#ListenUp Election Edition: POLITICS – DOES IT HAVE TO BE THIS DIRTY? BY @blossomnnodim (tweets 75 – 105)

Hello friends! This is a continuation of the tweetcast by @yinkanubi. Do #ReadRestRelaxAndReflect as @blossomnnodim bared her heart on this same topic. #ListenUp: “Politics is far too important to be left to politicians.” ~ @TonyePrincewill I welcome everyone as I reflect on this quote. I thank @kemi_odutayo for the opportunity to share my thoughts on why I am persuaded that Politics in Nigeria should not be dirty. #ListenUp I celebrate @yinkanubi who has taken time to set the foundation for the conversation. #ListenUp as we delve further with numbered tweets. For tweets 1-75, hurry to @yinkanubi’s timeline and #ListenUp to the brilliant thoughts crafted by him on why politics shouldn’t be dirty. 76. Why do most Nigerian politicians believe that anything for a vote should be part of the political process? #ListenUp 77. It could be because of the perception that the electorate is not sophisticated enough to see through the veil of deceit. #ListenUp 78. The saying that ‘politics is a dirty game’ is cemented by the refusal of ‘clean’ people to delve in and sanitise it. #ListenUp 79. It has become so prevalent that even when ‘clean’ people dare go in, the outcome is usually a dismal performance at the polls. #ListenUp 80: As a child, I remember my ‘clean’ parents chiding Pat Robertson for daring to contest in the 1988 presidential election. #ListenUp 81: As far as my ‘clean’ parents were concerned, politics is such a dirty game that no sane individual should embrace it. #ListenUp 81b: When ‘clean’ people decide to participate, they may be required to close their eye to the shenanigans of their campaign team. #ListenUp 82: When can all the good people come out en masse and force a shift from the norm and disrupt the thinking of the electorate? #ListenUp 83: The answer is NEVER! All the ‘clean’ people cannot come out all at once. But, the electorate can become more sophisticated. #ListenUp 84: A sophisticated electorate that is driven by enlightened self interest can make it difficult for politicians to play dirty. #ListenUp 85: The success of politicians in playing dirty games is inversely proportional to the enlightened self interest of the electorate #ListenUp 86: The success of politicians in playing dirty games is directly proportional to the self interest of the electorate. #ListenUp 87: Their is a huge difference between ‘self interest’ and ‘enlightened self interest.’ The latter sanitises the political process #ListenUp 88: When the majority of the electorate are driven by ‘self interest’ and not ‘enlightened self interest’ the politicians rejoice. #ListenUp 89: When the electorate are driven by ‘self interest’ they are subjected to campaigns hinged on stomach infrastructure. #ListenUp 90: On a personal note, I find it quite condescending that politicians will try to sway votes by sharing food items. #ListenUp 91: When majority of the electorate embrace the same outlook, we can be on our way to making politics a clean game. #ListenUp 92: Politicians are mere representative of the electorate. Sadly, we arrogate abundant power to them hence the attitude. #ListenUp 93: The office of the citizen should surpass the office of any political position. How can the electorate demand better? #ListenUp 94: I was privileged to observe an election in the past. I saw a huge electorate poised to vote in a particular candidate. Why? #ListenUp 95: They had been induced a night before with bags of rice and indomie noodles. I saw a revolution that did not happen. #ListenUp 96: If the electorate decided to collect these food items and refuse to vote for that candidate, a change would have occurred. #ListenUp 97: What about the political campaign process that is filled with propaganda and insane addiction to kindergarten issues? #ListenUp 98: From unethical journalism and broadcasts to the depressing flurry of conversation on social media by young netizens. #ListenUp 99: The intense mudslinging that culminated to the relegation of important issues to the back. Guess who got punked? #ListenUp 100: The electorate got punked! We inadvertently lowered every imaginable bar for our favourite politicians. #ListenUp 101: The good news is that it is not too late. In the next few hours, the #NigeriaDecides general election will commence. #ListenUp 102: Use your PVC to make an informed decision as #NigeriaDecides. Eat the politician’s rice and refuse to vote because of it. #ListenUp 103: Such campaigns like this ahead of #NigeriaDecides reeks of pedestrian. Sadly it got a ready audience. #ListenUp http://t.co/xlo7spcJ2W 104: We can do better. We must do better. All hope is not lost even as we hope to transform and change cemented norms. #ListenUp 105: I wish to thank everyone that joined the conversation and I encourage us all to demand better from politicians. #ListenUp Thank you so much @kemi_odutayo for the opportunity to share my thoughts on #ListenUp. Keep soaring higher and higher. Thank you so much @yinkanubi for the refreshing thoughts shared on #ListenUp. I celebrate you today and always. And so we come to the end of #ListenUp ELECTION EDITION. Kudos go to my two very SPECIAL GUESTS. Though they are strongly partisan with different political ideologies and leanings, they were able to share with us intelligently and without playing dirty. Very objective presentation! There is indeed hope for our nation! Politics don’t have to be dirty! These two clearly shows us how possible this is. Follow them on twitter and you will be glad you did. @blossomnnodim
@yinkanubi Man and woman of #Faith #Experience and #Depth. I celebrate you!

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