Let’s talk about Sex!???? ????

A topic that can turn a mother or father of three into supposed virgins. Hehehe! ???????? I can pactically feel someone’s face turn red. Ours is a closed mouth society and this hasn’t helped in #ThisThingCalledMarriageNG

Sex…that act that many think of but few dare talk about!????

Ever wondered, ‘what’s the big deal about Sex?’
‘Is it food?’ Has that been your usual response to your hubby’s sexual overtures? ????

Or you want to spice up your marital bed? You want to tap into the blessings embedded in your marital vows?

Are you tired of ‘lying in state’ during the whole conjugal act? You want to enjoy it as much as he does but you just don’t know how to go about?

Join Bridget Elesin and I as we demystify the art of lovemaking. Enough of suffering in silence as this aspect of your marriage fizzled out. You have been suffering and smiling!????

To participate, follow the directions on the e-flier. Let’s learn, unlearn and relearn. Women of faith can live a sexually satisfying life too!????

Limited slots available. REGISTER NOW!

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Name: GTBank
Account Name: Me4 Communications
Account Number: 0012053462

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‘Kemi Odutayo, a graduate of University of Lagos, Nigeria is a Practitioner of NLP, a blogger, an author, a counselor and a media consultant. She is the Head of Operations, Me4 Communications, a publishing, marketing and communications outfit specializing in publishing books/eBooks, managing and offering training for social media accounts for individuals and organizations. Kemi and her husband of many years, Kayode Odutayo have a beautiful family blessed with three lovely children.