Let’s cut ourselves some slack!

Hello friends! Its a very sad time in the history of our nation. Enough happenings that are sure to make people go bunkers if they don't have an anchor in their life! Enough to threaten peoples' sanity!Another Bomb blast in Nyanya, Abuja, Nigeria. My country! Incredible! May God comfort all affected and help us find a speedy solution to all our nations' numerous challenges.Often times, to spare my sanity, I take a little time out to decongest my mind. This is such a time like that – a time to read, rest and relax . Why? Because God is in control! It was therefore with excitement that I heard my book – SECRET ANGUISH being read by @titithedynamite on her @onairbookclub on the Inspiration 92.3FM. This is the foremost family radio station in our nation.In the course of the programme, many people called in to comment on the scene read. They shared their own life experiences. Some wondered how the story will end while some wondered why so much emotions if its just a fiction? Yet, some others lamented their disappointment at missing the programme. For this reason, I have decided to devote my consequent posts to posting excerpts from the book #SecretAnguish. At this season in our nation, friends, let's cut ourselves some slack! Do keep it a date and invite others to come along. #SecretAnguish is a story that is triple-G rated i.e. Great, Gratifying and of course, Godly. It is an inspirational novel for people who love a thrilling love story, but don't appreciate the godless principles being encouraged by the popular paperback romances that flood our bookstands. It is a novel where the Christian faith is the principal ingredient in every relationship, especially marriage.
It is also written to encourage and motivate us to look beyond challenges in our various relationships and dare to live for God. For those of us that are married, it will encourage us to thrive to enjoy rather than endure our marriages. A man of God once said, " If you see a marriage that is working, know for a fact that either one or both of the parties are working at it." Moreover, since there is no marriage in heaven, we should do all we can to have peaceful and exciting homes where children can be nurtured in the fear of the Lord.
For those that are presently single however, this book will show you that you may be single but you are definitely not alone. Underneath you are His everlasting arms and though you might not yet be engaged nevertheless, you are complete in Him who is the head of all things. For those already engaged, through this novel, you will discover that to God there is a clear distinction between being engaged and being married.
Happy reading!
Till my next post (Chapter 1), let's continue to tweet with the hashtags #BringBackOurGirls #OurGirlsAreOnTheirWay

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