Let's March Against Rape Too!(2)

Hello! Hope you found my last post enlightening? Am sure you do! Without much ado, we will begoing straight into the concluding part of Nnamdi’s true life story of Rape, Abuse and Molestation.
Continued from last post ( http://bit.ly/1f2RRPt ). Click to read and bring yourself up to date. This is my own way of kicking against RAPE and appreciating the works these wonderful men and women are doing! Read on!

‘Here is how the rape took place. While waiting for admission, there was this single lady that stayed in my compound. We were close. I helped her fix some electrical works in her house when she packed in. On this faithful day she needed help to mount her TV and furnitures. I did these for her. She offered me a bottle of chilled coke.

I woke up later to discover that I was naked and so also was she. Banged!!! It had happened! I woke her up and asked her what had happened. She apologised and said that she had drugged the coke with a sleeping tablet. She said she admired me so much and was horny that day and couldn’t help it. So she had drugged the drink and had corked it back. She was saying her ‘tales by moonlight’ while i wore my clothes. I left her apartment with so much hatred in me for her. This was someone very close to my family; she was more than just a neighbour to us.

My hatred for the female folks grew! I kept this to myself for years. Sort my scars but there was no healing because of unforgiveness. I got revengeful. I secretly started destroying her things and setting fire in her house. I was hurt badly. Repeated incidents force her to move.

I had another encounter in my first year in school but time won’t permit me to share this too. I was also brutalised and raped by members of a female cult. Because I turned down a date from one of their members. I ended up being raped in a friend’s house by four of the cult members. I also got molested by a male neighbour once which brought out the “koko” I have in the middle of my head.

I struggled with these things. Hiding them behinds smiles and laughter. It sure affected my academic performance. It was in later years I found the true meaning of forgiveness by understanding the purpose of the cross. I embraced my scar. I forgave myself. I forgave my abusers and asked God for forgiveness for being revengeful. I urge every victim to do too.
Abused by two house maids, molested by a male relative, a bunkie and a friend I shared my bunk with. I had two rape encounters. It didn’t end there.

A male next door neighbour in my hostel took advantage of me. What else could have been worst than these? During the struggle with him, he pushed me. I hit my head against the wall which left me with a “bump” on my.

I’ve forgiven ALL of them. Am HEALED of yesterday’s pains, hurts and scars. I celebrate my scars and embrace my wounds. I urge every victim to do too. Not for your abuser’s good but for your own benefit. You need to move on! Try to VOICE OUT! The Good Book says, ” Forgetting those things which are behind and press on towards the mark of high calling in Jesus”. 
MOVE ON! There is a message in your struggle. Discover it and set out. What you passed through does not cancel you out. Don’t GIVE UP. Be positive about life. Don’t think of suicide. That’s not the best. You can talk to someone. You can talk to me or come to @KICKagainstRAPE #AARtalk
@KICKagainstRAPE we celebrate scars and turn ASHES to BEAUTY. It doesn’t matter who you are we will help you through.

Parents if you’re successful in every area of life and failed in your child’s upbringing (PARENTING), YOU ARE NOT SUCCESSFUL! Trust NOBODY to correctly bring up your child except your spouse. Be the guardian angel your children know and see. Be sensitive to signals in your home. Open and keep the communication line with your children. Teach them you’re their FAN, HERO and FRIEND!

To every victim, you’re no longer a victim. You are a SURVIVOR and a VICTOR! See the GAIN in your PAIN. I celebrate you. We have BBM GROUP where we encourage ourselves “KingdomSURVIVORS” and the twitter handle @KICKagainstRAPE. Am most grateful to God for the strength and grace to do this. It wasn’t easy. But its worth it. 
Special thanks to @Tonie_leo for those days you were dragging me to David Christain Centre, u didn’t know u were teaching me to forgive. 
@Bunmicake words fail me! You were sent to me for a purpose. I just want to say THANKS. I wish I can do better. 
@Grace_Festus thanks for being there. God just started with you. Greater things awaits. My God will not forget your labour of love. He will reward you all. 
To all Kingdom Survivors, Greater course awaits us! Let’s SET OUT. Thanks for your RTs, Mentions and replies. I honour you. God bless you all. I duff my hat. With lots of hugs and kisses I celebrate you all. Thanks for hanging out with me. Its me, Nnamdi Amos, a VICTOR on #AARtalk(ABUSE AND RAPE TALK).

It’s been great on this platform! You can contact me on this BB Pin: 2A9FAF49. My Email: nnamdiokerekeamos@gmail.com

This brings us to the end of Nnamdi’s tales of horror. But we bless God that his mess has indeed been turned into a message! More grace, sir! 

Special thanks goes to @Bunmicake, @Grace-Festus and
@Tonie_leo that brought this story via their platforms. Follow them on twitter and see the great works they are doing.

I am KEMI ODUTAYO, follow me on twitter @kemi_odutayo. I am KICKING AGAINST RAPE!

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