Hello friends! In this month’s edition of #ListenUp, I have the singular honour of hosting a mentor of mentors, Steve Akoni! He kicked off our April sessions by sharing with us basic, practical and easy-to-follow tips,  if you are planning or thinking of launching out on your own!
His tweets are thoughts provoking and will ensure you think through and think hard ‘BEFORE YOU SACK YOUR BOSS!’ They will also motivate you to be the best you can in your field! A must read for everyone. Pls #ReadRestRelaxAndReflect on these tweets. May we not be stranded in our quest for financial freedom and empowerment! You can also get the #Storify story here  sfy.co/p0lbk (tweets and images)

Let’s start with this quote:

A wish without work is a waste of wisdom. Wishes are fantastic but they need to be worked out!
~ Steve Akoni
1/ Happy Holidays.
A time off work is a good time to reflect on WHERE your current work is taking you #ListenUp
2/ Wishes are fantastic but they need to be worked out! Wishes without work is a waste of wisdom #ListenUp
3/ Final destination for every vocational activity is FULFILLMENT. Lack of job satisfaction is a need for more frequent reflection #ListenUp
4/ Topic of discussion:
5/ What you are paid to do may be different from what you are born or gifted to do #ListenUp
6/ The OBJECTIVE is to move you from wishes to action based on what you’ve always wanted to do to be happy #ListenUp
7/ Here’s a TWEET TALK to take you to full personal satisfaction based on the deployment of your skills and abilities #ListenUp
8/ REASONS you sack your boss:
-Escape hassles of present boss
-Learn from another boss
-Be your own boss #ListenUp
9/ Shifting GEAR is different from changing CARS. This is more for those CHANGING cars;
Moving from same and old to something different and new #ListenUp
10/ Today’s TWEET TALK is more focussed on being your own boss. The FOCUS is more on venturing into personal business #ListenUp
11/ First things first!  Live INTENTIONALLY, not reactively #ListenUp
12/ Don’t feel so frustrated where you are now you stop releasing your creativity before you disengage #ListenUp
13/ Bad feelings are like sludge in the engine oil of a vehicle; it reduces the efficiency of the engine and grounds it #ListenUp
14/ Feelings are important to a fresh start in life. It makes you take off FAST! #ListenUp
15/ It’s great to serve on a platform for a while before you create a platform of your own #ListenUp
16/ You need EXPERIENCE and EXPOSURE before you start a new venture. Your CURRENT place of practice is still a great training field #ListenUp
17/ Life evolves. You need shoulders of other leaders and their platforms to stand on in order to see farther into the future #ListenUp
18/ The journey into a desired future must start with a positive mindset. You don’t start a long journey with a bad vehicle #ListenUp
19/ Don’t let pending frustrations around you get inside you before you get off the tangent to start your own thing #ListenUp
20/ Learn from nature; learn from trees. Once the ROOTS are bad and corrupt, the FRUITS would loose market value #ListenUp
21/ Roots and fruits are products of SEEDS. Seeds in the human mind start as THOUGHTS #ListenUp
22/ Once your thoughts are corrupt, your new (business) idea may not fulfill its full potentials #ListenUp
23/ CELEBRATE where you are. Appreciate your current platform  #ListenUp
24/ Being positive is key to being creative! It’s like supplying fuel into your car engine. It SUSTAINS motion #ListenUp
25/ A positive mind RETAINS inspired ideas #ListenUp
26/ Reacting against people you work with now affects YOU more than it affects them; it drains your flow of creative juices #ListenUp
27/ To START your journey into professional independence, here are few THINGS TO KNOW #ListenUp
28/ KNOW… WHERE you want to go … Before you set your sail… Before you start the process… Before you say goodbye to the present #ListenUp
29/ KNOW… HOW LONG the journey would take… Be prepared with this dictum: Success is a JOURNEY, never a destination #ListenUp
30/ KNOW… The PRICE you have to pay… Sacrifices to make in terms of initial drop in perks you enjoy from your present job #ListenUp
31/ KNOW… SACRIFICES to makes… change in levels of comfort, reduced hours of entertainment #ListenUp
32/ KNOW… how to change contents of PERSONAL BUDGET from personal effects and ‘toys’ to skills development expenses like books, etc. #ListenUp
33/ KNOW… WITH WHOM you want to go. Know how the principles of collaboration, partnership, shareholding and private investment work #ListenUp
34/ KNOW… Your professional INADEQUACIES – the skills you lack and which you must employ, technical knowledge and people skills #ListenUp
35/ KNOW… How modern organizations MARKET and survive evolving competition. Your idea may become an OPTION sooner than you expect #ListenUp
36/ KNOW… how to create BRANDS in the already overcrowded market place #ListenUp
@Steve_Akoni Are you saying quitting your job without knowing where you are going but going out in faith that something will come up is a NO-NO?
@kemi_odutayo Quitting without a map is a No-No for a regular person. But okay for someone with courage and high survival instinct
@kemi_odutayo reading a map is more predictable than using a compass
@kemi_odutayo  It is WHEN a BRANCH detaches from a tree, that it is REMINDED it does not have ROOTS (lol)
Your new business idea would earn N1m profit in 5years & a new job earns you same in 1year. WHAT’S YOUR PREFERENCE? #ListenUp
38/ Decision GUIDE: Difference between FOOD crop (like maize) and CASH crop (like cocoa)! Be wise #ListenUp
@Steve_Akoni Business ideas can be worked on. How about I come up with a business idea that would fetch more? N1m is not so much #ListenUp
@AyoTayo The real objective is testing intensity of PURPOSE. There is more to venturing than profiting. It’s about PASSION and VISION
@Steve_Akoni I see. Anyone who chooses a job over the business idea is not passionate enough #ListenUp
@AyoTayo  Now you get the idea. When the going gets TOUGH, he STOPS!
Take off point – HELP! I WANT TO SACK MY BOSS.
39/ Final destination: Be your own boss; create your own platform #ListenUp
40/ You must take the FIRST step before you take the NEXT step. More on things to KNOW… 
First things first #ListenUp
41/ KNOW… how to use RELATIONSHIPS FOR LEVERAGE. Learn intentional networking in business development and marketing #ListenUp
42/ Refresh. Every time you are in a journey, you have to take a break to reflect on your final destination #ListenUp
Your new business idea would earn N1m profit in 5years & a new job earns you same in 1year. WHAT’S YOUR (first) TAKE? #ListenUp
44/ Decision GUIDE: Cash crops (like cocoa) yield slowly but the eventual cumulative income is in multiples of food crops (like maize) #ListenUp
45/ Changing gear: Subsequent tips are on how to TRANSIT from your current job into entrepreneurial realm. I call these ‘STARTERS’ #ListenUp
46/ STARTERS-1:  CRAFT YOUR IDEA. Be clear on what people cannot resist but pay for when you offer them #ListenUp
47/ IDEAS don’t have to be original. They can be ADAPTED copies, but should NEVER BE EXACT copies #ListenUp
48/ Loopholes in your current industry are great opportunities for entrepreneurial activities #ListenUp
49/ 2 ways to use LOOP-HOLES;
(a) Focus on the LOOP (how to bridge the gap)
(b) Focus on the HOLE (complain like others) #ListenUp
50/ The ‘loophole’ is the opportunity for entrepreneurial activity.
User DISSATISFACTION is great opportunity for WEALTH CREATION #ListenUp
51/ When you plug a hole (service laxity, low quality), you create a LOOP – you connect YOUR bank accounts to pockets of users #ListenUp
52/ Refresh: EXERCISE…
List 10 things customers complain about in your area of business which your boss has refused to fix #ListenUp
53/ Refresh:
Craft how to fix 3-5 of the laxities you observe, that will directly increase sales. You already have a business IDEA! #ListenUp
Prepare your PERSON before you set your idea in motion #ListenUp
55/ A vehicle’s driver is key to destination. Beyond driving, he must have skills in reading maps and FIXING breakdown #ListenUp
56/ A business idea is a ‘Brain Child’. It runs like modern vehicles with brain box. Means there must be a brain behind the idea: YOU! #ListenUp
57/ STARTERS-3: ORGANIZE AROUND THE IDEA. Get practical wisdom in building an organization #ListenUp
58/ WORKING in an organization is different from BUILDING one. Connect those who have built a business from an idea #ListenUp
59/ STARTERS-4: Script your idea as a WORKING PLAN.
Your plan is primarily for YOU, before you present to future stakeholders #ListenUp
60/ STARTERS-5: Have FAITH in that idea.
Believe in it. Until you believe it, you cannot birth it #ListenUp
61/ When you have to travel to an unknown land, you need a map. That map is the business plan #ListenUp
62/ Include details of the idea in your plan from your thought to a product ON THE SHELF #ListenUp
63/ Your plan is a platform for bringing in others to expand your idea and make it bigger #ListenUp
64/ STARTERS-5: Have FAITH in that idea. Believe in it. Until you believe it, you cannot birth it #ListenUp
65/ Like the birth of a baby, birthing has challenges. Your faith in the idea supplies the fortitude to surmount all obstacles #ListenUp
Set a take off date. What is not planted does not yield #ListenUp
67/ The fear of failure does more damage to your idea than the lack of capital. Where there is a will, there is a way #ListenUp
Transit with an understanding you may need to re-visit the past for references in the future #ListenUp
69/ Thank you.
Happy holidays.
Awemazing! Powerful nuggets, won’t you say? Let’s reflect and take necessary action.
Next week on #ListenUp, we will be talking on TAKING YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL! This is for those that have already taken the bull by the horn and started their businesses.
See ya!

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