenUp
17/ Another factor to consider is “HIRING”. I know your business has been about YOU!  You have put the vision & mission together & even funds #ListenUp
18/ Any business that will grow beyond the owner must be ready to hire more competent hands . #ListenUp
19) You have to delegate at some point. So Get new hands to do the day-to-day activities & you can concentrate on the strategic side of your businesses.#ListenUp
20) Never hire out of sentiment. I got to a point in business where I realised that getting the right staff will save you the stress of hiring & firing #ListenUp
21/ You also need to have a structure where your business accounts are documented & audited. #ListenUp #TakingYourbusinesstotheNextLevel
22/ As a Biz owner who want the business to grow, never use business money for personal expenses. It will ruin the business #ListenUp
23/ Be disciplined and accountable #TakingyourBusinessTotheNextLevel #ListenUp
24/ While on the hedge of growth or expansion, your Bizns will need more funds. There are plenty options but the most common is bank Loan. #ListenUp
25/ #ListenUp if you must borrow, pls make sure you have a repayment plan & Use the borrowed funds only for the essentials. #TakingYourBiznsTotheNextLevel
26/ At the point where you have the right expertise on board & the needed funds for Growth, the next thing to consider is IMPROVEMENT #ListenUp
27/ The world evolves & so does business and services. Don’t run your Bizns the same old way, then you can do it better by getting some training. #ListenUp
28/ Creatively think of innovative ways of doing your Bizns such that it attracts the sector you are focusing on & it solves their problem #ListenUp
29/ Train your team too. They represent the business when you ain’t there. #ListenUp #TakingYourBusinessTotheNextLevel
30/ If you indeed follow this advice & many others shared by successful entrepreneurs, I believe your business will Get to the next level & surpass it
Thank u @kemi_odutayo for having me on #ListenUp this week. God bless You!
And thank you @sunmbo for these wise advice gleaned from personal experience. So folks, what are we waiting for? Let’s take our businesses to the next level!

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