#ListenUpNG Val 2015 Edition: What’s the BIG DEAL about VALENTINE’S DAY?

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#ListenUp @iamtundeadisa is a Teacher, an Entrepreneur, a Business and Relationship Guide. He’s our Val Guest! #ReadRestRelaxAndReflect

1. So what’s the fuss about Valentine? #ListenUp

2. The annual celebration of love has become a love ‘ritual’ across the globe and among various cultures #ListenUp

3.Interestingly, we have heard about the Valentine’s day  celebration since we were much younger #ListenUp

4.We watched  the older folks sweat themselves  out because of a day dedicated to the expression of love  #ListenUp

5.It is more of the euphoria of the season than the true demonstration of love among couples #ListenUp

6.Even the most unfortunate relationships want to celebrate St. Valentine’s day in a special way  #ListenUp

7.Of course, after the celebration they return to the status quo; nothing changes, or has changed or will ever change  #ListenUp

8.True love isn’t complicated; its simplicity often get us confused and we tend to take each other for granted #ListenUp

9.True love is not unnecessarily demanding and stereotyped #ListenUp

10.The celebration of love, especially among couples  needs not be restricted to just a day #ListenUp

11.The craze for celebration of Valentine often leads to destructive & irrational behaviour among couples  especially young people #ListenUp

12.According to history, it’s a day dedicated to celebrating the execution of a saint Valentine #ListenUp

13.Some people believe that the Valentine’s day is an economic idea from the west; a commercialized holiday #ListenUp

14. For some people, it’s a day they spend so much on a special person. CNN says average American spends $142.3 on Valentine’s Day #ListenUp

15.I hear some guys deliberately become incommunicado or they create a problem so they won’t have to spend money on that day #ListenUp

16.Huge spending indeed!  What an irony; deception at its best yet some people don’t see it. #ListenUp

17.Ritually, he’s meant to buy designer cards with hand written poem in it; cakes, roses & special gifts to accompany such sacrifice #ListenUp

18.Most ladies don’t want rose flowers alone, there must be some other expensive gifts attached #ListenUp

19.The guy is also expecting a token of appreciation for his investments. Scratch my back and I scratch yours too #ListenUp

20.Thus every element of sacrifice & surprise is eliminated. I have not said we should not celebrate Valentine #ListenUp

21.We try very hard to impress each other on that day but afterwards nobody cares about impressing the other person #ListenUp

22. Sometime our disposition and attitude towards make it look as if the love of the relationship depends on the Valentine’s Day #ListenUp

23.It is not the day’s spending spree that sustains the love in the relationship; its much more than that  #ListenUp

24.I know we spend lots of resources on that day, just like we do on wedding days & forget that after the wedding comes the marriage #ListenUp

25.I am of the opinion that everyday should be valentine for true lovers. No offence to February 14 celebrants #ListenUp

26.Of course, couples should celebrate & particularly appreciate each other on special days but should not limit it to Valentine #ListenUp

27.Valentine’s Day is once a year event but our love should be an everyday celebration #ListenUp

28.Everyday gives true lovers the opportunity to celebrate their lives, their bond, their relationship & connectedness #ListenUp

29.It is important that we daily nurture our relationship; don’t forget whatever we give attention to grows  #ListenUp

30.So take the celebration of your love for one another away from a yearly event and make it a daily event #ListenUp

31.I rest my case… Happy Valentine’s Day anyway! Go ahead make that special person feel special today & always  #ListenUp

@iamtundeadisa Thank you so much for these thought provoking tweets.

@iamtundeadisa3 Wow! Straight to the points! It’s an honour having you on board! #ListenUp

@iamtundeadisa3 Happy Valentine to you too, sir! And to all my other Guests on #ListenUp and my dear followers!

Someone observed it seems only the MARRIED are being addressed on #ListenUp . I want us to know THIS IS NOT SO! We just dedicated the Jan Edition to them in preparation for Valentine! Lol!

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