Hello friends! #ReadRestRelaxAndReflect Thank you @kemi_odutayo for the platform on #ListenUp and the honor to talk on minding your child’s business (my mum as a case study) Good evening to all. I am David Dotun Adejumo. @kemi_odutayo shared a bit go my background.  #ListenUp We will be having a twit meet on minding your child’s business and using my mother as a case study. #Listenup 1. Let me start off by saying, I’ve come to a realization that God believes so much in the Family Setting #Listenup 2. I come from a good home, and daily i feel loved and blessed by God #Listenup 3. The home is better and complete with every member playing its role; Father Mother, children #Listenup 4. My Parents have their strengths and weaknesses, but the beautiful part is how they complement each other #Listenup 5. Every home needs a balance where possible, and ours is beautiful because of that #Listenup 6. The focus today is on My Mother. Today’s conversation will be semi-formal as i’ll try to open up as much as i can #Listenup 7. One of the strongest pillars in my life is my mother, and her influence has shaped a big portion of my life #Listenup 8. I call her an institution, she’s a woman of brain and beauty, She adds colour to our home #Listenup 9. At crucial phases of my life, she’s played very key roles, she was very involved, less now 🙂 #Listenup 10. but it didn’t start off this way, she grew up not planning to get married,  #Listenup 11. She did not have many good examples around her; not in her family or even in the church #Listenup 12. She however made up her mind to make her home work, and raise children that will matter in life #Listenup 13. She did most of these through commitment, observation, studying, and hard work #Listenup 14. She chose to be different, she chose to make hers work, she chose to sacrifice at an early age to build a home #Listenup 15. It's not enough to desire something good in life, you must be willing pay the price! #Listenup 16. If you desire to influence your child’s life, you first must be ready to build a relationship and trust with that child #Listenup 17. I believe strongly every child has a part longing to reach out to his/her mother, a lot of mothers are insensitive to that #Listenup 18. A mother’s sensitivity to this goes a long was to determine if that child is murdered or Mothered #ListenUp 19. A child needs to be held and walked through life, a mother who has prepared herself will easily walk her child to the top #Listenup 20. My mother spent good time instilling first the fear of God into our hearts, it was the foundation she built us on. #Listenup 20b. She will say: if God found you doing this, will He be happy? it wasn’t about being sin conscious by righteousness conscious #Listenup 21.When she gives me a bible, she’ll write “this book will either keep you away from sin,or sin will keep you away from this book” #Listenup 22. She was always interested in knowing the kinda friends we kept, what homes they came from, how they spoke #Listenup 23. Thing is, your child can easily be influenced, children don’t have eject buttons, hence you watch and get involved #Listenup 23. Thing is, your child can easily be influenced, children don’t have eject buttons, hence you watch and get involved #Listenup 24. She always made us believe we could be anything we wanted to be, i grew up feeling like Abraham Lincoln,despite not having much#ListenUp 25. She asked about every development stages in detail, especially puberty…awkward sometimes but she was/is my friend so was easy #ListenUp 26. If you don’t get involved in your child’s life, other things like TV, Internet, wrong friends will get involved and influence #ListenUp 27. Don't loose your child by talking down only on him/her, you’ll severe the relationship and loose trust #ListenUp 28. I have a friend in my mother, because she consciously wanted it so, you relate better to your friend than to your ruler #ListenUp 29. This doesn't take away the place of discipline, my Mother is a disciplinarian..wisdom is knowing how to discipline your child #ListenUp 30. She disciplines with one hand, and pulls back in love with the other, it always works! that is balance #ListenUp 31. Believe in your child, every child feeds on that, be patient with that child, and never compare, each child is unique #ListenUp 32. Never forget, your child is an extension of you, what that child displays in public is a reflection of your influence #ListenUp 33. The mother's role is very crucial, very key to the development of the child both in the womb and in life, #BeInvolved #ListenUp 34. Get involved in prayers, i feel i'm yet to use the prayers i've prayed, still feeding off the ones my mother prayed #ListenUp 35. ..and again never forget, your child is a reflection of you, invest first in yourself. You cant teach what you don't know #ListenUp Thank you everyone for your time, i do hope someone has learnt one or two things, lets get involved in our child's business #ListenUp The family makes the nation, if we start building good homes, raising great kids, then we'll have a great nation #ListenUp Thank you again @kemi_odutayo for the privilege and the good works. Thank you everyone, do have a blessed evening! Hmmm. Wise words for mums and to-be mums! Let's be deliberate about parenting so as to preserve the next generation !

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