1. Hello everyone!???? I count it a great privilege to be on the #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN with other awesome women of repute

2. I want 2specially appreciate @Sunmbo 4the invite & the great work she’s doing via #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCan

3. A big shout out to @IbukunAwosika a woman worthy to emulate both at the home front & in the marketplace #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

4. Kudos to all other women of grace on #InspiringChange2016 for inspiring the WOMENFOLK to say #YesiCAN. Thanks for impacting our generation.

5. @IbukunAwosika et al made it easy for someone like me to say #YesiCAN. Thanks @Sunmbo for birthing #InspiringChangeConference

5b. I also want 2specially appreciate @Jedishola U are a strong woman! This tweet session is dedicated 2U! #YesiCAN #InspiringChange2016

6. And to women around the world I say HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! Awesome women you are! #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

7. My aim 2day is 2coach women on how nt stop @Dreaming, bt also pursue same&take the Lead in the market place #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

8. I titled my tweet session IT’S A MAN’S WORLD. Hmmm. I can see D wheels turning in a lady’s brain ryt now????#InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

9. And there is probably a guy somewhere nodding in affirmation&trying 2tell a lady beside him,” I told u so!”????#InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

10. ‘IT’S A MAN’S WOLRD’ is a very common statement but definitely not a statement of fact! #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

11. It is a tragedy that majority of the female gender, having heard this over & over again, believed it!???? #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

12. For u 2succeed in life & especially as a female, you have 2deal with mindsets that do not empower you #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

13. I mean, limiting mindsets that seek 2hold u bound…mindsets that put a cap on yr potentials&tell u how far u can go #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

14. These negative mindsets no matter how well meaning the propagators are, prevent you from MAKING IT IN LIFE #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

15. Having a mindset that says ‘IT’S A MAN’S WOLRD’ automatically dictates how your mental faculty functions #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

16. It is now a well known principle that for u to SEE anything in the natural, u have to HAVE SEEN it in your mind’s eyes #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

17. But limiting beliefs just like we are discussing, have the ability to BLIND or BLUR your mind’s eyes
#InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

18. If u are a woman of faith, it’s essential to note that the scripture, “…as a man thinks, so he is” is not just referring to the male gender
#InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

19. The belief u have abt yr limits or boundaries as a woman can BLIND yr mind&prevent u from aspiring 2be all u can be #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

20. However some women’s inner eyes may not be totally blinded but blurred! #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

21. It’s like they can beliv, dream/even aspire, bt it can only b on an AVERAGE SCALE. Not so much. Not so far #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

22. Thank God 4notable women around the world that are daring 2break limitations on womanhood #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

23. They are not only DREAMING but are also putting plans in place to actualize their dreams #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

24. Check out women like @HillaryClinton @IbukunAwosika @OphrahWinfrey @Nike Adeyemi ???? to mention but a few #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

25. Do you know you can DREAM similar, lofty dreams? Do you know you can be all you have been destined to be #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

26. Do you know your name can also be written in the hallmark of fame no matter your area of passion? #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

27. You can impact your generation! If only you can dream it and aim to work it out with all you’ve got! #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

28. You have all it takes…take all you have! As women we are naturally endowed to multitask! Don’t let this go to waste #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

29. Your life is too small to be the whole essence of your existence!#InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

29b. Wake up woman, you are a MAN with a WOMB to birth greatness! Not just babies!
#InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

30. Yeah! Sometimes we have so many baggage that try 2pull us back esp at the home front…often emotionally
#InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

31. But unless we permit them, we have awesome capacity to forge ahead in spite of them all #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

32. Check out those beliefs that are holding you back. Those beliefs that are preventing you from DREAMING #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

33. Check out those beliefs that are dictating how far you can go on the corporate ladder or in the social world.
#YesiCAN #InspiringChange2016

33b. I want you to bring them out in the open and begin to say to them #YesiCAN #InspiringChange2016

34. Are you a single mom? Have you been called a prostitute? Have you aborted severally? Are you a drop – out? #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

35. Have you failed in two or three businesses? Have you failed an exam and you have been termed a failure?
#InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

36. Are you are a divorcee? A sickle cell survivor? A lesbian or an homosexual? Name it! You can dream again #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

37. All aforementioned incidences are just events! Your life events! DARE TO DREAM AGAIN. YES! YOU CAN! #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

38. Not only can you dream again, you can actually see your dream become reality…#InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

38b…if only you are ready to give it your best shot! #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

39. Life is not designed to give you what you deserve, YOU ARE DESIGNED TO TAKE WHAT YOU WANT FROM LIFE! #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

40. Wake up from your slumber, woman! Ask @IbukunAwosika @Sunmbo @NikeAdeyemi et al. Ask me! #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

40b. If there wouldn’t be times you will feel like giving up; throwing in the towel #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

41. But don’t! U are awesome! When God says, “IT IS NOT GOOD FOR MAN TO BE ALONE”, He knows what he’s saying! #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

42. This world is not complete without yr inputs! Get into a relationship with the one that can help u be all u can be! #InspiringChange2016

43. He will back up your efforts! He will magnify your inputs! He will show you the way! He will prompt you! #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

43b. He will favour you! He will help you to dare BIG THINGS! He knows what you are wired for! #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

44. Stop saying, IT’S A MAN’S WORLD. You are unconsciously limiting yourself! #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

44b. Nobody says it will be easy. But it is worth it! I hope I have been able to stir up a woman! #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

45. Stir you up; not only to dream but to dream again & put plans in place to actualize such dreams #InspiringChange2016 #YesiCAN

46. Thanks once again @Sunmbo for the invite. Kudos to all the inspiring ladies on #InspiringChange2016 Yes, we can! #YesiCAN

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‘Kemi Odutayo, a graduate of University of Lagos, Nigeria is a Practitioner of NLP, a blogger, an author, a counselor and a media consultant. She is the Head of Operations, Me4 Communications, a publishing, marketing and communications outfit specializing in publishing books/eBooks, managing and offering training for social media accounts for individuals and organizations. Kemi and her husband of many years, Kayode Odutayo have a beautiful family blessed with three lovely children.