#ListenUpNG ELECTION EDITION: POLITICS – DOES IT HAVE TO BE THIS DIRTY? by @yinkanubi (tweets 1 – 75)

Oh yeah! The day we have been waiting for! Hopefully, history will be made today as the wish of the people will be made known in a free and fair election as we go to the polls TODAY.

See below, compiled tweets of this tweetcast. Kindly #ReadRestRelaxAndReflect on these.

1. A very good morning to you all. #ListenUp Special Election Edition starts now.

2.  I had the unique privilege of interviewing Professor Pat Utomi in Nov 2014 at the annual Excellence in Leadership Conference. #ListenUp

3.The Prof was speaking on Politics and Governance and as usual his delivery was deep and of high intellectual dexterity. #ListenUp

4.  I asked the Prof a question that seem to ruffle him a bit. I asked why he ran for president. Why not a Governor or a Senator. #ListenUp

5. He Replied, “I hold myself responsible for the mess we have right now in our polity and I will go to my grave with that regret” #ListenUp

6. His reason was profound as it was intriguing. He was a member of d “concerned professionals” who fought Abacha in the mid-90s. #ListenUp

7. He was hunted, harassed & hauled into Prison. When Gen Abubakar started his transition program in 1998,  an opportunity opened. #ListenUp

8. There was a debate within  d “Concerned Professionals” whether they should go into Politics & transform into a political party. #ListenUp

9.There were 2 Groups. One for & One against. He led the Group that was against the idea of transforming into a political party. #ListenUp

10.His reasons where basically predicated on d perceptn that Politics was a dirty game & they were professionals not politicians. #ListenUp

11. His Grp won d argument & stayed away frm politics. D rest is history. They left d scene & d traditional politicians took over. #ListenUp

12.All his later attempts at running for office was an attempt to correct that wrong decision but it was too late. #ListenUp

13.What is Politics? Politics has loads of meaning depending on who u talk to. However, I would like to summaries it this way. #ListenUp

14.Politics is people’s agreement to control or allow themselves to be controlled by other people. #ListenUp

15.Politicians therefore are the managers, administrators and executors of this agreement.  #ListenUp

16. The perception about Politics in Nigeria is that it is Dirty. #ListenUp

17.This perceptn is not jst predicated on what d average Nigerian sees & reads of d activities of politicians, it’s also Cultural #ListenUp

18.You hear of politicians being taken before shrines to swear to oaths and also of huge sums of money exchanging hands. #ListenUp

19.You hear of dirty deals, under-hand deals/trade-offs. Not forgetting thugs fighting & breaking bottles on heads of opponents. #ListenUp

20.You are told u need to have a Godfather who expects u to play ball otherwise u’ll be a statistic of Political Motivated Murder #ListenUp

21.All these and more feeds your perception that Politics must be a darn dirty game. One you better stay clear of. #ListenUp

22.The question “Does Politics have to be this dirty”? Already assumes that it is Dirty and we merely have to discuss mitigation #ListenUp

23.Maybe the question we should be asking is – Does Politics have to be Dirty AT ALL? The simple answer is No, It doesn’t. #ListenUp

24.However to understand why Politics is viewed as dirty, we need to go back and study the concept of man as a political animal. #ListenUp

25.Aristotle believed man was a “political animal” because he is a social creature with the power of speech and moral reasoning. #ListenUp

26.His exact quote was: it is evident that the state is a creation of nature, and that man is by nature a political animal. #ListenUp

27.Aristotle’s statement that man is a “political animal” was so profound, many scholars believe it can be viewed in a no of ways #ListenUp

28.One reading is that man is naturally sociable & drawn to various political associations in order to satisfy their social needs.#ListenUp

29.Another reading, which sees d word “political” in less charitable light, might state that, since politics is based on violence #ListenUp

30.and threats of violence, the phrase emphasizes the “animal” side of human nature rather than its rational and cooperative side #ListenUp

31.Whichever way you look at it, it is evident that Humans are by nature political animals even from biblical times. #ListenUp

32.You may want to argue dat politics 1st appeared in d Bible during d reign of Saul when God allowed Israelites choose their King #ListenUp

33.But I can argue with you that from the 3rd chapter of Genesis, we already see the signs of Politics in the attempt by … #ListenUp

34…Eve to grasp wisdom & exercise a form of authority over Adam. My positn is that Politics is not sthing we learn, its who we are #ListenUp

35. Your kids start learning d rudiments of politics when they play daddy against mummy just to get an extra hour of play or a toy #ListenUp

36.I’m Convinced that political skills is 1 of d cognitive skills humans develop early on which helps in influencing other people #ListenUp

37.The more developed this skill is from a young age, the more effective you would be in influencing other people politically. #ListenUp

38. The next question is why d practice is of Politics in Nigeria is difference from that of other western countries that we copy. #ListenUp

39.The reason lies in our uniquely peculiar trado-colonial history. The fundamentals of our politics is intrinsically traditional #Listenup

40.The belief that d OBA, IGWE or EMIR is god, is unquestionably & is superior to their subjects is part & parcel of our culture #ListenUp

41. The King (2nd in command to deity) is to be served and not to serve. You exist at his pleasure and not the other way round.  #ListenUp

42.That’s why in Yoruba folklore, an Oba can “Gbesele” (place his feet on) another man’s wife & claim her as his own w/out quest. #ListenUp

43.When d colonial masters brought religion, instead of a reformatn of minds, what occured was import of trado mindset into church #ListenUp

44. In the same way that the Oba’s were unquestionable, the pastors also became unquestionable. Lord and Masters to themselves. #ListenUp

45.The Pastors soon become Bishops, G.O’s and high valued individuals that couldn’t be called to account on their stewardship. #Listenup

46.The concept of shepherd-hood turned completely upside down. #ListenUp

47. Our colonial experience did little to re-shape this culure. It rather entrenched and deepened it. #ListenUp

48.The colonial masters set up organs like Civil Service & Police as extractive agents to organise d extractn of value frm d state #ListenUp

49.Inotherwords, d Civil Service was about d same thing as d traditional rulers only that it was different in name & beneficiary #ListenUp

50.Thus d civil servant doesn’t believe he’s there to serve u or help you but rather he believes he is there to extract from you. #ListenUp

51.He believes u exist at his mercies. Have you noticed that almost all agents of State exert some form of pain on the citizens? #ListenUp

52.This is d foundation of Politics in Nigeria & why its dirty. To make our politics less dirty, we need to re-shape our culture. #ListemUp

53.And How do we re-shape our culture to impact our Politics?  By changing our trado-colonial mindset to a more egalitarian one. #ListenUp

54. Politics doesn’t have to be this dirty if we start to educate the minds of this/next generation on some very important points: #ListenUp

55. 1. Equality of the Leader and the led. #ListenUp

56.The concept that there’s no difference between d leader & those he leads must be creed taught to young people from a early age #ListenUp

57.When they grow up, it becomes a way of thinking. The coming generation already show this tendency. They should be encouraged. #ListenUp

58. 2) People shd be treated as equals; relate as equals, or enjoy an equality of status of some sort however the diversity. #ListenUp

59.This means we must educate our girls dat they’re equal to boys & tell our boys there’s nothing dat makes them superior to girls #ListenUp

60.3) There must be integrity and fairness in the electoral process. #ListenUp

61. As long as there is a flawed system that makes it possible for d wrong persons to be forced on the people, impunity will reign #ListenUp

62. The act alone of a politician knowing he can be voted out by d pple is enough for him to know he serves at d mercy of d people #ListenUp

63.4) We must all get involved. Many make d mistake of thinking being in politics means u must run for office. It need not be so. #ListenUp

64.You can be a Political analyst, a fund raiser, a strategist. All working towards a pre-determined obj. There’s room 4 everyone #ListenUp

65.America’s democracy as enshrined in the “Declaration of Independence” of July 4th 1776 is built on the doctrine that … #ListenUp

66.”We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain..#ListenUp

67.. ..unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights,… #ListenUp

68.Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”. #ListenUp

69.This declaration by the founding fathers is what guides the US policies and their politics. What guides ours? #ListenUp

70.This ideology as accurately captured in the”Declaration” was not unique to the USA, rather it was copied from the French. #ListenUp

71. Nothing stops Nigeria from copying this doctrine from the USA and adapting it to create our own unique political ideology. #ListenUp

72.Tell me which tribe or party wldn’t want to subscribe to d doctrine that “all men, women, Ibos. Hausa, Yorubas are born equal #ListenUp

73. that they’re endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights among which are life, liberty & d pursuit of Happiness. #ListenUp

74.Your going to the polls today in exercise of your franchise is a good first step in fighting dirty politics. #VoteDontFight #ListenUp

75.Thank you for listening. Over to you @Kemi_odutayo #ListenUp


Wow! A special thanks to @yinkanubi. You nailed it! However, to read the concluding part of this tweetcast by our second guest @blossomnnodim, check my next post. It was explosive! She really bared her heart. A must read!


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